A Stolen Wife, Ultimate Cuck Humiliation

It had been a fun fetish event up until now, and the growing excitement from everyone attending the get-together was incredible. Though tension was brewing among two of the guests, Omar and Genn had been indulging in a perverse engagement behind Genn’s husband’s back.

His name was Tim, and he had long since been unable to satisfy his wife, dealing with problems ‘getting it up’ for her, which Omar found ridiculous. She was gorgeous to him, with curves in all the right places, just the kind of woman he longed for, looking over as the party continued, and seeing her twiddle her thumbs next to her husband.

It was too much, Omar had to rescue her from the absolute boredom of being next to Tim, whilst also eager to slake his own lust, his cock tensing beneath his clothes. Each step that Omar took toward Genn’s table was careful, not wanting to make his bulge obvious to anyone, not until he was closer.

“Hey, Tim. Do you mind if I show your wife something in private?”

It took a moment of composing himself before he was able to blurt this out, seeing the confusion on Tim’s face as to the odd suggestions.

“Yeah, I suppose… wh-!”

Tim’s words were caught in his mouth for a moment, glancing across at Omar’s bulging cock straining in his pants, almost at eye level. Still, he couldn’t find the willpower in his mind to deny him, waving his wife away without looking at either of them.

Throughout this, Genn was beside herself, knowing that Tim had been curious about her and Omar’s relationship up until now, and likely had his suspicions confirmed. However the sight of her husband waving her away with the man she craved each night sent an insatiable wave of arousal across her body, one that she couldn’t stop herself from giving in to.

“Well, Omar, what would you like to show me?”

He reached down, stroking Genn’s hair softly before he replied.

“I’d like to show you what a beta cuck your husband is!”

His gentle touch became rougher, grabbing Genn’s hair as she yelped, forced down to her knees in front of everyone, her face pressed against Omar’s crotch. Genn felt her heart practically beating out of her chest, unaware of what to do, mainly because she didn’t want to do anything, she was loving how she was being treated.

“Well, bitch, are you going to do anything but watch?!”

Tim didn’t reply, barely able to find the confidence to do more than look at them out of the corner of his eye, pretending that it wasn’t happening. Smirking down at Tim, Omar unzipped his pants, letting his painfully-hard cock flop out, slapping Tim’s wife in the face, eliciting a squeal from her lips.

“Yeah, that’s what I fucking thought…”

Omar’s tone was intimidating, at least to Tim, who was trying to shrink away in his seat. Genn however had lost all care for who was watching, eagerly running her lips across Omar’s shaft, placing loving kisses across it, smearing her lipstick all over him.

Not wanting to let things drag on too much, Omar takes the initiative, taking his throbbing cock and lining it up with Genn’s soft lips, taking a moment to stare down at Tim, waiting for him to look over. Once he does, Omar smiles, shoving his cock down Genn’s throat, letting Tim listen to her pained retching from the sheer size of it.

There was no build-up or teasing, Omar skipped all of it to start rhythmically pounding Genn’s throat without mercy, fucking her mouth like a fleshlight, grunting loudly for everyone to hear. It only took a few moments, his pent-up tensions having taken hold simply from staring at her, Omar forced Genn’s lips to the base of his shaft, tensing up as he pumped his cum directly down her tight throat.

“Fuck! Take my load you little whore!”

Tim didn’t react, still trying to ignore what was going on, the party-goers gasping and pointing at the lewd display, listening to the obscene swallowing sounds that Genn made around Omar’s cock, trying to milk him with her throat as he came.

Soon, however, he pulled back, allowing the poor woman to breathe, even if it was for only a brief moment. In the middle of her gasping, Omar shoved his cock back down her throat, only this time, pistoning it between her lips, letting her breathe between each thrust.

“How’d my cum taste, you little bitch?!”

Spitting down his taunting words, Genn only replied by sliding her hands between her legs, eagerly fingering herself over the depraved situation she found herself in. Omar didn’t let up, watching as Genn’s eyes glazed over in a haze of raw sex, minutes passing with the room being filled without nothing but the wet, sticky sounds of his cock invading her throat. Thrust after thrust, Omar only grunted louder to her throat squeezing around him, urging him to his next orgasm.

Only this time, he wanted to make it somewhat special. Omar pulled back as soon as he felt it, the sensation building at the base of his cock, letting it hang in the open air, Genn desperately stroking it. The pure hunger in her eyes was intoxicating, throwing Omar over the edge of pleasure, his cum erupting from his tip painfully, painting Genn’s face.

Tim watched the entire show, how Omar bucked his hips forward, rubbing his tip against her cheeks, letting his cum run directly across her face, dribbling down her forehead. Genn’s free hand still pounded into her pussy, pleasure overtaking her, she clenched down, screaming out suddenly in orgasmic bliss. Her mouth hangs open as she moans, letting Omar fill it with his load for everyone to see.

Each sticky strand that landed across her face, dripping into her mouth, it only emphasized her new position among their friends. Genn had become a whore in everyone’s eyes, someone who would debase themselves in front of their friends, even at an event! Genn didn’t care, she loved the eyes glancing over her, watching her pent-up feelings brought to the surface, if anything, it only made her orgasms more intense.

Feeling the same way, when his orgasm finally died down, Omar clearly wasn’t finished with her, stroking his thick cock, resting his tip against Genn’s face as small dribbles of cum trickled out. After a few moments of her idle moaning, the sounds of camera shutters clicking around them, he was ready to take her for real.

Omar took his final prize, Genn’s tight pussy. He wanted to really dig this one into Tim’s head, locking eyes with him as he grabbed Genn’s hair, pulling her face from his crotch, smearing her lips across his balls. He stared at Tim as he tried to avoid eye contact, watching his wife worship his balls, moaning around them. With his little show finished, Omar forces Genn up from the floor, spitting in her face before spinning her around and slamming her down onto Tim’s table. Omar forced the both of them to lock eyes, pushing inside of his wife, making Tim listen to her frenzied moans as he rails her wet hole, bringing her to an earth-shattering orgasm without care for Tim’s feelings.

The rhythmic clapping that echoed in the room drew everyone’s attention, a hundred pairs of eyes staring at the two of them. Omar didn’t care, pulling Genn’s hair to force her gaze to meet Tim’s, not letting either of them break eye contact as he fucked her. They were quickly lost in the motions, the smacking sounds becoming wet, Genn’s juices dripping down her thighs, which were quivering from the constant rolling orgasms forced upon her.

Seeing him shy away, Omar forces her closer, pushing Genn forward until she was directly in front of Tim’s face screaming in ecstasy at being used by Omar in front of not just her husband, but all of her friends. With her entire body trembling, Omar finally bottomed out, letting Tim listen to his wife’s squeals of pleasure as her pussy squeezes around Omar’s shaft, coaxing his load out as she was filled by her new lover.

With Genn’s face lost in absolute ecstasy, Omar pulls her body from the table, standing her up straight before lifting her across his shoulder.

“I’m taking Genn back to my place, don’t wait up for her…”

Without even looking back, Omar walks away, giving Tim a final view of his wife’s ass, her pussy leaking Omar’s cum as she’s carried away by him. With an aching sense of dread in his chest, Tim can only imagine Genn’s frantic screaming orgasms throughout the night, tenting his pants from the thought of it.

Authors note: Humiliation is a topic I really wanted to explore in this story, I find these kinks so fascinating and I am so eager to learn and practice more. Can anyone give me some tips on being a hotwife and humiliating my cuckold? For research purposes of course! – Tamsin 😉

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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