Pillow Talk Secrets: Discussing the Darker Side of Erotica

Us three girls have been at it again – and our latest discussion, on taboo in erotica, has just gone live on the Pillow Talk website. Here’s the opening salvo to give you a taste, but if you want to read the whole thing, head over to Pillow Talk!

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Pillow Talk Secrets

Malin: Hello ladies, how are you both doing this fine day?

Jade: Great, thank you. How are you both?

Tamsin: I’m very well – we have the sunniest day here and it’s positively balmy! A bit of a shock to the system!

J: Oh, same here! I’ve got the loveliest glare on my computer screen. ;)

M: Ah, yes! My relationship to the sun isn’t quite so friendly, but I’m always happy for those who love it…. So, we’ve been thinking about discussing taboo in erotica for awhile. Shall we tackle that today?

T: Yes, let’s. It’s an interesting subject. Every publisher has a list of taboo topics – incest, bestiality, rape/non consensual sex, underage sex and so on. It’s interesting that some subjects are taboo because the acts are actually illegal – necrophilia, for example – while others are widely held to be taboo on the grounds of taste, such as scat or watersports. But that begs the question, should publishers be acting as arbiters of taste in this way?

M: I think that’s a great place to start, Tamsin. I like that you brought up the fact that “taboo” covers a lot of things, from serious consent issues (like rape and pedophilia) to different kinks and sexual tastes. It strikes me that putting rape in the same general categories as two teens having consensual sex is a bit disingenuous, but that’s how many mainstream publishers handle the issue. Better safe than sorry, I suppose, but it feels like a slippery slope. After all, rape is not the same thing as a consensual golden shower…

J: Right. And then we have lighter (and not necessarily illegal) taboos like the “dreaded infidelity.” Oh dear…

M: Exactly. Some acts are simply more taboo than others. Cheating in erotica (and certainly romance) is taboo, but you can get away with it, while incest is a much harder sell in mainstream publishing…unless you’re George R.R. Martin, of course.

T: I find the whole cheating thing a bit weird. This seems to be a reader taboo rather than a publisher taboo – and why not have it in a story if the cheater gets their comeuppance?

J: I agree – but it seems that, to increase readership, publishers follow the tendency. This is very strange to me, since it’s actually such a common event in real life. Plus, cheating is not necessarily a one-time thing for characters – often there’s so much more depth to it.

T: I’ve never seen it on a publisher’s list of no-nos.

M: I don’t think I have either. It might just be one that writers (and readers) shy away from, particularly in the romance / erotic romance market.

J: Maybe because we have to keep our good guys and girls looking good?

M: Possibly…personally, I’m more interested in seeing people be people, which means bad / grey area behavior, but that’s definitely not something everyone wants.

T: Actually, this whole discussion makes me want to run off and write a hot cheating story in which the cheating heroine always gets away with it! (Actually, I have had one in mind for a while!)

M: Ha! Yes! And I would read that!

J: I wrote one a long time ago that’s still awaiting some tender touch-up…it’s got the hint of some sort of affair going on, and I’ve never quite decided if I want to keep that or cut it. Time will tell, I suppose. It’s definitely not the taboo that the others are, though, for sure.

M: My story in Chemical (se)X is all about the dynamic in an affair. I guess it all depends…. Okay, so now, I’d love to actually tackle a taboo Tamsin brought up in a Skype – the difficulty with underage protagonists…

More here…

Alchemy xii Update

This year seems to be rushing by faster than most and, for me, there’s one big reason for that: Alchemy xii. We’re four months in, there are already SIX Alchemy titles on my author page and it’s a huge roller coaster ride that I won’t be able to get off until December! So here’s a quick Alchemy xii update…

The publication of the March episode marked the completion of the first quarter, so together with the prologue I’ve brought the first three episodes together in the first of the quarterly omnibuses.

Alchemy xii - The First Quarter



Alchemy xii – The First Quarter is available now at Amazon.com and Amazon UK. It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited.

