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My Collection Of Free Erotic Stories

This is my collection of easy-to-read erotic stories both fictional and non-fictional all written by me. I love to write erotica and recently have had a lot of time, so I decided to post my erotic story collection and start writing more.

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He Wears My Key

I knew how to keep my man happy. He wanted me to be submissive and need him and that was

Harmless And Hung

Bianca gave a side-eye expression to the man beside her in the elevator. She had seen him around before but

Not Her First Time

When Tucker came across Bailey’s Tinder profile, he immediately paused. She was striking, a beautiful dark-haired woman with bright blue

Kelly’s Breeding Day

Kelly stretched out in her tiny yellow bikini, lounging by the pool. She took a sip of her fruity drink

Getting Over By Getting Under

Caleb’s taxi pulled up to the big brick apartment building, and Caleb stepped out onto the street. It hit him

The Horny Tenants & Their Landlord

My friend Mary and I met at our job at the restaurant. We became friends very quickly and were enjoying

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I'm Tamsin, I'm nearing 30 and I'm as sexually frustrated and active (at least with myself) as ever and I think that's why I love writing and reading erotica. I write what turns me on, as you can see, a lot turns me on.

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