Alchemy xii – March – and the tables are turned…

Today’s the day Alchemy xii – March hits the shelves (if ebooks do that?) and this time Harry and Belladonna are turning the tables on Olivia. The flogger’s in the other hand this time – in Olivia’s hand to be exact, as you’ll see in the short excerpt below…

In fact, I can’t believe we’ve already hit March, the fourth episode in the series – OMG, only another nine to go!!! If you’re enjoying it so far, why not take out a subscription? That way you’ll get each new episode delivered straight to your inbox as soon as it’s released – and you’ll save a third on the cover prices over the course of the year!

Alchemy xii - March cover



Back at Alchemy after their trip to the Rockies, Harry surprises Olivia by inviting her to meet his other three subs, Beth, Mia and Mason. But there’s nothing benign about this dinner and as usual Harry’s playing games to keep Olivia on her toes. When he unwittingly collides with one of her hard limits, Olivia is forced to confront a long-buried memory.
Meanwhile Belladonna picks up the pace in a training session with Olivia and Mia, pushing both subs to their limits until Olivia makes a catastrophic error… Questions start piling up in her mind. Will Harry be able to forgive her? Is she really suitable to train as an Alchemy sub? And can she lay the ghosts of her past to rest? Harry’s the only person who can provide her with the answers. But will he?


I turned to go back to the business end of the spanking bench. Once more, I ran a hand down the length of one of Mia’s thighs. Her breath hitched noisily. She appeared to be aroused already.

I was ready to start.

“Count, please, Mia,” I said.

“Yes, Mistress.”

I stepped back and raised my arm, trying to repeat the swinging movement I’d been practicing all morning. Her black panties were my target. I took a half-step forward to land my first blow. It looked slightly low to me and the tails of the flogger wrapped round the side of her leg. Mia gasped, the spanking bench creaking as she flinched. I stepped back.

“One.” Her voice sounded strong and clear.

Oh God, how many times should I strike her? Should I pick a number now? Should I watch how she responded, then decide? Wait for her to safeword?

Harry made a slight waving movement with one hand. Get on with it.

I struck another blow, this time aiming for her other buttock. I was a fraction more accurate but Mia still yelped loudly.


She started breathing more heavily.

I tried to remember all Belladonna had told me during our Severin session. I knew I should try to get a good rhythm going. My strikes would be more even, while helping the sub know when to expect the next impact. I started counting in my head, working to a pattern while Mia counted up the scale.


Half-step back. Half-step forward. Strike.


I alternated sides each time but I didn’t feel like I was hitting my target accurately. I needed to concentrate on the movement of my arm, getting the same arc each time. But after an hour working on the Severin dummy, my muscles were exhausted.

“Five.” Her voice was becoming a little high pitched.

The next blow struck much too low and Mia let out a shriek before her count.


“Stop,” said Harry.

“Yes, Sir.”

I stepped back and held the flogger by my side again.

“I can’t see where the blows are landing,” he said. “Mia, I’m going to take off your panties.”

“Yes, Sir,” said Mia, not that she was being given any choice in the matter.

Harry cupped one of Mia’s silk clad buttocks in one hand. She pushed out against his touch, making his expression momentarily soften. He caressed her flesh with a slight squeeze. I flicked my flogger impatiently and he glared at me. Then he hooked his fingers into the top of the black panties to pull them down. In my mind, I could practically feel his fingers burning on my skin and I fidgeted where I stood. Because her legs were splayed, the panties didn’t come down very far. He reached into the back pocket of his jeans to retrieve something. There was a flash of silver and I realized he was holding a small pocket knife. He deftly split one side of the panties, letting them slide down the opposite leg to the floor. Then he closed the knife and put it back in his pocket. I didn’t care to wonder why Harry needed to wander around with a knife. Presumably for just this type of underwear emergency.

“That’s better.” He sat down again.


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Pow! It’s Rose Caraway!

A few days ago, I saw on Facebook that the wonderful Rose Caraway was going to be doing a reading at Writers with Drinks in San Francisco on Valentine’s night – and as always when there’s an event involving any of my erotica writing friends, I wished fervently that I could have been there too. What I didn’t realise at the time was that Rose was going to be reading from my story “Pow! It’s Shibari Girl!”, which appears in her anthology, The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica.

