I love to find a site and really get to know the person behind it and feel their passion flowing through their creation.

Sadly, sometimes even after reading through someone's About page you still don't really have an idea bout them and I didn't want that for my site.

So, I really put some effort in and hopefully, I've succeeded in creating a not-so-boring 'about' page.

I'm An Erotic Story Writer

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Firstly, it's probably important to know that my name is Tamsin (also known as Tammy) and I am the owner of this site I do all the writing, editing, and maintenance.

I used to work in retail and then as a barista.

I hated my job, I feel like after years of hating my place of work it all got to me at once and I had to take a break, so I spent my savings and I paid my rent upfront for as many months as I could afford and decided to follow my heart and create TamsinFlowers.

Sex, masturbation, writing, and reading erotica are my passions.

I created this blog to give myself a break from the 9-5 and to do something I truly enjoy.

You can find out more about my personal story and deeper details of my life on my personal Tamsin page.

Why Did I Create Tamsin Flowers

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To me, it was simple. Sex, Erotica, porn, and writing/reading about it is something I adore and am so passionate about.

I’ve always written for my own personal pleasure and I enjoy every word I’m writing.

Although I loved writing for my eyes only, I found it to be hotter and better in every way knowing someone out there is reading my tasteful smut.

It gets me off to write erotica and I get even more turned on when someone reads, enjoys, and gets off to my content too.

It’s a happy circle of orgasms.

How Is This Different From Other Erotic Sites

I’m not going to compete with the big websites out there.

I just want to create dashing erotic stories on a platform where more people than just me can enjoy it. I like to write about my own kinks and fantasies and I think a lot of people will relate to that. I want a safe space for you to come and enjoy, that's what makes it worth it for me.

Things That Make The Experience different:

No Ads: There are no ads, popups, spam chat messages, or affiliate links. I don’t hate the sites that do this, they're just trying to make some money and it has been tempting to do it myself, but I just hate how bad it makes the experience and even though the money would be nice, it isn’t what I want this project to be.

There will never be an ad that takes away from your erotica experience, I know I do promote my private membership, but I always try to do it in a way that doesn’t affect the stories and doesn’t get in the way. Plus, it’s the only thing that allows me to keep this site up and running and will never be promoted in popup form or in a spammy way.

Easy to use: When creating TamsinFlowers, I wanted to keep it as simple, as quick, and as readable as possible, that’s one of the reasons for no spammy ads.

All written by me: Everything on this website is written by me. You can vote for me to write a certain story or become a member and I can create you a custom story, but other than that all of the ideas and stories on this site are by me.

Just remember, there’s one girl behind this blog and I love writing porn and I hope you can feel that through my stories and I hope you cum more than a few times to my writing. If you do remember to tell me in the comments of the story you came to. It turns me on and lets me know I’m doing a good job.

Quality Controlled: I have a long list of stories that I write that suck and you will never read them because I only release what I feel is my best work. I sometimes go back to an old story and revamp it and figure out what it’s missing and publish it, but a lot of stories go in the trash bin because I want to keep everything as high-quality and arousing as possible.

Ad Free, Clean Erotica (My Goal)

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You will find there is no clicking the screen to have a popup open, no milfs in your area, no hentai videos playing before a story, no dick enhancer pill ads.

I want to create a clean, safe and simple place to read interesting, arousing, and kinky erotica.

The only ads I run:

If I ever have an ad it will be listed here.

- My membership, I promote this in a way that doesn’t get in the way or ruin the experience of the erotic content you are reading and I do promote it because I believe it’s the best erotica membership around, and two because it allows me to continue running my website. I’d still write stories for the site without my membership because it’s my passion, but I would not be able to release many stories and would not have the time to make this site as good as it is.

By the way, I am by no means complaining about the sites that do use ads, people need to make money and it is the standard of this industry.

I’m definitely the one missing out by not using ads!

I Love Transparency

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I am so far from perfect, and I can be insecure about posting pictures of myself or writing too much about myself because sometimes I do have the tendency to overshare.

I like privacy, I feel weird when I overshare (which I do a lot) I get insecure about the pictures/stories I post and it hurts when someone hates on my website/stories.

I do understand that not everything I write or do will be to everyone's taste and I think that’s healthy, but because this is me and it’s not a persona, it can be hard, because if you hate my stories or what you know about me it can hurt a lot more than if it was just a persona.

Even with that being said, I always try to be fully transparent (like I am about ads and spam pop-ups) and give you an amazing erotic experience, hopefully, one you’ll come back to.

Who Did I Make This For?

I created this for everyone over the age of 18+ (or over the legal adult content viewing age in your state or country), for people who like erotic stories in all shapes and sizes exploring lots of weird, wonderful, and crazy kinks.

There’s no judgment here and if you ever feel guilt for reading any of my stories, just know that I wrote it and it turned me on, so you’re not alone in your kink or fetish.

Release Schedule

Every Single Day!

That’s pretty cool, right?

Does that mean I write every day?

I like to write my content when I am feeling horny, I have found that it’s when I create my best work.

So, I usually write one day, then the next day I'll proofread it and edit that writing and do admin stuff.

Then the next day I write more!

I spend most of my days horny and so most weeks I will have a few days where I write continuously, and sometimes I’ll be in the flow and write for a full day till the late AM and when that happens I usually have a break when the flow runs out.

What About The Private Membership:

Every Single Day and then some.

The content in the membership is different, the stories are longer and more explicit, I post my personal naughty pictures, and I post about whenever I have good sex, go on a date, or even just have a good orgasm.

There are new stories every day and a lot more personal stuff than you get on the public site.

Plus, I really get off on the custom stories that I get to write for everyone who signs up.

What Is The Membership?

I want to dedicate all of my time to my website, however, there’s a limit on what I can do without making some money.

There’s also only so much you can do on a public site, it’s harder for me to build a community, but in the membership area, it’s much easier to feel connected and a part of a big horny family.

We can talk, I can make you custom erotic stories, we do a vote every month on what content I should release, the stories are dirtier, I share so, so many more personal stories, pictures, and updates.

You gain access to hundreds more stories, I update it every day and there’s always something new to masturbate to.

You’re helping me, helping me grow my site, and in turn, I dedicate all of my time to making the best erotic content experience you will find online.

I take feedback, I’m quick to make changes, and will always be trying to give the best possible experience to my beautiful members.

For all the features, a detailed FAQ, and all the information head to my Signup page (it’s all there)

PS: The bank charge for the membership is through CCBill and won’t say anything sexual on your bank statement. The bank charge will be shown as follows: Flowmember.

Do My Friends And Family Know?

A few of my really close friends know about my erotica, but, that’s because we’ve been close for years and they support me. We all keep it a secret and I don’t tell my family or people I don't trust, this can make it hard to build new close bonds with people, but it’s something I have to do because people can get quite weird when they find this site and know me, every time it’s happened it’s ruined the relationship, especially with the men in my life.
I guess seeing the kind of kinky shit that runs through my head on a daily basis either makes them think bad about me or makes them overstep certain marks.
So, if you know me, you can read the stories, jerk off, and have fun, but please keep it a secret.

Still have a question?

If you have a question, you can use the comment sections on any of my posts and I’ll do my best to reply quickly. If you would rather send me a private message become a member as I do my best to answer all my member's questions in detail.

I never wanted to privatize messages and still do my best to answer messages I get, it’s just I was finding myself answering a few private messages and it was taking as much time as writing a story and when it’s private no one part from one person benefits from the reply, so this way it means either everyone can benefit or you’re part of the community and I want to make sure you're enjoying yourself.