However, if you’ve already read New Year’s Eve, January, February and March, hopefully you’re champing at the bit to get your hands on Alchemy xii – April. So, to make sure you get it absolutely as soon as you possibly can, you can now pre-order it from Amazon.com, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, iTunes and All Romance Ebooks.

Alchemy xii - April cover

Best Sex on the Net – Elust #68

Photo courtesy of Molly’s Daily Kiss

Welcome to Elust #68 -

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #69? Start with the rules, come back April 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

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~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

Other people run. I fuck.
Frame by Frame

~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

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Bad Men and Why Perfectly Intelligent, Independent, Sane Women Fantasize About Them

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Sex News, Opinion, Interviews, Politics & Humor

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Creating the Novel (Again!)

Do you ever have one of those weeks when things slip right out of control? That’s this week. I have a nice list of topics I want to post about but for now I simply don’t have the time  – which is really annoying. So instead, I’m being a little naughty and recycling one of my favorites from a while back. Yes, you guessed it – the Creating the Novel infographic. Again. Comes round like a bad penny, doesn’t it?

Anyway, here’s hoping things simmer down next week. In the meantime, feel free to get on with writing that novel!

Creating the Novel

Euph-Off: A Night at the Space Opera!

Euph-Off: A Night at the Space Opera? What the hell is that?

You may well ask! You see, I’ve been led astray. (Nothing unusual in that, of course!) Instead of doing what I should be doing, which is writing about Harry torturing Olivia in the latest episode of Alchemy xii, my two lovely friends Jane Gilbert and Malin James have persuaded me to sully my pen by writing some bad, bad erotica. So here’s my entry for Jane’s Euph-Off! Whenever erotica writers get together, one thing we do is discuss the worst euphemisms that routinely bring our genre into disrepute – things like ‘love button’, ‘pork sword’ or ‘chocolate starfish.’ I honestly can’t go any further with that sentence, but you get the picture.

In celebration of all things naff, Jane has challenged her writer friends to produce a stretch of purple prose in the spirit of the very worst erotica that’s out there – and it’s called the Euph-Off! So how could I resist entering (the tunnel of love)?

Having come a little late to the party, I find that all the good euphemisms have already been taken from behind, so I’ve jumped ship to another sub-genre. Rather than the bodice ripper, which is always the best place to go searching for a spongy stem or some love custard (really, Jane?), I’m taking you to another galaxy, far, far away…

Enjoy! (And click on the icon above to read all the other throbbing entries!)

Space Opera

Space boyMy mission was one of sacrifice, self-sacrifice, and now that I found myself on the bridge of the mother ship, I knew what I had to do to save the rebel alliance.

Captain Hardcore turned and pierced me with his tractor beam—I’d never fallen under someone’s thrall at first contact before but his gaze reached right to my primary element.

“So you’re the hive mind’s first line of defence?” he snarled. “I’ll make short work of you with my blaster!”

Like a cyborg high on cryojuice, he bore down on me with singular intent. I felt my force shields crumbling under the heat of his aura and as his hot breath seared my neck, I went into hyperdrive. He pushed me roughly back against the control panel, pressing my twin moons against the flux capacitor. The ship lurched dangerously as my weight against the lever changed our course. Hardcore fell forward, crushing my orbs of Venus as his light sabre pressed stiffly against my stomach.

Beam me up, Scotty—it felt better than a month in antigravity.

Before I could stop him, he was ripping away the fine layer of neoprene that was all that shielded me from his intergalactic roving fingers. My terra firma was exposed and he wasted no time in conducting a thorough planetary exploration of the terrain. My every contour was probed and prodded by the rough surface of his foraging tongue.

But my duty was to put his plasma gun out of commission in any way I could. I couldn’t forget that.