After the event, I was delighted to see that Rose’s husband, Big Daddy, had videoed her reading and had posted it on You Tube. Hooray! I would get my chance to see Rose read, even if I couldn’t be there in person. So just imagine my absolute delight when I clicked play and discovered that it was actually my story Rose had chosen to read.

Have a listen – she reads it brilliantly! Absolutely slays it!

I don’t do readings myself – or at least I haven’t done one yet. So this was the first time I’d heard anyone reading one of my stories out loud in front of an audience. Of course, this means that I haven’t heard an audience reacting to one of my stories before – and I now know what a very special experience that is. “Pow! It’s Shibari Girl!” is a comic piece about a female superhero who captures villains and ties them up shibari-style. Rose read it amazingly and the audience laughed, sometimes uproariously, in all the right places.

It’s often pointed out that writing is a solitary business. I sit alone and agonise over my words – and then eventually I send them out into the world. I don’t get to see people reading them, so I never have any idea how they might be reacting, sentence by sentence. But this time, for the first time, I was privy to the audience’s response. And it was a great response – all that I could have wished for.

For me, that was pretty damn cool. So thanks, Rose. You rocked it!



Elust 67 – Best Sex on the Net!

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Welcome to Elust #67 -

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Beyond 50 cover


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Superotica Valentine 2015 – Day 14



Welcome to Superotica Valentine 2015 – Day 14,  and to the final installment of Alchemy xii – New Year’s Eve. Aghhh! Did I just type that? We’ve come to the end of the road? Or at least the end of this episode – but you know it’s part of a serial – there are 12 more episodes of Harry and Olivia’s story, and given we’re already in February, there are two more episodes available – January and February – for you to binge read if you want. (And this episode starts here.)




Alchemy xii – New Year’s Eve

Installment 14



Harry’s apartment was dark and silent after the bright bustle of the restaurant. He went out onto his small balcony and smoked two cigarettes in quick succession, only bothering to turn on a table lamp when he came back inside. He consulted his watch for the tenth time as he poured a finger of vodka. No more until he knew Olivia’s decision. If she didn’t show up he could sink all the vodka he wanted and put off seeing his other trainees for a week.

He paced backward and forward in front of his window. He was determined not to check the time again. He’d damn well know when midnight struck—the whole sky would erupt with fireworks. If he was still standing here on his own when they went off, he’d failed. God, he didn’t want to fail. Not because of the knock it would mean to his pride, although that would be considerable. No, because he wanted more of Olivia. He needed to discover who she was and what she was capable of. What she would taste like and how she would fuck. How many of his buttons she could press.

He strained his ears for the sound of the lift doors opening, for footsteps in the lobby. He’d left the door to the apartment open, not being able to contemplate Olivia’s non-arrival. But he could hear nothing and he went nervously out onto the balcony again to listen for the fireworks.

When the noise exploded around him like a thousand guns going off, he felt as if he’d taken a kick to the gut. He rested his arms on the guardrail and his head on his arms, not bothering to look out at the rainbow explosion illuminating the city. He’d sprung his proposal on her too suddenly, before she was ready. He must have been wrong about her. About how good she’d be, about what she needed.

“Fuck!” he shouted as loud as he could into the litany of bangs. “Fuck! Fuck!”


A hand touched his arm. He spun round.

Olivia was standing in the doorway of the balcony. She was completely naked and Harry saw the red splash of her dress on the floor beyond. No underwear. His third instruction. Her nipples were already standing to attention in the freezing air.

“Olivia!” He swept her into his arms and his mouth sought hers. He pushed his tongue into her willing mouth, then sucked her lower lip into his and bit down hard. She whimpered as her body melted against his. But he broke off the kiss and turned her round, pushing her ahead of him through the balcony doors with a sharp rap on her naked ass. She stumbled inside.

“On your knees,” he said. His heart pounded—fear, relief, desire, excitement—a stampede of emotions thundered through.

She looked hurt, frightened even, but she complied.

“You were late.”

Her chin tilted upward. She stared him right in the eye.

