Doing It For the Coach – steamy excerpt!

To me it seems as if it’s been a long wait – but that’s only because I’m really excited about this title – my new m/m novella, Doing It For the Coach! However, now at last you can get a glimpse of it too – it’s available for early download on the Totally Bound website, before it goes global on 28 March! So let’s kick off the party with a down and dirty excerpt…

Perry continued walking till he reached the back of the lot and, in the empty space between two cars, he turned to face me. I should have known to be more careful of him. He had weight and reach on me and I knew from Moreno that he’d been an army heavyweight champion. So really, the punch that came at me shouldn’t have been the surprise it was.

I sprawled backward onto the asphalt and put a hand to my jaw. Goddamm, it hurt. My brain was still reverberating in my skull and my vision was blurred as he stepped forward and stood over me.

“Now tell me what the fuck you want, soldier,” he said in a parade-ground bark.

I struggled to my feet and stood to attention in front of him.

“I want to make it on to your Nationals squad, sir.”

This time when he swung at me, my fists were up and I was able to deflect the blow, but the power in it still made me take a step backward. The coach came forward, menacing, making the most of his physical advantage.

“No, boy, I’m not talking about that bullshit. I mean what do you want from me? Here, now?”

My heart flipped in my chest and my balls pulled up tight as if they wanted to retreat right inside my body. I could hardly breathe.

“Fucking tell me,” he growled, drawing himself up to his full height. His right arm was twitching to pull back in a punch.

I was speechless. I couldn’t say it. I stood in front of him, trembling, as a hard-on pushed out against my jeans. I wondered if I was flushing my boxing future down the drain.

“I know what you want,” he said.

He put his hand to his crotch suggestively.

I nodded and dropped to my knees. Please, God, I needed him now. I wanted this man more than I could ever remember wanting anybody. I wanted him to stick his cock in my mouth, deep into my throat, and come there and I wanted him to flip me over and fuck me till I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. A small moan escaped my mouth.

Virgil Perry laughed and disappeared around the back end of a dark SUV. I scurried after him. Now we were well out of sight if anyone came into the parking lot.

“Back on your knees, soldier.”11996676_s

Perry was leaning against the rear of the vehicle and I could hardly see him in the dark shadows. I knelt in front of him and stretched out my hands, feeling for the top of his pants. He didn’t stop me when I hooked my fingers into his waistband and let them brush against his rock solid abs, he simply threw his head back against the rear of the SUV and pushed his hips forward.

“Get the fuck on with it,” he said.

I didn’t waste another moment. I unbuttoned and unzipped him and slid his pants and his shorts down to his knees. My hands went to his cock and when I felt the weight of it pushing up against my grip I had to gasp. It was thick and long, as big as any I’d come across, and it was as soft as velvet. An iron piston in a velvet glove. I stroked it gently to feel its length, wondering if my hand would ever reach the end of it. I was beside myself. This was way better than anything I’d dreamed of. A beautiful, warm, twitching cock in my hands. I needed to get it into my mouth.

I leaned forward and let the head brush against my cheek. There was a low rumble of impatience in the coach’s throat. I slipped my lips gently over the end, holding it steady with two hands on the shaft, and with the tip of my tongue I felt for the tiny slit at the apex. I pushed against it, and as I did Perry’s legs suddenly braced. He was ready for what I had to give and so I started the buildup. First my tongue, licking, swirling, rasping on the most sensitive tissue at the end of his cock, tracing a path down the long, thick shaft, twisting against the thick trunk. My lips sucking and encircling, releasing and blowing, whispering across the warm skin, feeling the bulging veins, the soft rim that delineated the head. My teeth nipped and bit and scraped up and nibbled down. And each time I explored, I took the coach’s giant cock a little bit farther into my mouth.

Saliva was running down my chin and dripping off the tip of his cock. My hands moved from his shaft to his hips to his balls and back again. I massaged his balls, tightening my grip as I sucked his cock into my mouth, scratching them and rolling them against each other until I felt the man trembling beneath my touch.

He pushed his hips forward and, as I let my throat open to him, he really began to fuck me. I clung on to him, looping my arms around his buttocks, and he thrust his hands into my hair and grasped it till I thought he would tear it out. My being able to breath wasn’t a priority to him and he plunged again and again, in and out, lubing my mouth with his salty pre-cum, grinding his cock into my face, rubbing it against my teeth and diving deep to where my throat tightened around it and gave him the traction he needed. It was so much better than all the times I’d run this scene in my imagination.

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