I unzipped the front of his cybersuit and thrust my hand inside, intent on locating his slugthrower. I couldn’t have missed it. It was a red giant, pulsating and throbbing with alien life forms just beneath the surface. His moon rocks were in perfect proportion, and as I peeled back his suit, they pulled up tight in readiness for imminent deep space exploration.

My cyberspace clenched in response. I wanted Hardcore like I’d wanted no replicant I’d ever come across. He could have been human if it wasn’t for the epic proportions of the supergiant he kept in his spacesuit.

“Lead me to your black hole,” he whispered softly in my ear and suddenly I was powerless to resist.

I supervised the docking procedure and then felt the thrust of his booster rockets as he entered my orbit. My gravitational pull sucked him in and I gasped as we achieved beautiful warp speed together. As my hands grabbed at his pistons one of my fingers found his wormhole. A rift opened in the space-time continuum and together we were teleported to a galaxy far, far away…

With a sob, I surrendered to the explosive force of the supernova.

Erotic World Book Day

Apparently today is World Book Day 2015 – however, far more importantly, at least from where I’m standing, it’s the first ever Erotic World Book Day! This amazing event has been organised by Emily Dubberley of Cliterati to celebrate erotica while raising vital funds for sexual health and well-being organisation Brook. To encourage participation, sex blog supremo Cara Sutra has curated more than £1,000 worth of fabulously sexy prizes – and an amazing anthology has been put together with all proceeds going to Brook. The party starts on Facebook at 19.00GMT so head over there if you want to win big! (You could even win a subscription to my very own Alchemy xii series – or if you comment here, a copy of my latest release – The Mammoth Book of Uniform Erotica!)

Donate to BrookBrook is a fantastic charity that does massively important work by providing help and advice to under-25s on positive lifestyle choices to improve their personal health and emotional wellbeing. The charity provides sexual health and education across the UK and training for professionals in the field. Please text BKYP14 £5 to 70070 to make a donation so they can continue with their excellent work – or buy the anthology, An Intimate Education.

If you read my recent post about the harassment of women outside abortion clinics, you’ll understand why this a charity I would urge everybody to support. The petition I was supporting in that post was presented to 10 Downing Street yesterday – and I’ll be doing an update post on the topic in the near future.

Uniform erotica coverGiven that it’s Erotic World Book Day, it seems very fitting to me that I have a new story published today! My story “Airborne” features in The Mammoth Book of Uniform Erotica. It’s a story I have a bit of a soft spot for – the heroine, Peppi Alvarez, is one of my favourites – a corporal in the US army who’s not taking any bullshit from the guys! Here’s a small excerpt to give you a taste – and if you leave a comment today (or up until the end of the weekend…) I’ll put you in a random draw to win a print copy of the book! It’s edited by Barbara Cardy and features writers like Annabeth Leong, Kay Jaybee, Lily Harlem, Giselle Renarde, Lucy Felthouse, Theophilia St Claire, Sommer Marsden and Jacob Louder.


When Corporal Peppi Alvarez volunteers to be parachuted into a South American civil war zone with Private Jimmy Rawlings, a soldier she hates on sight, she starts to wonder if she’s taken leave of her senses. A six week mission in jungle territory, during which she has to pretend to be his wife? What was she thinking? And indeed, things go horribly wrong from the start. As Peppi averts disaster when Rawlings’ shute fails to open, can cold hatred suddenly catch fire?

A thousand feet beneath her, Rawlings was spinning and out of control, his arms and legs outstretched as he tried to slow his descent.  Peppi’s descent was faster but there was no guarantee she would pass close enough to him.  She scoured her memory for the techniques she’d just been taught to steer the course of her fall and angled her body to bring her closer to him.