“Yes, Harry, I was late. And you promised to whip me for it.”

Harry grinned. He’d been right. Here knelt the girl of his dreams.



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Superotica Valentine 2015 – Day 13



Welcome to Superotica Valentine 2015 – Day 13,  and to the penultimate (god, how I love that word!) installment of Alchemy xii – New Year’s Eve. You’ve only just arrived? On the 13th day? Okay, you can go to the beginning here. Or just start at thirteen – after all, it’s lucky for some…




Alchemy xii – New Year’s Eve

Installment 13



Harry heard a catch in her breath. He saw how quickly her chest rose and fell. She was excited. Which meant she was interested. He finished his oysters, taking his time to savor each one. Olivia continued to eat in silence by his side, waiting for him to answer.

The waiter cleared their plates. Harry settled back against the banquette with his glass in his hand.

“Every year I take on four trainees. Apprentices. Over twelve months, usually for one weekend each month, each one undergoes intensive training with me or with one of the other Dominants here at Alchemy. If they can make it through—and, believe me, Olivia, training’s no bloody picnic—they may at the end of the year be invited to join one of the teams at Alchemy. Here or at one of our other sites. Or their training expenses might be picked up by a club member who wants them for a private relationship.”

“Sold?” gasped Olivia.

“Nothing of the sort, you ninny! Sometimes they’re employed in a private capacity, sometimes they’ve fallen in love with a member and want to be exclusive. No one here is bought or sold. No one is paid for their services. I’m not running a whore house.”

The waiter reappeared. Steak tartare for Harry. Chicken in tarragon sauce for Olivia.

“So what is it?” said Olivia, once the waiter had receded from earshot.

Harry shrugged. “Just part of the service the club provides. Included in the membership.”

“And, if I go through a year’s training with you and join your team, is that a job?”

“Yes, at that stage, you would be an employee of the club. But the members don’t pay for your services and you’re not obliged to do something a member requests if you don’t want to. There’s always another sub who will.”

“What about during training?”

“You’re not employed. You’re not paid. It’s one weekend each month, usually with homework between. We cover any expenses. And there are certain perks.”

Harry stirred his egg yolk into his minced steak with a distracted air. Olivia watched fascinated.


“Travel, dining with me, vintage wine, this view, world class training from the best tops in the business. Fucking me.”

“That’s a perk?”

“God, I want to kiss you, then I want to smear this steak tartare all over your body and lick it off,” said Harry.

He was only half joking but Olivia laughed. He picked up one of her hands.

“When I saw you in Master Blasters, I could tell you were fascinated by the scene. That you wanted to explore. To experience what it would feel like to submit. You wanted to feel the bite of leather against your skin. You wanted to let someone take control of your body and your pleasure.” He stared at her intensely and her dark blue eyes locked on to his. Her breathing came fast and shallow. “I’m right, aren’t I?”

She nodded.

“So I brought you back here and gave you what you wanted, didn’t I?”

“Harry…” Hardly more than a sigh. Her eyes were shining.

“Tell me how you felt.”

Olivia pushed away her plate of half eaten food. She placed both her hands, palm down, on the table and looked at them.

“It was…amazing. I felt safe with you. I wanted to embrace the pain and let it wash over me. And I could. I don’t know if this makes sense, but it was like swimming against a strong current. Kicking out against the resistance. Then after a while it wasn’t like anything at all. It just was.” Her voice dropped to barely above a whisper. “When you made me come…”

Harry put one of his hands on top of hers.

Olivia cleared her throat and her gravelly voice sounded clear. “When you made me come, everything felt right.”

Harry swept her into his arms in an awkward sideways embrace. He kissed the top of her head.

“I know I want the experience again,” she said against his chest. “That’s why I agreed to play with Raf.”

“Don’t worry about Raf. I’ll sort him out.” Harry twisted his finger in a hank of golden hair that had fallen across her face. He tugged on it slightly.

“I just don’t know about being submissive. Submission involves a lot more, doesn’t it?”

“A hell of a lot more. That’s why the training’s so arduous.”

“And you think submitting would be the right thing for me?”

