Cake Delivery

Mail is delivered to everyone the same way, right?


Mail for me came in the form of delicious, hot creampies and I am not talking about the kind of creampies that my friend Dixie likes to buy from the new bakers in town. I am talking about the kind of creampies that make your legs tremble and your pussy quiver.

Now, it didn’t start like this, oh no, I used to get my mail just how you did…

Every morning our mailman would arrive at around 10 am, clutching the designated mail to his chest before placing it into our mailbox where I would get it a few hours later. He was a nice guy, he always gave a wave if he saw me and like a true gentleman, he had time for anyone on his mail route and so when there was a mouse in my kitchen and I came out of my home screaming and in tears, he jumped at the chance to help this damsel in distress.

He calmed me down, he walked right into my home and within minutes he came out with the mouse inside of a box. I thanked him profusely, all of us southern folk like to be welcoming and after that we became friends. I did feel a little guilty, he had been our mailman for 5 years and it was the first time I had actually spoken to him properly. After the darned mouse incident, I made an effort to talk to him each day he walked past, sharing gossip, and during the Christmas holidays I even gave him a little gift, it’s safe to say that we got close and one freezing cold day when I invited him to warm up with some cocoa I didn’t expect what happened.

I was wearing a silk nightdress, I hadn’t been awake for long when I saw the snowfall I knew our mailman would be freezing out there on his long route. I opened the door and ushered him in, not realizing how my nipples were standing like diamonds from the cold through the silky material of my nightdress. Our mailman glanced at my chest and his cheeks were flushed, I handed him some cocoa and sat down next to him, my nightdress riding up my thighs, making me faintly aware that I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

I grabbed his hand, warming it up between my own, he was stiff, something was on his mind.

“Are you alright sugar?”, I asked, concerned that the cold had gotten to him.

“Yeah…yeah…it’s just…I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say”, he said, looking down at the counter and sipping his cocoa.

“No, I want to know darlin’, are you unwell?”, I asked, confused. I placed his cold hand between my warm thighs, willing for them to warm up a bit.

He tensed as I did it, his cheeks turning more crimson. “Look….I…I can’t, I need…I am seriously turned on right now, that’s the truth, I’m sorry”, he said, his eyes flicking downwards.

I eyeballed him for a few moments, unsure what this all meant but I knew what I wanted to do and it was something I had fantasized secretly about more than a few times. I slowly and gently began moving his cold hand further up my thigh until he was just about resting against my warm and welcoming pussy.

“Oh My…”, he said, looking at me. A few seconds passed of us looking at one another and suddenly he grabbed me and we began making out, his tongue was down my throat and his hands all over my body, he gently pulled my silk nightdress down and I stood naked in front of my mailman whose hands were everywhere. He pulled me in closer to the stool he was sitting on, his hands all over my ass and down my spine, I reached instinctively for his cock and it was incredible to feel that it was already beautifully rock hard.

I began jerking him off, feeling his cock in my hands as he kissed me and explored my own body, his fingers now probing between my thighs and searching for my clit. He found it instantly and began rubbing me as I jerked him off, my clit swelled under his fingertips and I began to feel myself moistening under his touch. My nipples still rock hard against his body. He then stood up, kissed my neck, and turned me towards the counter, bending me over and spreading my legs. Getting to his knees he began licking and sucking on my pussy before standing up behind me and spreading my ass cheeks. I felt the head of his swollen penis against my throbbing entrance and willed him to enter me and after a few moments he did, he pressed his penis deep inside of me, filling me with his manhood and I took him in, moaning with each inch, my breasts cold against the marble countertop. He thrust slowly into me yet as deep as he could get, pressing his cock deep into my uterus as I cried out with pleasure.

“Oh Sugar, that feels so good!”, I cried out.

He pumped deeply, holding onto my hips to steady himself and fuck me with everything he had. His own moans were guttural and manly, his southern accent drawling over his moans arousing me with each soundbite he let out. I was being fucked by my mailman and it felt amazing.

Bareback he fucked me and before long he told me to beg for his cum, which I did, I begged like a common whore as he filled me with his seed, making my pussy leak with his fresh cum.

Zipping up his pants, and kissing me goodbye he left me there, naked and dripping with his cum leaking out of me, and now every day this southern belle gets an extra special delivery from the mailman.

Authors Note: Hey, it’s Tamsin! I wrote this story as I fantasized about a middle-aged Southern mom who didn’t know what she missing. Naivety courses through her veins and the mailman just has to take sweet advantage of that. I am not the protagonist of this story but I sure hope someone out there is, let me know if something like this has ever happened to you. I was damp between the legs writing this one and I have found a new love for writing about those frisky Southern belles!

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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