The Erotic Advent Calendar I Gave Him

12 days of different erotic and sexual gifts for my husband and I just knew he was going to love it. I presented a calendar with closed little doors to him on the 31st of November and told him right up until the 12th he was going to be getting a special treat every single day, all he had to do was peel and reveal what each door hand behind it and his gift would shortly follow. He was ecstatic at the idea and quite frankly, so was I.

Day 1 came quickly and he unpeeled the door that very morning, he was so eager and I was excited, I don’t think he had any idea how sexual my calendar was. The first door read: “Take me up the ass”. He looked at me quizzically and I smiled at him, asking him if he wanted it now or later and glancing at the clock he opted for now. I got onto all fours, he lubed me up, fingered my ass, and slowly began fucking me, stretching my hole with his cock. It felt amazing and he came quickly inside of my tight butt hole.

After such an incredible Day 1, he ripped open Day 2 with the same eagerness to find the door read: “Spank me”. Once again he opted to take his gift that morning and once more getting on all fours he began spanking my ass, something we had only done once before. His hands stung against my bare cheeks and I cried out in pain and pleasure as he enjoyed my red ass.

Day 3 made me a little nervous but he opened the calendar door that afternoon and when he read it, he looked at me with wide eyes. It read: “Let me eat your ass”, I had never done it before but it was something I wanted to try and I knew my husband would be open to it. That very night as I was going down on him I maneuvered my tongue towards his asshole and began licking at it, using my tongue to flick around the opening and my hand to continue jerking him off. He was so much harder than he usually is and as I licked and sucked on his asshole, he came with a fury I had never seen before, he was now a huge fan of ass licking.

After three days of success, I wondered if it would continue being so fun and it didn’t disappoint. Day 4 and behind the little door of my erotica calendar read, “Fuck me, Mr. Claus”. I had bought him and me, Mr. and Mrs. Claus sexy outfits. That night all dressed up we roleplayed being the two characters and it was wild. I was patted down and frisked by Santa and fucked to save Christmas!

Day 5 involved me, my mouth, and some candy cane-flavored chocolate sauce that I promised to lick from my husband’s throbbing cock. It tasted heavenly and made quite the mess but seeing his face as I licked off the rich chocolate sauce and swallowed him whole was worth it all.

It was finally day 6, a day I had been thoroughly looking forward to. I had bought a vibrator and I wanted to wear it whilst out at our favorite restaurant. My husband was on board, he took the controller from me as we sat down and he teased me for the entire night, making me cum numerous times at the table and unable to concentrate on anything. I was so close to an orgasm as the server took my order and I don’t think I will ever be able to look him in the eye ever again! It was incredible and my pussy was aching from so much pleasure when we got home.

Day 7 was a real treat, the door read: “Pick your favorite porno and let’s masturbate together”. This erotic advent calendar had certainly been eye-opening for us both and we had achieved a lot of ‘firsts’. That night we slipped into bed and he found us a great erotic movie and we both masturbated together, getting off in one another’s company and enjoying the smutty movie my husband had put on. It was thrilling cumming next to my husband and something I want to definitely do again with him.

When we opened our eyes on day 8 I knew my husband was going to love this one. I wanted him to treat me like a sex doll whenever he wanted to. Using my holes as if I was not even a person, how he would if he was alone and it was magnificent. He tossed me around and fucked me brutally, his animal instinct kicking in and using and stretching all three of my holes, filling me with his cum and paying no attention to my needs, I was just a doll after all.

I hoped he was ready on day 9 because he had a big task ahead of him, I wanted him to try and get me pregnant. He could cum in me as many times as he wanted, forcing his semen into my womb, pinning my legs back, and watching his cum dribble out of me as he tries to push it back in with his fingers. We had lots of fun this day and my husband did me in every position trying to get his cum as deep as possible inside of me.

Something we had only dabbled in before was fisting and on day 10 I was feeling extremely ready. The door he opened simply read: “Fist me”. I had all the lube, I had all of the instructions, and that night my husband gave me the most powerful and insane orgasm with his mouth before he slowly but surely pushed most of his hand inside of me, it felt incredible and I felt so powerful with his hand inside of me like that. It was certainly an unforgettable experience, to say the least.

On the second to last day of his erotic advent calendar I wanted to do something a little out of our comfort zone and something we haven’t done for years. My husband grabbed the keys to his car and we headed to a hiking trail that we like to go to often as soon as we were back in the car we got busy. I climbed on top of my husband and began riding him right there in the car, if anyone had come close they would have seen everything and the sensation was such an adrenaline rush!

On the final day of his calendar, his final treat was to cum on me as many times as he could. I wanted to set a new record. He could cum anywhere on my body, whenever and however he wanted and he sure did get creative. Using me as his cum dump as he masturbated and pulled out of me as we fucked, he left 6 loads of cum on me, which is a new record for him.

He loved his Christmas gift, I can’t wait to plan next year…

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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