Harry fought the urge to tell her it was the only thing right for her. To tell her anything that would make her say ‘yes’ to him. “You’re the only person who can decide.”

He kissed her on one cheek, then stood up. He wanted to stay and persuade her, to touch her under the cover of the table, to show her off to the rest of the dining room and say Look at this girl, she’s mine. But he knew better. He could imagine what Belladonna would think of such behavior.

“I think you need some time alone to make your decision.”

“When do you need to know? I have a few days off work—I could think about things.”

“I need to know by midnight tonight, Olivia. The new training year starts tomorrow.”

Olivia gasped.

Harry checked his watch. The dial showed twenty past eleven.

“I need a cigarette,” said Harry. “Listen, you stay here and make your mind up. If you’re not interested, go downstairs to the concierge desk and they’ll have a car take you home.”

“And if I am interested?”

Harry pulled a business card from his back pocket and dropped it on the table.

“Come down to my apartment—the details are on the card. By midnight. If you’re late, I’ll whip the living daylights out of you.”

He didn’t give her a chance to answer but turned on his heel and left the restaurant without looking back. Wondering if he’d ever see her again.



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Superotica Valentine 2015 – Day 12



Welcome to Superotica Valentine 2015 – Day 12,  and to the twelfth installment of Alchemy xii – New Year’s Eve (not long to go now…). If you’re a johnny-come-lately, you’ll find the first part here. Now, read on!




Alchemy xii – New Year’s Eve

Installment 12



Olivia sat down on the banquette and he slid in next to her.

“Olivia, this isn’t a date. But I think you already know that, don’t you.”

She nodded. “Most dates don’t come with a list of instructions. What am I doing here, Harry?”

“Did you follow the instructions?”


“What did you find out about Alchemy?” One of his instructions to her had been to research the club.

“That the members are all gazillionaires. That no one will ever admit publically to being a member. That it’s owned by a mysterious figure called The Alchemist.”

Harry burst out laughing.

“Ha! I wish,” he said. “The club’s actually run as a co-operative. But carry on.”

“It provides members with whatever they need or want. A place to stay. The finest dining. Transport in private jets. Business assistance and money laundering. Healthcare. Cosmetic surgery. And sex.” She took a small sip of her wine. “That’s your bit, isn’t it, Harry?”

“Very perceptive.”

She ignored his sarcasm. “You’re employed by Alchemy to provide instant gratification.”

“Technically, I’m not employed by the club. The relationship’s a little more complex. But you’re right. My role is to keep our members titillated and satiated.”

“So what am I doing here?” She glared at him. “I need answers. What’s going on?”

“Tell me first, how you came by the information.”

Olivia looked away, staring out of the window as she chewed on her bottom lip.

“Olivia!” He had to remind himself he was playing dominant Harry tonight.

She raised her eyes to his.

“I went back to Master Blasters to speak to Raf.”

Harry grinned. “Resourceful, tapping my old friend Rafael. What did he want in return?”

Olivia’s head snapped up.

“Come on, Olivia. Don’t be so naïve. I know Raf, I know how his mind works.”

Olivia’s face suffused with color.

“I had to promise him I’d play with him.”

“Did you?”

“Not yet. I put him off. I told him I needed time for my back to heal before I’d play again.”

“You showed him these?” said Harry, running a finger down the side of Olivia’s shoulder where the red welts showed.


“And he asked you who was responsible?”

“I told him to mind his own business.”

“You’re the sweetest, darling. But he’ll have known I made those marks from the pattern.”

“Did I do the wrong thing?” Olivia looked contrite.

“You certainly did, my love. But you weren’t to know, so your punishment won’t be too harsh.”

Olivia’s look of surprise turned quickly to a frown.

“Harry, what’s going on here, between you and me?”

Harry topped up their glasses with wine as the waiter arrived with their starters, oysters for Harry and a crab timbale for Olivia.

“Did I miss seeing the menu somewhere along the line?” said Olivia.

Harry took a long drink, studying her over the rim. Then he put the glass down and sprinkled chopped shallots onto his oysters. He raised one to his mouth and sucked it out of its shell.


When he finished swallowing, he turned to face her. God, she was gorgeous.

