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My Collection Of Free Erotic Stories

This is my collection of easy-to-read erotic stories both fictional and non-fictional all written by me. I love to write erotica and recently have had a lot of time, so I decided to post my erotic story collection and start writing more.

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Don’t Tell My Boyfriend

I love the way Amy moans, the way she says ‘Yeah!’ like a needy girl the second I sink my

Your Holes Belong To Me

I knew he was different from the moment that I met him. He had a certain charm about him that

You Better Be Ready For My Strap-On

When Kyle first started asking me to peg him I didn’t take it seriously. I didn’t know if he was

Old Men Want One Thing

When I first started dating older guys I thought that it would be different, that they weren’t like the younger

The Hottest Threesome I’ve Ever Had – Part Two

This story continues where we left off in Part 1 so make sure you read that first to get up

The Hottest Threesome I’ve Ever Had

I am so excited to be sharing this story of mine today, I frequently bring it up across my blog,

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I'm Tamsin, I'm nearing 30 and I'm as sexually frustrated and active (at least with myself) as ever and I think that's why I love writing and reading erotica. I write what turns me on, as you can see, a lot turns me on.

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