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My Collection Of Free Erotic Stories

This is my collection of easy-to-read erotic stories both fictional and non-fictional all written by me. I love to write erotica and recently have had a lot of time, so I decided to post my erotic story collection and start writing more.

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I Pleasure Her Husband For Her

I always wanted to be in a threesome and I fantasied about playing with another woman’s man and having him lust for me like a new play toy. Well after a lot of searching, dreaming and craving this it finally happened.

Learning To Take My New Boyfriend’s Dick

My new boyfriend CJ is different, he is bigger than anyone I’ve ever been with before and since we started dating I’ve had to learn my limits and how to go far past them. This is my journey to fitting his big cock inside my little hole.

We Bonded As We Fucked Our Men Together

My bestie and I are very close, so close that we share everything, food, clothes, and makeup, and we used

We Had A Bi-Threesome With My Ex

I’ve been married for a long time to a great guy, but then a beautiful moment came up and it was time to do something that would change our relationship forever.

Showing My Cuck Boyfriend The Porno I Made With My Ex

My boyfriend is a cuckold so I decided to show him a movie I made with my ex and this is what happened.

You Are Not Allowed to Cum ‘Till I Think You Are Ready

My partners kink is that he won’t let me orgasm till he thinks I’m ready. He teases me for hours, sometimes days, building me up to the point I can’t think about anything but having him give me a full body release.

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I'm Tamsin, I'm nearing 30 and I'm as sexually frustrated and active (at least with myself) as ever and I think that's why I love writing and reading erotica. I write what turns me on, as you can see, a lot turns me on.

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