Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…


Tell me lies. Go on, tell me your best lies. I can guarantee I will have heard them before, out of a mouth just like yours. Sensuous lips with a cruel curl. An easy smile that convinces me when I want to be convinced. You boys with your lies, there’s something about you I’ve come to recognize. Something I can’t get enough of.

Silken words that slip into my ears and caress my psyche.

You’re beautiful, so fucking hot…

I want you like I’ve never wanted any other woman before…

My mother always used to say, look at man’s shoes to see if he’s lying. But my father ran around town with every whore in a short skirt and she was none the wiser, so I don’t set any store by that. His shoes told her nothing. I look at men’s shoes, yes, but for other reasons.

Tell me your lies, yes, please do. They’re so much more palatable than the truth. When you lie, you’re telling me the things I want to hear.

I love you…

Your cunt drives me wild…

I can’t stop thinking about you…

The truth hurts. Lies sooth and caress me. I can replay them in my mind before I go to sleep, like counting sheep. I don’t want to know that I’m not as beautiful as the last girl you fucked. Don’t tell me the name of the woman you think about more often than you think about me. Give me the sugar-coated pill of sweet, sweet lies. Then I’ll be grateful. Then I’ll do what you want.

Tell me a lie and I’ll be your fuck-toy.

Tell me a lie and I’ll do things to keep your mind off her for the duration of a screw or a blow job.

Tell me a lie and I’ll swallow.

Just, please, never tell me the truth. Ungilded. Harsh. With a cutting edge and a lasting sting. No, never the words that really mean something.

Tell me lies. Tell me sweet little lies.


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  1. So many people out there prefer to hear the lies of their significant others because the truth hurts too much. This is so much part of many people’s lives. Great post, Tamsin!

    Rebel xox

  2. Oh how I’ve been there. You know how the saccharine taste of lies told and heard? Where swallowing the medicine to carry on pretending is far better than the bitter pill? Except the sticky sweet makes my mouth cloy and the bitterness a pallet cleanser.
    Thank you for the great writing.

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