“Remember what I told you, the other night?”

Olivia’s eye’s widened. She hadn’t touched her food or her wine yet.

“In here, Olivia, I’m your Dom. In here, I ask the questions. I make the decisions.”

He took another mouthful, indicating to her with his fork for her to eat. She picked up her cutlery and ate a delicate morsel of crab.

“You get to make one decision this evening.”

“Which is?”

“Whether you want to come back or not.”

“In what capacity?”

“As my submissive. I want to enroll you on my training program.”

“Tell me about it.”


Alchemy xii - New Year's EveIf you can’t wait until tomorrow for the next installment, you can download Alchemy xii – New Year’s Eve free of charge from:

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Pillow Talk Secrets: All About the Dirty Deeds

It’s time for another Pillow Talk Secrets – in which Malin M James, Jade A Waters and I discuss our favorite sexual positions – to write about, that is! (Honestly, some of you readers have filth minds!)

Pillow Talk Secrets

Jade: Hello, ladies! How are you both today?

Malin: I’m doing really well, thanks! How are you, Jade? Tamsin?

Tamsin: Very well, thank you.

J: I’m so glad to hear you’re both well. I’m very excited for our session today, and I suspect there’s some real dirtiness ahead. ;) Shall we get to it?

M: Sounds good!

T: Fire away, Jade.

J: All right then. Today, we’re talking about favorite pairings and acts to write in erotica. Hot! Let’s kick off with pairings: one-on-one, threesomes, different gender combos, etc…any particular preferences?

M: Well, I’ve always loved writing m/m/f threesomes—my WIP is about how one develops longer term, (among other things). That said, I just wrote my first m/m last fall and kind of loved that too.

T: Yeah, I enjoy the old m/m/f—my novel Her Boss & His Client was about one—and that was so much fun to write. Double penetration and the rest! ;)

J: Right! You know, I haven’t written a ton of threesomes myself, but I did love penning the few I tried. So far I’ve only run with m/m/f. Have either of you given f/f/m a whirl, and if so, what do you feel are the differences in actually writing them (besides the obvious, of course)?

M: I wrote an f/f/m very early on—the story is awful, though the pairing was fun. I think the biggest difference, (for me), is that with m/m/f I feel free to just go to town, whereas with f/f/m, I’m very conscious of the fact that the f/f portion can accidentally come off as a bit performative, (as in “bi for his benefit”). While there’s nothing wrong with that in print or in life, there are other aspects of that dynamic I want to explore more.

J: That’s a really good point, Malin. That performative piece is so ingrained as a societal fantasy, it’s something to be mindful of.

M: It’s true…that said, I’ve read a lot of stories that dig into powerful, sexy stuff with f/f/m’s. There are a lot of different power dynamics to play with—same with m/m/f.

T: One thing about writing anything with three people involved is the need to be a little more specific about whose body part is whose—you can’t just say “his cock” if it could be Tom’s cock or Dick’s cock. And you need to be really clear for the reader on the logistics—it can certainly get confusing when there are six hands, six arms and legs, and multiple genitalia!

The kissJ: And that’s the same for more than three, too—I wrote a fourway orgy (in space, no less). It was three men and a woman. Mind your pronouns was the name of the game!

M: Absolutely—pronouns and body parts get really interesting when there are more than two people to manage. Same with action—it’s easy to accidentally focus on two of the characters and leave the third (or fourth) in some sort of sexy holding pattern. It’s like juggling balls (ha). You’ve got to keep all of them in the air.

T: Smart analogy!

J: Yes. Body part circus! :) It’s something we have to pay attention to no matter what, but it’s certainly heightened in the three-four-five-(whoa wouldn’t that be fun?)-ways. So, while all the pairings are lovely, it’s clear we tend to gravitate to one-on-one for the majority of our writing. Let’s focus on specific acts in couple erotica then, no matter what the gender pairing. Shall we start at the beginning? They meet, they make eyes, and then…there’s the kiss! What are your thoughts on writing the kiss?

Read more over on Pillow Talk…

Capture Cupid! (Hint – he’s hiding in the woodshed!)


