Crashing Poker Night

Heather tossed her phone down onto the couch, sighing. She was exasperated. She looked over at her best friend, Charlotte, who was also just browsing through her phone. Their other friend, Kylie, was filing her nails on the chaise lounge.

“We have to do something about this,” Heather said. “Our husbands are spending way too much time on this poker night shit. We never see them anymore.”

“I agree with you!” chimed in Kylie, not looking up from her nails. “But what do we even do about it? It’s their ‘tradition’, remember?”

Charlotte gasped. “Okay, I have an idea! But it’s crazy. I’m not sure you two will be up for it. But do you remember how we always talked about how fun it would be to do a couple’s swap? Maybe get together for a little orgy?”

Heather laughed. “Are you serious?”

“I don’t hate the idea,” admitted Kylie, shrugging her shoulders. “What if we just walked right downstairs, with our tits out, and got their attention?”

The three women were tired of waiting around for their husbands every time they got together for a poker night. The men would always hang out in Heather and her husband Zander’s basement for hours, without bothering to socialize as a group. It was impossible to tear them away from that poker table.

Until now.

The three friends stripped down to just their bras and panties, giggling as they did so.

“Are you sure they’re not going to be mad?” asked Heather, her heart racing.

Charlotte scoffed. “Please. Three hot women, half-naked? They’re going to love it.”

Zander, Mark, and Charlie were in their typical position downstairs when their wives came down. They were looking intensely at their hands of cards.

“What’s up, ladies?” said Zander mindlessly, before he looked up and saw them.

“Oh, holy shit!” cried Mark, taken aback at seeing his wife, Charlotte, standing there with his buddies’ wives in just their underwear.

“We thought we’d come down here and see if we could get you guys away from the poker table for a little bit,” Heather said teasingly, approaching her husband and swaying her body into his lap.

Her friends did the same, the women straddling and making out with their husbands now, soft moans and sighs filling the basement.

Things escalated quickly when Heather dropped to her knees and began sucking Zander’s cock as he groaned, the poker game already completely forgotten about.

Charlotte and Kylie followed suit and got on the floor as well, going to town on their husbands’ cocks.

“What the hell did we do to deserve this?” joked Mark to his friends, though all of their eyes were fixated on their wives.

“I don’t know, but I’m not complaining,” replied Charlie, sighing contently as he pulled Kylie’s hair out of her face.

Heather was the first one to stand up. “Shall we move to the couch?” she asked.

No one even bothered to resist. The group made their way from the poker table to the large, plush sectional across the room. They all lost their clothes along the way – the men could hardly get undressed fast enough.

Zander went to reach for his wife but was shocked to see that she was instead taking Mark by the hand and pulling him onto the couch with her.

“What the –” Zander began, but was cut off when Kylie grabbed his arm and took him with her, as she bent over the back of the couch.

“We thought a little couples’ swap could be fun,” she said seductively, looking over her shoulder at him as she shook her ass. “What do you think?”

Zander’s jaw was agape. He didn’t have to think twice though. He grabbed onto Kylie’s ass and lowered down so he could eat her pussy from underneath. He was thrilled. Having sex with his wife’s hot friends was a fantasy he often had but didn’t ever think would come true.

“Oh god,” Kylie moaned, collapsing onto the couch. “Yes, keep doing that, Zander!”

Heather looked over briefly to see her best friend getting eaten out by her husband, and she smiled. Mark had already sunk his cock into her as she lay on her back. He was well-endowed with a cock that curved upwards, which felt amazing in her pussy.

Meanwhile, Charlotte and Charlie had gotten right to town. Charlotte was bouncing up and down on Charlie’s cock as he sat back on the couch. His hands explored every inch of her soft, curvy body. She was thick with huge breasts. Charlie had to admit he always noticed them when Charlotte came around, and now here he was, running his hands across them and squeezing her nipples.

“Kylie, your man has the perfect cock!” Charlotte cried, gasping as she thrust up and down.
Kylie was now getting plowed from behind by Zander, and she turned her head to look at her friend.

Kylie laughed. “Doesn’t he, though?”

Heather was the first to cum, her loud moans echoing off the walls of the large basement. Mark watched in awe as she shook and trembled underneath him, their eyes locking onto each other. They had known everyone here for years and years but never had come close to having anything resembling an orgy.

“Yesssss!” Kylie screamed, her fingers gripping the back of the couch, and Zander began fucking her even harder now from behind, skin slapping against skin. “Oh my godddd!”

Charlie took his eyes from Charlotte’s bouncing tits for one second to watch his wife lose all control as an intense orgasm surged through her. Doggy style always did make her cum quickly.

Charlotte was the last to cum, and only did so when she slowed her bouncing down to a grind. She gyrated her hips in Charlie’s lap as he held onto her, helping her to move back and forth.

“Yes, cum for me, Char,” Charlie groaned quietly, urging Charlotte on.

She quivered and twitched, collapsing into Charlie’s chest as she shook. Charlie was stunned by how beautiful she was as she came, and how wet she was. She was soaked!

After that round, they made another rotation, but this time moved closer together. Heather was getting railed from behind by Charlie, and she made out with Kylie, who was getting pounded on all fours by Mark.

“That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Mark, looking down to watch the two women make out as they got fucked.

Charlotte and Zander were fucking right beside the others, with Charlotte on her back. Zander thrust his cock in and out of her as the sounds of sex rang in his ears. He Charlotte looked gorgeous like this, lying there spread out for him. He was already wondering where the guys wanted to cum.

“What do you guys think about cumming on our faces?” Heather said, speaking through each of Charlie’s hard, unrelenting thrusts.

Of course, everyone was on board with that idea, so the woman scrambled to sit side by side on the floor, their tongues out.

“Holy shit,” groaned Charlie, as he and his friends started to stroke their cocks over top of the women’s faces. “Yessss, hold that mouth open, baby.”

Within seconds of jerking off, each of the men was shooting ropes of thick white cum onto their wives’ pretty faces. The cum coated their cheeks and noses and dripped down into their mouths. Some of it hit directly on their tongue, and they happily swallowed it down.

The guys grabbed a couple of towels from the bar and helped clean up their own wives before pulling them up to stand.

“Is it safe to say that poker night is officially over now?” Heather teased as Zander wrapped her up in a hug from behind, grabbing her breasts as he did so.

“I’d say so. . .” he replied, and the group broke out into laughter as they headed upstairs, together.

Authors note: My own heart is racing after writing this one, phew! The things I would do to be involved in this friend group! There’s something so arousing to me about spontaneous, unplanned, and incredible sex and I wanted to share that excitement with you all. Would you ever do something like this? – Tamsin

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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