A New Dynamic

It was a thought I’d been having for some time now. Mostly pushed by me, but how could he say no to this? I’d been pleading with him for months to let me explore a bit with another man, and we finally settled on a night that we’d go out on the town and find someone willing to do it with us. My husband wasn’t so keen at first, but once he talked me into a proper threesome, two girls at his disposal for an entire evening, he was just as eager as I was.

The both of us had gotten dressed up for this evening, him in a smart, but casual outfit, and myself in a tight black dress that accentuated my thick figure. There’s no doubt that I was going to turn some heads whilst at the club, so all he had to do was look sharp enough to not deter anyone who took an interest in me. All whilst we were getting ready, I couldn’t help but feel giddy, a smile constantly on my face as I looked forward to the moment we stepped through those club doors in search of our experimental partner.

“Come on, let’s get going! I wouldn’t want them to get into full swing without us”

My eagerness was beginning to rub off on him, and soon even he seemed excited at the thought of taking on the club in search of a willing man to fulfill my desires and a few of his of course.

The nightlife was in full swing when we finally arrived, cheerful people were strewn across the streets as many more filled the nearby clubs and bars. Together, we picked out a club and took our spots at the bar, scoping out any nearby cuties to add to our shortlist of potential partners. The next few minutes consisted of a checklist of ‘Nope, too this’ or ‘She’s too much of that’ until we were left with only a few options. One was my personal favorite, right from the start he was glowing amongst the rest. His tanned skin glistened in the strobe light, flashing against his dark, curly hair. His muscles strained against his sophisticated outfit. He was fit, there was no doubt about that, but he was still clearly well-endowed beneath his pants, which caught my eye whenever he moved across the club.

Immediately I knew I had to try for him, I couldn’t forgive myself if I let my chance go with such beauty. With a subtle nod of the head, I motioned my husband toward him to check him out, and it only took him a few seconds to give me an affirming wink. The look on his face said it all, he was thinking much the same thoughts as I was. With his approval, I finish my drink for courage and make my way over to him as he begins idly stirring his drink.

“You finally came over to talk, huh?”

Those words instantly made me flush red, realizing he had noticed us staring this entire time and was even expecting me. Though his grin let me know he wasn’t upset, only intrigued as to what was going on. I stumble through my explanation, much to his delight as he continues smugly staring me down as I stammer out my sentences.

“Aaahhh, I see! So you’d like to have a little wild fun? Well, I’m game…”

I could hardly believe it, I had fully expected to spend hours at a myriad of clubs and maybe not find anyone at all, but here, after talking to the first guy we liked, he agrees?! I can’t hold back my surprise, checking back to make sure he’s fully on board. After exchanging a few details about what we were looking for, most of which he seemed to gloss over, I invited him back to meet with my husband.

“So, you’re the guy we’ll be doing this with?”

It was almost dismissive in the way he spoke to him, but I couldn’t deny that his strong and determined aura was getting me excited. My husband is taken aback by him as well, not just by his natural beauty, but his confidence given the situation.

“Well, yeah. I’m her husband!”

His grin only widens at my husband’s words, and he rests his hand on his hip as he gives a mocking apology, before we decide to wrap things up and move along back to our place before he manages to insult him. The way back is slightly awkward, he follows us in his car, but my husband seems to be getting more skittish the closer we get to our house.

Before long, he doesn’t have any room left to back out, as we exit our cars together and I invite him inside, my husband in tow as he struggles to pluck up his courage. Once inside, the man wastes no time in asking whether we’re ready to move to the bedroom, to which I eagerly lead the way, practically having to drag my husband with me. Once finally inside, the man reaches into his bag with a sly grin, jingling a pair of cuffs in the air.

“Why don’t we make this a little more interesting? I’m sure your man is feeling a little… Tense, so let’s relieve him.”

The two of us join in turning our gaze to him, smirking together as we begin stripping at his clothes, pulling down his underwear before the man pushes him to the floor, kneeling behind him.

“Now be a good boy and let’s all have some fun. I’m sure you’ll enjoy what’s about to happen”

I can’t help but get wet as I watch another man click closed the cuffs on my husband’s wrists. In my mind, we’re about to make out over his cock, giving him the double BJ he’s always wanted, but that thought becomes further away when the man turns to me, cups my chin in his hand, and forces me into a deep kiss. The two of us are forcibly locked in a passionate embrace, as he not only strips down his clothes but mine as well. Soon our naked bodies are writhing against one another, slumped across the bed as my husband watches until something brushes across my leg that sparks my attention back to me.

I peer down as best I can as he holds me, but get a good look at what he had been hiding, a thick, throbbing shaft that must have been straining under his outfit. It idly rubbed against my thigh as we made out, and I squealed in surprise before trying to pull back to speak. The man breaks the kiss for a moment, leaving me suddenly speechless as he speaks down to me.

“Oh, this? I thought you two knew!”

He stands upright, giving me a full view of the massive cock he had been hiding this entire time, twitching between his legs as he stared down at me.

“I’m a little hung, and you’re about to experience first-hand why that makes people so nervous…”

With that, he turns to my husband, still cuffed on the floor, now realizing how precarious his situation was. After wiggling his hips to swing his cock in his face, he bends down to speak to him in a patronizing tone.

“We make people nervous because we turn husbands like you into little beta cucks!”

He lets out a sultry laugh before peering down between his legs, I have a full view of the contrast between them. My husband’s dick twitched between his legs, dwarfed completely by his, almost comically. The man must’ve noticed the same thing, because he lets out a giggle before slapping him in the face, then turns toward me, still quivering on the bed, and then stares at my bare pussy. When his eyes glaze across my body, I’m forced to notice how wet this entire situation had made me, I was trembling in my own bed at the sight of a man having taken both of us sexually hostage.