If you’ve come for the prizes, you might want to hop down the page to here…but if you don’t mind a diversion into my dark and dirty woodshed, read on…

Come on, let’s escape from all these people, just you and I. Let’s run down to the woodshed to be alone together in the dark. No one will notice we’ve gone…

Inside, it’s cool and as dark as velvet. It smells of fresh cut wood, clean and citrusy, and the sawdust in the air catches at the back of my throat. The pressed dirt floor silences our steps and all I can hear are the different tempos of our breathing. Mine is slightly faster than yours. I would say, if asked, that’s from having to stride to keep up with you as we hurried down the garden but really I know it’s for another reason.

I follow you further into the blackness, gasping as I bark my shin on an errant log. You turn to steady me, placing a hand under my elbow. Your skin touches my skin for the first time—sending a current of desire through me that’s sharp enough to make me bite my tongue. I’ve thought about you touching me, like this and in other ways, of course I have. You’ve stopped moving now. You’re looking down at me, in a way that makes me wonder if you’ve imagined this scene already. I think you have.

There’s a knothole high in the wall of the shed and it lets a shaft of sunlight cut a path through the black velvet air. Dust motes skitter, dancing to dreamy music we can’t hear. Theirs is the only movement in here as we stand still with eyes locked. Your hand remains at my elbow, your touch burning my skin.

I push you back against the woodpile, causing you to grunt. I’ve angled you so the shaft of sunlight falls right on what I want to see. It illuminates a bulge in your pants that makes me lick my lips and draw a tight little breath. You glance down, knowing full well what I’m looking at. I undo your belt and the button at the top of your pants, then draw down the zipper. Your hips shift under my hands, pushing forward so I can scrape the waistband down your thighs. Your cock is tangled in your shorts. I release it with a greedy touch, marveling silently at its hard perfection.

I drop to my knees in front of you, placing my palms flat against your naked thighs. Your erection bobs in response, pale in its bright spotlight. I catch the end of it with my tongue, steadying it and pressing it against my upper lip. An anticipatory bead of pearly fluid issues from the tiny slit and bursts on the tip of my tongue. You sigh and I run my hands up and down the hard muscles of your dancer’s legs.

But I’m impatient. I lift a hand to grasp the base of your cock, then I lean forward so I can suck it into my mouth. The sound of you slipping inside pleases me—a quiet ripple of suction, pursed lips against wet skin. I use my tongue to explore the bulbous head and slight ridge, the knotty veins cording across the surface of the shaft. You taste salty and through my nose I savor the aroma of your crotch. Earthy and reassuring, as delicious as the flavor of you inside my mouth.

We start to move. Your hips flex in a gentle rocking motion, pushing out to meet me as I press forward. I take you deeper in, still controlling the action and setting the pace. My lips, my teeth, my tongue are all busy against your hot skin. My breath cools you as my saliva heats you. Your breath is now coming in great huffs in response to what I’m doing.

Your hands reach for the sides of my head. You take control. You fuck my mouth just the way I’d hoped you would, pushing hard and deep, pulling my head up so you can thrust down to hit the back of my throat. We’re moving faster, grunting to catch our breath, sprinting towards the inevitable. My knees are grazed by the gritty dirt beneath them, my hands splintered by the rough wood I grip at either side of your hips. My cunt is heavy and achy with need.

When you climax, my mouth fills with your pleasure. Your hands grip me tighter and hold me against you. I swallow fast but cum drips down my chin as you make your final spasms against the curve of my tongue. I touch your hip with my hand—you’re wet with sweat—and your buttocks jolt against the hard logs behind you. Your cock gradually deflates and, as it slips from my mouth, you catch it in one hand to cradle it. I wipe my chin with the flat of my palm and stand up.

“Stay a bit longer,” you say.

“I can’t,” I say. “I have to go back. I promised I’d help Miss Oleander with her competition…”


Capture Cupid Blog Hop

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Superotica Valentine 2015 – Day 11



Welcome to Superotica Valentine 2015 – Day 11,  and things are really heating up in Alchemy xii – New Year’s Eve. Missed out and want to start from the beginning? You’ll find it here.




