Beg Me

“Alicia, it’s time,” my voice finally cut through the silence filling our bedroom, and I could see my wife tensing wonderfully.

She was naked from head to toe, already quivering with desire, already soaked, her juices dripping slowly onto the bed, making a mess of our sheets. This always happened whenever I toyed with her body this way, and she loved every instant of it.

I had tied her spreadeagle over an hour before, and had enjoyed the sight for a moment before leaving the room so that she could steam in her own juices, all alone. Her body was curvaceous and stunning, her skin a lovely shade of caramel. Her hair surrounded her pretty face like a crown of gold. Her legs were open wide, as far as they could go, her favorite dildo pressed against her folds.

That should have been great for Alicia, right? Be tied down, blindfolded, allowed to cum over and over again, embracing her submissive side?

But no, it wasn’t quite that simple. I knew her body all too well, her limits, her needs, the way to make her cum, and the way to keep her from enjoying such release. Placing the dildo just far enough from her folds that it only granted mild stimulation, while close enough to ensure those constant vibrations could not be ignored was the trick. To make matters even worse for my gorgeous wife, I had made sure the vibrator remained at its lowest setting.

“Arthur!” she screamed, her squeal so sharp, so desperate. She tried -and failed- to push her hips up, to pull herself closer to the dildo’s head. It was impossible, though, with how tightly she had been bound to the bed from all four posts. “I need it, I need to cum, I need to cum, I need to cum!”

She repeated those words like a mantra, her voice high and her breath out of control, and most people would think she had reached her breaking point, but I knew better. Alicia had gone weeks without cumming, her greatest desire was to be pushed further and further, to be denied, to be teased to the brink only for all stimulation to be pulled away at the last possible minute.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying. You see, you’re screaming, and you keep panting as if you just came back from a run. Maybe I should turn off the dildo and…?” I said wickedly, pretending I simply couldn’t comprehend her pleas.

“No!” she squealed, whimpering as her entire body tensed all over again. “No, please, don’t turn it off. Press it against my pussy, turn it all the way up, and make me cum, oh, please, Arthur, just let me cum!”

“I think you’ve had enough of the vibrator for tonight,” I said calmly, and nonchalantly pulled her favorite sex toy away, prompting Alicia to whimper once more, trying so badly to somehow thrust her hips up even though she knew there was no way to achieve such a goal. “You’re acting desperate.”

“I AM desperate,” she protested, her lips pouting deliciously. I laughed softly, brushing my fingers over her stomach. She gasped, tilting her head back, holding her breath as I reached her perky, full breasts.

“Not nearly desperate enough, my dear,” I assured her, rolling my thumb over one of her nipples, and then the other. She was so lost in the need to orgasm her entire body shivered under my touch.

“Arthur… Arthur, please… let me cum already. I’ve been so good, I didn’t make a sound after you tied me up, just like you commanded. I didn’t make a sound until you told me it was time,”

She tried to reason with me, and I chuckled all over again, because both of us knew she was lying.

“Oh? So those moans I heard coming from our bedroom came from another woman being denied? I don’t see her anywhere, how strange,” I teased her calmly, and she groaned out loud. I calmly pinched her right nipple before moving on to the one on the left.

“Ok, ok, but I only made a tiny bit of noise! Just a tiny, tiny bit! I was so good, so… Oh, Arthur, fuck!” she moaned sharply as I reached between her thighs without warning and suddenly plunged two fingers deep inside her soaked cunt. “Yes! Yes, oh—NO, NO, please!”

Just as quickly as I had begun finger-fucking her clenching, desperate pussy, I stopped, pulling them out as she whimpered and cursed my way.

“Such a naughty girl, cursing like that,” I chuckled and moved my soaked fingers toward her face. Brushing them against her full lips, I let my wife lick them clean, her tongue rolling desperately around and around until there was nothing but drool left behind.

“Sorry… I’m really, really sorry… I’m so desperate, please, understand, I need to cum. I really need to cum,” she pleaded, again and again, once more trying to thrust her hips up, trying to rub her folds against something… anything!

“Stay still, naughty girl,” I admonished her, and she gulped hard, trying her best to obey, though her limbs continued to quiver badly.

As she lay there, desperate for an orgasm, I let my fingers dip between her legs once more, but this time I didn’t plunge them inside Alicia. No, I began caressing that engorged, quivering clit that just demanded my attention, in smooth, gentle circles.

She moaned gently at first, but soon her need for more became too intense to control any longer, and that was when the pleading started all over again.

Alicia truly never looked sexier than when she was uttering the word ‘please’ almost nonstop.

“So you want to cum? Is that what you’re saying?” I asked, pinching her clit harder still, as I leaned forward to capture one of her nipples, hard as a diamond, between my lips. I suckled at it tantalizingly, making her moans grow sharper, louder than before.

“Yes! Yes, I’m so close, just keep going!” she hissed, and I smirked against her skin, speaking as I let my lips continue to caress her nipple. My fingers never stopped moving.

“No, don’t cum just yet. You don’t have my permission,” I said plainly, and she seemed to be preparing for me to pull away from my hand or my lips, but I didn’t.

“I can’t hold back if you keep going!” she said urgently, trying now to squirm away from my touch even against what her instincts must have been telling her to do. She knew she could not cum without permission, not without risking going several weeks without even edgeplay.

“I think I want to keep going. You need to hold it back, it’s your responsibility,” I replied, and once more began suckling at her nipple, rolling my tongue all over her firm breasts, as I continued to massage her clit harder and harder.

She tensed all over, harder still than before. It was the only thing she could do to push the incoming orgasm away, to keep the mind-numbing pleasure away. She wanted to cum, she wanted it so badly, but she was also my good girl and wasn’t going to embrace that orgasm without my permission.

“Please!” she whimpered, but I wouldn’t cave, not yet.

“Stop pleading,” I replied instead, smirking cruelly against her flushed skin. It felt like she was running a hot fever, perspiration covering her body.

“Mmmm!” Alicia pursed her lips, somehow holding back the need to moan, the need to beg further and further.

It was only then when she submitted fully when she obeyed my every command and allowed my words to rule over her pleasure, that I finally whispered those 8 letters.

“Cum for me,”

And that was when all hell broke loose: Alicia cum alright. She squirted all over my fingers, all over her thighs and the bed’s sheets, pulling and tugging so hard as her restraints I had to check if she wasn’t getting any friction burns.

Moan upon moan filled our bedroom, and I watched as she embraced her orgasm, squealing out my name so sensually, so submissively.

“That’s it… that’s it,” I encouraged her, rubbing my thumb over her clit to further extend the orgasm she had rightfully earned. “That’s a good girl.”

Authors note: Desperate and agonizing is how I wanted this story to feel and I hope I achieved that. Orgasm denial is a real skill and pure torture for the person being denied their pleasure. Have you ever tried something like this? Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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