Don’t Tell My Boyfriend

I love the way Amy moans, the way she says ‘Yeah!’ like a needy girl the second I sink my dick deep inside her wet sweet cunt, that girly high-pitched voice is beyond words. Beth has everything I like in a girl, a cute dolly face, a big pair of natural tits, a nice round ass and a tiny waist, long blond hair I can wrap my hand into and pull from it, she is pretty hot, but the thing that drives me crazy about her is how innocent she looks, it never crossed my mind that she could like rough sex and dirty talking, it just blows my mind every time.

She looks like one of those pure girls who is always at home by 10, never gets in trouble or do anything that might make her parents feel disappointed, never wears anything too sexy or revealing, and talks so nicely about everything and everyone, I can’t believe I was fooled by her entire looks when I met her. That day we were both at a very crowded Starbucks, lucky me, I had found a table for myself, but there were barely any spots to sit.

This lovely good-looking girl came up to me, with her Frappuccino in hand and wearing a light pink sweater, asking me if she could sit with me because there weren’t any other seats around, she looked very girly and cute and I couldn’t refuse her company, so I agreed. We started talking over her drink and one thing led to another, in the end, I got her number. A couple of days later I called her and we met at a restaurant, talked some more, and laughed even more and that was all everything it took me to seal the deal.

Back at my apartment, she was so different, she acted like a sex goddess, so far from her usual self, and I was very impressed. I took off her red tight dress only to reveal that heart-stopping body. The second I saw her naked tits I got an instant boner; her lips were almost like those of a pornstar, I tried her mouth and she had some fucking good skills, I had to make her stop several times to recover from the urgent need to fill her mouth with my cum. She almost made me lose it a couple of times while she sucked me, and boy, she sucked me so good.

I stripped her from her clothes, like opening a Christmas present, I was so horny just by looking at her, and as she slid her thong down her hips, I got rid of my clothes. To make things better, she climbed on the bed, spread her legs, and started circling her pink clit, and then she started talking dirty to me, “Come on baby, I want your big fat cock inside me,” she said. My heart and my cock immediately reacted to her words, I quickly went towards her and sank my dick deep inside her, and damn, her pussy, I just have no words.

She felt so tight, so wet, so fucking hot! Her cunt clenched around my cock as we fucked like rabbits that night, and she just kept talking dirty to me, increasing my horniness, pushing forward to my own climax, and suddenly, she said between moans, “please, baby, don’t tell my boyfriend you’re fucking the shit out of me, I love your cock!”

“What?” I asked her, impressed, but the fact that she said she had a boyfriend changed something in me. Maybe it was the mix of her innocent face and nice personality combined with her naughtiness and unfaithfulness that woke the beast in me, or maybe just knowing I was fucking someone else’s girl and she loved it, the forbidden quality of all this, but the thing is it made go wild. I placed her in all the crazy positions that came up to my mind, I fucked her relentlessly, deep and hard and she just kept on moaning my name and how much she liked my cock. I spanked her, pulled her hair, and damn, it became so intense, and to see her cumming so many times was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.

I thought she was just being naughty, that maybe there was no boyfriend at all and she said it out of fun to see my reaction, which was totally worth it, cause that was the best sex I ever had, but then we kept on seeing each other over and over again, and she kept on begging at me to not tell her boyfriend, and that truly turned me on, she even started telling me while I fucked her that my dick was her addiction, not like her boyfriend’s, that he didn’t have it as big and thick as I did, that he was boring in bed. The effect her words had on me was crazy, it was like a switch she would push whenever she wanted with the right words, and she truly knew how to turn me on.

I have never had so much sex, so intense, so pleasantly exhausting as I have with Amy, she just knows what she wants and what I like, and we can never get enough, every fucking day we fuck it just gets better and better.

As curious as it is, a couple of days ago I was scrolling down on Instagram and saw a familiar face in a picture, it was Amy with her cute innocent look accompanied by a tall, slender guy who had his arm over her shoulder. They seemed pretty close in the picture. The caption said, “I love you Boo, and always will, 3 years together already.” I couldn’t believe she was actually telling the truth, I felt incredibly bad for the guy, but to know for sure she had a real boyfriend just made things get even hotter between us. Amy became more uninhibited and I became wilder, it is so wrong in so many ways but who cares? We’re both having probably the best sex of our lives and we’re not going to stop any time soon.

Authors note: This story was written from a real-life experience, not my own but from a very close friend of mine. When he told me about his new girl, I was shocked and very turned on. It was such a thrill and although very taboo and very frowned upon, I knew his experience was going to be an amazing tale on my blog. What do you think? – Tamsin 😘

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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