Dripping Down My Thigh

I lazily scrolled through my phone, browsing some sexy subreddits, while keeping an ear out for Pablo’s car in the driveway. I knew he was just going to die when he saw me like this, stretched out on the bed in a new lacy black bra and panty set, as the candles flickered around me.

My pussy was already getting wet looking at these creampie videos. I loved watching the cum drip out of these women and couldn’t believe it was about to be me.

I had finally taken the leap and got on the birth control pill. Pablo and I had been using condoms for the last year, and it had reached a point where we were both sick of them. Tonight, we would be having bare sex for the first time, and the idea of having his cum deep inside me was such a turn-on in and of itself. I couldn’t wait for this experience.

Suddenly, I heard him pull up. I put my phone on the nightstand and positioned myself on my side. It seemed to take him forever to get into the house and down the hallway until he was finally at the door to the bedroom. My heart was pounding in my chest with excitement.

“Babe, what are y – oh my god,” Pablo said, stepping into the candlelit room. “Holy. . . wow. You look gorgeous.”

I smiled at him, watching as he began to unbutton his work shirt. “Thank you, love. I figured we should do something a little special for tonight.”

He grinned, eagerly ripping off his clothes until he was just in his boxer briefs. “I couldn’t agree more. I can’t believe this is what I’ve come home to.”

He joined me on the bed then, crawling on top of me, our mouths meeting. I ran my hands along his taut muscles, while he caressed my breasts, which swelled over the top of the lacy bra I wore. I could feel his cock already throbbing hard, and I reached down to start sliding his underwear off of him.

“God, you’re fucking beautiful in this,” Pablo moaned, kissing his way down my breasts and stomach, before finally landing on my pussy.

He pulled the lacy fabric to the side and began to eat my pussy in a way he normally didn’t, with a low growl from his throat and an eagerness that sparked something in my chest. I knew he was probably just as excited about what was going to happen next.

Pablo hastily threw aside my bra and panties and knelt near my face so I could suck his cock. I looked up at him as I did so, the flickering candlelight making shadows dance across his cheekbones. His dark eyes looked deeply into mine. I felt so connected to him.

As though unable to wait another moment, Pablo was back on top of me, in between my legs. He gave me another kiss as I parted my thighs, letting my legs fall open. In one thrust, Pablo’s thick cock was buried inside me.

“Fuuuuck!” I cried out, my back reflexively arching off the bed. “You feel so good!”

I hadn’t realized how much different it would feel without a condom. It was so much more intimate like I was really feeling him for the first time.

“You feel amazing,” he moaned, looking down to watch how he looked sliding in and out of my slick pussy. “So wet and tight.”

Pablo pulled my legs up onto his shoulders and fell forward on top of me, causing his cock to plunge even deeper inside me. I clawed at him, the sounds coming out of my mouth uncontrollably loud.

“That’s gonna make me. . . fuuuuuck!” I screamed, unable to finish my sentence as an orgasm rippled through me, intense and hard.

Pablo watched me cum, his cock thrusting into me hard and steady until I was finally coming down. Just as my breathing had slowed down, Pablo decided to pick up the pace.

“Goddamn,” he groaned, shutting his eyes. “It’s so intense.”

“I know,” I sighed, wrapping my arms around my neck as he pounded away.

“God, I want to cum in that pussy!”

“So cum in it! I’m ready!” I pleaded, my whole body waiting for him. “Fill me with your cum, baby.”

Pablo looked into my eyes as his jaw fell open, and I knew he was about to explode.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” he groaned, his cock spasming inside me.

I could feel the warm gush and couldn’t help but smile. I had been eagerly anticipating this for so long, and now it was finally happening.

Pablo stayed buried inside me for a few moments after he finished cumming. We kissed, slowly and passionately, as his cock grew soft in my pussy.

When he finally pulled out, he did so slowly and knelt down on the bed so he could watch the cum seep out of me. I sat upright and spread open the lips of my pussy, looking down between my legs so I could watch it too.

“That’s so hot,” I moaned, as his hot cum spilled out in a warm, slow stream.

“Fuck yes it is,” Pablo said, reaching out to wipe up some of the cum and push it back into my pussy.

“I love that.”

“Does it feel good, having my cum in you, baby?”

I nodded and reached down to touch the wetness for myself. “Mhm, I wish we had always been doing this.”

“I want to see how you feel now,” Pablo said, getting back in between my legs again.

One of the things I loved about Pablo was his rebound time and how quickly he could get hard and even cum again. Having him sink his cock into my freshly filled pussy was a dream. My pussy was so sensitive and wet, that it made the sex feel ten times better.

This time, Pablo sat upright, so he could watch the way it looked as his cock came out from my pussy covered in his own cum.

“Are you gonna have another load for me, baby?” I asked, hoping the answer was yes.

Within a few minutes of Pablo’s deep strokes inside me, he was cumming again, adding more to the load already inside me. I felt so naughty and absolutely dizzy with bliss.

When he pulled out again, I told Pablo to film the creampie on my phone. I wanted to be able to watch it over and over like I always did those sexy videos of other women getting theirs.

I opened up my screen after he was finished and watched the thick cum drip out from between the glistening wet lips of my pussy and down, coating my asshole and eventually spilling onto the sheets. I slid my fingers across it, smearing it across my warm skin.

“You’re going to be replaying that a lot, aren’t you?” said Pablo, laughing as he returned from the kitchen, glasses of water in hand.

I sighed, comfortably settling into my pillow. “Don’t you know it. . .”

Authors note: Oh how I want my pussy filled with cum at this very moment, I am ravenous to be creampied and just running my fingers across my pussy I can feel how soaked I am about writing this. I love the sensation of a hot, thick load shooting deep inside of me, it’s so natural and I am aching for it. – Tamsin 🍆

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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