“Now, time for a little demonstration!”

He slowly steps toward me, and from somewhere deep inside of me, I can’t help but admire his features, his muscular chest, his toned abs, and his skin glistening in the subtle lighting of the room. At this moment, I can’t help but become overwhelmed with emotion, and resort to simply opening my legs for him, anticipating the mix of pain and pleasure as he lines up his cock with my dripping pussy.

“Aww, such a willing slut… Listen to her moans, little cuck-boy!”

With that, he gently rocks his hips forward, pushing the tip of his cock inside of me, stretching my entrance more than I’d felt before. In such a short time, I was forced to adjust to his sheer size before he pushed deeper, my breath caught in my throat as he continued.

“Stop! Let my wife go and get out!”

I wanted to tell him to shut up, but I couldn’t speak even if I wanted to. I was struggling to breathe as I was slowly adjusting to my lover’s dick twitching inside of me.

Thankfully, I was able to watch him turn to face behind him, speaking back to my husband.

“Why? She clearly wants me here, listen.”

Curious as to what he meant, I wasn’t left to think very long, as he suddenly pulled back, leaving me feeling empty, before slamming half of his dick back inside of me, eliciting a pleasured squeal from my lips.

“See? The little bitch wants me. Sorry, cuckie…”

My thighs had begun trembling by this point, losing control of myself as he expertly overwhelmed my body with pleasure, roughly grabbing at my tits, squeezing and fondling me as he began pounding his cock between my legs, forcing manic moans past my lips with every thrust. It wasn’t long before my body began tensing up beneath him, I reached up to cling to his body, but was pinned back down by his strong hands and forced to spasm on the bed as he expertly forced orgasm after orgasm from me.

The pleasure was immense, he was destroying my mind with his thick cock, and I fucking loved it! Each thrust into me was enough to bring me closer to orgasm, and I soon lost count of the number of times he had made me squeal like his bitch in my husband’s bed. As if wanting to humiliate him even more, he stopped his thrusts for a moment, instead lifting me up off of the bed and onto all fours, turning me around to face my husband before continuing to pound into me.

“Get a good look at her face, you limp-dicked little cuck! This is what she’s wanted but you couldn’t perform for her!”

I couldn’t hide my lustful expression from him, it shamed me to admit it to myself, but as I came on his cock, staring at his face, it felt so much better. As if spitting in his face for all of the times I had to pretend his cock was ruining me, or how good he felt, I finally got to have my cunt broken by a real cock!

Whilst lost in the immense amount of pleasure, my partner must have taken a liking to the situation, and my moans growing louder for him must have urged him on. I could feel his massive cock spasming in my pussy harder than before, and I knew he was close.

“Cum in me, please! Fucking paint my pussy with your cum!”

He grabbed my arms and lifted me up into the air to fuck me, laughing as he listened to my begging. I saw my husband begin tearing up as his hips slammed against my ass.

“Did you hear that? Your wife is eager to get fucked by a hung guy~”

With that said, I felt his hips ram against me once again, this time he began grinding his dick inside of me, and I could feel his cock twitching as it surged his thick, juicy load inside of me.

“I’m going to make this thick bitch into my little cumslut!”

The mere thought I would have considered absurd a few hours ago, but as his cum continued pulsing inside of my pussy, I was brought to another mind-melting orgasm and felt myself submitting to that thought rather easily. he had creampied me, well and truly, and his load began dripping from my well-fucked pussy. That didn’t seem to sate him, as instead of pulling out, he started his thrusting again, this time reaching around and grabbing my tits again, making me squeal even louder as he fucked what little of my brains out that I had left.

Creampie after creampie was forced into my pussy, and the idea of becoming a slave to this feeling seemed more attractive each time. The man soon began slowing down but didn’t seem to want to stop. Instead, he picked me up, his cock still buried inside of me, and pushed my face against my husband’s chest. I was able to look up at his tear-filled eyes, and laugh together with my new owner as he began his thrusting once again, this new angle hitting me in a different spot, and causing my eyes to roll up in pure bliss. My tits squished against his little dick, and as I was pounding into his lap, I gave him an involuntary titjob.

“Enjoy this feeling, you little bitch! That’ll be the last time I let you cum with her body, she’s mine now!”

Her words were emphasized as I trembled in orgasmic bliss, wailing in my ex-husband’s lap as my mind was wracked in pleasure, melting away at my senses by a superior cock. In a few moments, I felt his little dick spasm and twitch between my tits, and his load dribbling out of his pathetic little dicklet, onto the floor where it belongs.

“Hahaha! Couldn’t hold yourself back, could you? It’s okay, I’ll let you watch every night from now on!”

With that, I savored the sight of the man who disappointed me for so long whimpering on the floor, my pussy stretched with one final thrust as I was bred by my new owner. He had claimed me in front of what used to be my husband, and I plan on willingly giving myself to him every night from now on, letting him breed my tight pussy with his huge cock, the way it should have been all along.

He snaps his fingers at me, waking me from my fantasy as he crawls up into bed, leaving my cuck on the floor. Obediently, I crawl on all fours, leaving a trail of cum behind me as I crawl up next to him, nestling my head beside his before drifting off into a blissful sleep, awaiting his next use for me.

Authors note: This piece of erotica was something a little different for me, I wanted to explore a new style of writing whilst getting down and dirty with one of my favorite topics, cuckolding is such a turn-on for me and mixing in the humiliating and degrading moments really added something special for me. Did this turn you on as much as it did me? – Tamsin ❣

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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