At last, it seemed that Rawlings realized what she’d done and what she was aiming to do.  He pushed against the rush of air to bring himself closer to the path of her fall.  He was the experienced pro, not her and Peppi wished she could take back her smart-ass words in the briefing.  She hadn’t a clue when she should pull her reserve shoot and she didn’t have time for analysis…

Their bodies smashed together at more than one hundred miles an hour and even though they were moving in same direction it was like smashing into a brick wall. Immediately winded, Peppi grabbed at air trying to make purchase as her body tumbled away from Rawlings.  And if he hadn’t managed to grasp the leg of her pants, they would have lost each other to the winds.  As Peppi struggled for breath, Rawlings pulled her in towards him, agonizingly slowly–and now the ground was racing towards them fast, every detail becoming clearer by the second.

As soon as he had one arm around her waist, Rawlings wrapped his legs round her hips, bending his knees to entwine his ankles round her legs.

“Hold tight!” he screamed into the rush of air.

Peppi hung onto him for dear life as he pulled the cord on her reserve shute.  Then she was being ripped in two with the shute and the harness wrenching her upwards and the weight of Rawlings, clasped against her body like a limpet, dragging her down.

She screamed.  And then they hit the ground.

Pain.  Stars floating before her eyes.  Her lungs were screaming for air.  She was tangled and crushed under another body.

Rawlings groaned.

“You alive, Alvarez?” he said.

Peppi couldn’t speak but when she wriggled underneath him, he obligingly rolled off her.  And there they lay for long minutes, just breathing and loving the feeling of the firm ground beneath their backs.

“We fucking made it,” said Rawlings.  “You saved my life.”

Peppi grunted.

Rawlings sat up and looked down at her.

“You fucking saved my life, Alvarez.”

Dawn was creeping in and Peppi could just make out a look of wide-eyed wonder on his face.

“Your first field jump…”  He shook his head and then before she realized what was happening, he’d swept her up in his arms.

Peppi moaned as the movement made her aware of an injury somewhere in the distant reaches of her left leg.  But the brush of soft lips against her own quickly pushed the pain from her mind.  She was sitting on Rawlings’ lap and he ever so gently took her face in both his hands.

“You know what this means, corporal?”

“No,” she whispered, her voice cracked and hoarse.  Surely there wasn’t some army regulation for situations like this?

Rawlings’ face broke into a wide grin.

“I’m yours.  You saved my life–now I belong to you.”  Eyes dark and mischievous met her own.

“But you pulled the second cord,” she said.  “You saved my life.”

“We’re alive and we belong to each other.  What could be better than that?”

Before she could answer his mouth was once more on hers, only this time it stayed there.  She let her lips part under the pressure of his tongue and it snaked into her mouth, hot and sweet and insistent.  Already awash with adrenalin, Peppi felt a surge of heat and a flood of endorphins.  The pain that her racked her body seconds before vaporized in the fires of his lengthening kiss and she wrapped her arms round the back of Rawling’s neck to kiss  him in return.

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



Wicked Wednesday – Unexpected

A new piece of flash fiction, Unexpected, written especially for this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt.


It was still dark when she woke but by the timbre of his breathing she could tell he was awake too. She rolled lazily into the circle of his arm, resting a cheek on his chest. The same as every morning. This time, though, she was rewarded with an unexpected hand tugging at her camisole. Fingers seeking to wake a soft, sleepy nipple. She sighed as she felt it harden and pressed her hips into his side.

Face to face, she could feel his erection. Hard, morning wood that brought sensation flooding into her cunt. She maneuvered her hips as he pulled off her shorts, rolling onto her back and spreading her legs. Fingers sought out her warm, dark places, pushing into her cunt hard enough to make her catch her breath. She still hadn’t opened her eyes.

She didn’t want to kiss him—worried about her own morning breath, not interested in tasting his—so she pushed his head to her breast. He obligingly sucked one taut nipple into his mouth, sending a ripple down the neural pathways that connected breast to brain. She arched her back, offering more of herself, as her awakening body responded to his touch.

Couple kissing“Were you dreaming of me?” His breath was hot at the base of her neck.