Alchemy xii – New Year’s Eve

Installment 11


Harry had sent Olivia a hand written note with an invitation to dinner and a list of instructions. It was important to him that she complied with them. He felt nervous that she wouldn’t. But she didn’t yet know the game they were playing. Or the stakes involved. Once she became his trainee—if she became his trainee—of course she’d comply with any request he made of her. If she didn’t, he’d be free to punish her as he saw fit. But at this stage, she was still a free agent. Whether she complied or not came down to how charismatic Harry had been with her three nights ago. And how much she wanted another taste of what he could give her.

Naturally, Harry was vain enough not to want the legendary Lomax charisma to have failed. He would suffer a major dent to his ego if Olivia wasn’t his by the end of the evening. Consequently, he took more care than usual getting ready. Alchemy had four restaurants, all of them exquisite, worthy of multiple Michelin stars had they ever let a Michelin inspector come in. However, the one he chose to summon Olivia to, Les Epesses, was the most exclusive. High on the ninety-second floor with a three-sixty degree panorama over the city, it opened its doors only to those who had clearance to go above the seventieth floor of the tower. This meant a certain leeway with the dress code. Collared subs were nothing unusual, bare chests were tolerated, particularly Harry’s, and there were a number of private booths which allowed for more than just eating.

Harry hadn’t booked a booth. He’d reserved a secluded table close by the window. Tonight he wouldn’t be dining bare-chested. He pulled on tight black Levis, then selected a slim cut black shirt from his closet. The cotton was fine enough and the shirt tight enough to show off his nipple bars—that would be distraction enough. He sipped nervously at a vodka as he got ready but when he finished the first he didn’t immediately top up as he usually would have done. A cigarette would have to do instead.

Feeling nervous was a novel experience for Harry. Alchemy had been his home for the past four years and, even if he hadn’t been invited onto the committee yet, he was the acknowledged prince of this particular element of the club. The Prince of Kink. Of course, Belladonna was the queen, but he had made himself her reliable right-hand man. He ran the teams of subs and studs which had secured Alchemy’s unspoken reputation as the best kink club in the world. He was acknowledged as the best trainer in the business. And for having the best eye when it came to recruiting.

So what was it about Olivia Roux that set his pulse racing? That made him care more about the outcome of their encounter than he’d ever cared about a potential trainee before?

Harry knew the answer to that question the moment Olivia walked into Les Epesses’ bar. And Harry’s wasn’t the only head that turned to follow her progress. Virtually everybody, from the other diners to the waiters to the bar staff watched as she swept through the place in a stunning red satin gown.

Harry stood up from his bar stool as she approached.

“Turn around for me,” he said as she arrived beside him.

Slowly and graciously, with her head held high and a defiant look on her face, she spun in a circle for him. Harry caught his breath. She’d done the first thing he’d asked. The dress, as per the instructions he’d sent her, had no back. The livid red welts he’d raised two nights ago were on full display, forming a pretty pink lattice across her flesh. As she came round to face him again, he raised her hand to his lips and kissed it. Then, unable to stop himself, he swept her into his arms to kiss her full on the mouth.

She responded in a way that made Harry’s heart throb and his cock pulse. He needed to get this girl on his team and into his bed but he couldn’t work out which was more important to him. When they broke apart, Harry had to sink carefully back onto his stool to hide his erection.

“You look beautiful, Olivia. Especially your back.”

She smiled at him, dipping her head. “Thank you.”

“What will you like to drink?”

“Red wine. Bordeaux, please.”

Harry signaled the barman and ordered a bottle of Pomerol to be taken to their table. He finished his vodka, then took Olivia by the hand.

“Come on.”

He had chosen this table because it offered a semi-circular banquette facing out over the spectacular cityscape. Privacy was assured by this arrangement, as was proximity—Harry wanted both.

As the waiter wrestled with the wine bottle, Olivia stood staring out over the North Shore.

“This is an amazing place, Harry. I love seeing the city from this high.”

The waiter poured the wine and left them. Harry picked up the two glasses and came to the window. He handed her one and raised his own.

“Cheers. Welcome to Alchemy.”


They each sipped the wine.

“This is exceptional…” she said.

Harry shrugged.

“Sit down,” he said. It was time to talk business.



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