My Writing Process – Chewing the Keyboard!

Okay – so every writer on the planet has by now been tagged and taken part in this infernal blog tour. I even turned two writers down – sorry, girls – before having my arm twisted by Alison Tyler, and you probably all know by now that I can’t say ‘no’ to Ms Tyler! Her writing process – approximately ten times more interesting than mine – is at Trollop With a Laptop. But you’re here to read about mine – so this it…

What am I working on?

9781783755851_FCHa! What am I not working on? I’m up to my eyes in edits on Her Boss and His Client, The Scarlet Bond and a an assortment of shorts that are due in by March 1. Furthermore, my list of submission calls for March 1 seems never ending, so I’m busy penning several more shorts for some really exciting sounding new anthologies. Editors – keep an eye on your inboxes – stuff’s coming your way! And, as if that weren’t enough, I’m also about to get down to business finishing my NaNoWriMo novel, Honeytrap, a super-hot sexspionage adventure… Plus I’m just starting my prep work for a six novel series, that could grow even longer. And… (for God’s sake, take a break, woman!)

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

It’s by me. That’s all I can say. Every writer’s work differs from every other’s. We all have a unique voice and our own world-view that gets reflected in our writing. That’s why, if you like one book by a writer, it’s a good bet that you’ll their other works – and, of course, vice versa. I just hope to hell you like the first book of mine you read…

Why do I write what I do?doingitforthecoach_800

Oh, certainly for fun! Writing about sex is almost as much fun as having it and it gives me a chance to explore all sorts of characters and situations that I might not come across in real life. I get to do things I couldn’t do for reasons of anatomy – see right!  And I get to boss the characters around, make them do what I want, playing God with their lives… (No, you wouldn’t want to be one of my characters, would you?)

How does your writing process work?

I can only tell you that if you let me shoot you immediately afterwards…

Seriously, it’s not terribly exciting. I am the queen of anal… Woops! That’s Alison Tyler with her fab new book Happily Ever Anal. What I mean is that I’m pretty anal about the writing process. I plan. I plot. I scheme. I outline. I plan some more. And only when I know in my head practically all the words that need to go down on the page, do I sit down in front of the WP. Then I write and it’s different from the plan. I become enraged and chew the keyboard. I modify the plan to accommodate the new turn of events. I replot. I rescheme. I write the next bit. And so on.

Yes, it is bloody exhausting, now that you ask!

But I think I’d better be getting back to it, with all those March 1 deadlines!


Oh, was I supposed to pass the baton on? Damn, I seem to have dropped it.


  1. “It’s by me. That’s all I can say.”


    I’m jealous of your ability to tell your characters what do to. Mine run up one side of me and down the other. Now I want to sit with you over a coffee and gaze longingly: “What’s it liiiiike?”

  2. Aw, such lovely comments, AnneMarie! Just remember, you need to top your characters with a firm hand – don’t take any nonsense from them! And when I’m next in your neck of the woods, we’ll definitely go for coffee!

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