“Just like this,” she said. It was true. She always dreamed of him before waking. Of fucking him, or sucking him off, or pushing his tousled head up hard against her cunt. She wondered if she was still dreaming now but his insistent fingers between her legs were altogether real.

She reached an arm across for his cock. He always slept naked, so it was easy to find and grasp, no fumbling with pajama pants. It was even harder now—of course it was—and she felt the tip for the sticky pre-cum she loved the taste of so much.

“You’re ready,” she said.

“You too.”

He pulled his fingers out of her, slowly letting them trail over her clit. She gave a sharp little gasp. Then he rolled on top her and let her guide him inside. This time her gasp was longer, lower, more intense. Propping himself up on his elbows and nuzzling her other breast, he started moving slowly in and out of her. Withdrawing practically all the way and then plunging back into her with a grunt, gradually picking up speed, building intensity as she pushed back against him with her hips and opened herself wider.

When she was close to coming, she slipped a hand down between them. Her clit was swollen, standing proud from its hood of flesh and slick with her juices. She rubbed it gently with her index and middle fingers, not too hard or too fast. She held off, waiting until the pattern of his breathing changed, waiting until she knew he was on the brink.  He thrust harder and his back arched, pressing his hips forward and practically crushing her hand. She managed to move it just enough, letting the pressure of his weight help her. His cock pulsed inside her. He grunted to the same rhythm. She came and her muscles clenched around him, an achy sigh escaping as she bit down on her lower lip.

He slumped forward onto her chest, both of them damp, both smelling of sex. She kissed the side of his jaw and tugged at a handful of his hair. His cock slipped out of her and she felt the rush of hot semen escaping in its wake. It made her smile—this moment always did.

The room was still dark, though not quite as dark as when they’d started. It was at least another hour until the alarm would sound. She nudged him and he rolled away onto his back. She resumed her position with her head on his chest. His arm snaked around her Sleep reclaimed them both. She might wake up and mistake it for a dream—but only until the moment she would realize that her thigh was stuck to the sheet.




Alchemy xii – March – and the tables are turned…

Today’s the day Alchemy xii – March hits the shelves (if ebooks do that?) and this time Harry and Belladonna are turning the tables on Olivia. The flogger’s in the other hand this time – in Olivia’s hand to be exact, as you’ll see in the short excerpt below…

In fact, I can’t believe we’ve already hit March, the fourth episode in the series – OMG, only another nine to go!!! If you’re enjoying it so far, why not take out a subscription? That way you’ll get each new episode delivered straight to your inbox as soon as it’s released – and you’ll save a third on the cover prices over the course of the year!

Alchemy xii - March cover



Back at Alchemy after their trip to the Rockies, Harry surprises Olivia by inviting her to meet his other three subs, Beth, Mia and Mason. But there’s nothing benign about this dinner and as usual Harry’s playing games to keep Olivia on her toes. When he unwittingly collides with one of her hard limits, Olivia is forced to confront a long-buried memory.
Meanwhile Belladonna picks up the pace in a training session with Olivia and Mia, pushing both subs to their limits until Olivia makes a catastrophic error… Questions start piling up in her mind. Will Harry be able to forgive her? Is she really suitable to train as an Alchemy sub? And can she lay the ghosts of her past to rest? Harry’s the only person who can provide her with the answers. But will he?


I turned to go back to the business end of the spanking bench. Once more, I ran a hand down the length of one of Mia’s thighs. Her breath hitched noisily. She appeared to be aroused already.

I was ready to start.

“Count, please, Mia,” I said.

“Yes, Mistress.”

I stepped back and raised my arm, trying to repeat the swinging movement I’d been practicing all morning. Her black panties were my target. I took a half-step forward to land my first blow. It looked slightly low to me and the tails of the flogger wrapped round the side of her leg. Mia gasped, the spanking bench creaking as she flinched. I stepped back.

“One.” Her voice sounded strong and clear.

Oh God, how many times should I strike her? Should I pick a number now? Should I watch how she responded, then decide? Wait for her to safeword?

Harry made a slight waving movement with one hand. Get on with it.

I struck another blow, this time aiming for her other buttock. I was a fraction more accurate but Mia still yelped loudly.


She started breathing more heavily.

I tried to remember all Belladonna had told me during our Severin session. I knew I should try to get a good rhythm going. My strikes would be more even, while helping the sub know when to expect the next impact. I started counting in my head, working to a pattern while Mia counted up the scale.


Half-step back. Half-step forward. Strike.


I alternated sides each time but I didn’t feel like I was hitting my target accurately. I needed to concentrate on the movement of my arm, getting the same arc each time. But after an hour working on the Severin dummy, my muscles were exhausted.

“Five.” Her voice was becoming a little high pitched.

The next blow struck much too low and Mia let out a shriek before her count.


“Stop,” said Harry.

“Yes, Sir.”

I stepped back and held the flogger by my side again.

“I can’t see where the blows are landing,” he said. “Mia, I’m going to take off your panties.”

“Yes, Sir,” said Mia, not that she was being given any choice in the matter.

Harry cupped one of Mia’s silk clad buttocks in one hand. She pushed out against his touch, making his expression momentarily soften. He caressed her flesh with a slight squeeze. I flicked my flogger impatiently and he glared at me. Then he hooked his fingers into the top of the black panties to pull them down. In my mind, I could practically feel his fingers burning on my skin and I fidgeted where I stood. Because her legs were splayed, the panties didn’t come down very far. He reached into the back pocket of his jeans to retrieve something. There was a flash of silver and I realized he was holding a small pocket knife. He deftly split one side of the panties, letting them slide down the opposite leg to the floor. Then he closed the knife and put it back in his pocket. I didn’t care to wonder why Harry needed to wander around with a knife. Presumably for just this type of underwear emergency.

“That’s better.” He sat down again.


Alchemy xii – March is available from the following outlets:

The Alchemy Store


Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble



All Romance Ebooks

Pow! It’s Rose Caraway!

A few days ago, I saw on Facebook that the wonderful Rose Caraway was going to be doing a reading at Writers with Drinks in San Francisco on Valentine’s night – and as always when there’s an event involving any of my erotica writing friends, I wished fervently that I could have been there too. What I didn’t realise at the time was that Rose was going to be reading from my story “Pow! It’s Shibari Girl!”, which appears in her anthology, The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica.

After the event, I was delighted to see that Rose’s husband, Big Daddy, had videoed her reading and had posted it on You Tube. Hooray! I would get my chance to see Rose read, even if I couldn’t be there in person. So just imagine my absolute delight when I clicked play and discovered that it was actually my story Rose had chosen to read.

Have a listen – she reads it brilliantly! Absolutely slays it!

I don’t do readings myself – or at least I haven’t done one yet. So this was the first time I’d heard anyone reading one of my stories out loud in front of an audience. Of course, this means that I haven’t heard an audience reacting to one of my stories before – and I now know what a very special experience that is. “Pow! It’s Shibari Girl!” is a comic piece about a female superhero who captures villains and ties them up shibari-style. Rose read it amazingly and the audience laughed, sometimes uproariously, in all the right places.

It’s often pointed out that writing is a solitary business. I sit alone and agonise over my words – and then eventually I send them out into the world. I don’t get to see people reading them, so I never have any idea how they might be reacting, sentence by sentence. But this time, for the first time, I was privy to the audience’s response. And it was a great response – all that I could have wished for.

For me, that was pretty damn cool. So thanks, Rose. You rocked it!



Elust 67 – Best Sex on the Net!

Photo courtesy of Rebels Notes

Welcome to Elust #67 -

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #68? Start with the rules, come back March 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

Yes, Squirting is Real (And it’s not pee.)

These men make me SO angry

Still Kinky After All These Years


~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

When It Rains
You want me to read what?


~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

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