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It took a lot of courage to finally sit my wife down and confess my inner desire to see her used by other men, while it was something I wanted to get off of my chest for a long time now, seeing her face twist in a mix of disgust and curiosity reminded me why I kept it hidden for so long. Afterward, the morning was somewhat awkward, I struggled to look her in the eye as I assumed she was left pondering over what I had told her, eagerly awaiting her thoughts on my perverted interests.

Things thankfully didn’t take too long. I was lounging back in my office, thinking back on how she looked down at me as I confessed to her when she suddenly barged in, a note in her hand. Despite my worries over what she had finally decided on, I couldn’t help but admire Sarah and what she was wearing. She always did have an amazing figure, a waist that most women would kill for, but with an ample chest and plump ass that made most pornstars jealous as well. Where she would normally be wearing something somewhat modest, here she was in front of me, flaunting her body in a tight black dress and heels. There wasn’t a word between us, I simply ogled Sarah as she tossed the note into my lap before turning away, giving me a final look at her in the gorgeous outfit before leaving me there alone to read it to myself, the front door slamming in the distance. The note read:

You surprised me today and I’ve thought over what you had to say… I’m going to need more time and support to come to a proper conclusion.

To help me, I went online and searched for a few men close by that could help educate me on what you’ve revealed.

Don’t wait up for me.

I was confused, to say the least, re-reading the note several times before slumping back in my chair, trying to process what had just happened. Surely she wasn’t hinting at what I thought she was, right? I found it incredibly difficult to believe my wife, after all these years, would accept something like this so easily and take off with a group of random men. Had… she been waiting for this, or did the thought just excite her that much?

Still, with the image of Sarah’s get-up fresh in my mind, I couldn’t stop myself from imagining her in the hands of all those men, giggling to herself as she’s passed around like some common slut at a nightclub… Stopping myself, I shook my head, trying to regain my thoughts and instead trying to figure things out for sure.

Hours went by of my mind racing through scenarios that she may find herself in, both good and bad, they each played out in my head without control. Eventually, tiredness began to take hold, and I was forced into my bed, tossing and turning through a fitful sleep…

The morning came rather suddenly, the familiar sound of the front door opening waking me from my trance-like state of imagining my own wife splayed out like some random man’s conquest. As I rubbed my weary eyes, I heard her voice call out to me.

“I’m home!”

Sarah sounded incredibly chipper as I heard her footsteps come up the stairs and toward our bedroom, and as I saw her face peek around the corner, I noticed how she was practically glowing with a gleeful smile. I noticed her staggering as she came closer toward me, eager to rest on the side of the bed to avoid falling after what must have been a rough night… which was when thoughts of exactly how rough it was began clouding my mind once again. As if sensing this, Sarah skipped straight to answering the thoughts I had been having all this time.

“I’ve got a lot to tell you”

I felt a cold sweat start to build, my heart racing with an odd, perverse excitement as she spoke.

“I ran into so many nice men that were very eager to satisfy this new fantasy of ours!”

Her eyes were full of excitement, eager to give away each steamy detail of how she succumbed to even the slightest flirt from guys while she was out. Sarah’s look of excitement only intensified as she explained her process of going from club to club, seeking out guys interested in coming together to give her what she wanted, right up until she could barely keep count of them, deciding it was enough to get a hotel and experience what I had been keeping to myself this entire time.

“So, ready to hear how these men fucked your wife?”

So I sat there, listening to Sarah recount exactly how she was treated by these strangers, how they groped and grabbed her body, treating her like a worthless toy, something I would have never thought she’d enjoy. Yet her eyes were fogged-over in a haze of arousal, barely even recognizing that I was sitting beside her, lost in the thought of what she enthusiastically detailed to me. It was almost as if she was trying to relive each moment, a faint smile spreading across her face as she began getting closer to what we’d both been wanting to think about…

“And then they started tearing away at my clothes, listening to me squeal as I gave in to them and…”

Sarah stopped speaking for the first time since she started, her train of thought broken by something as she stared down between my legs. I had barely noticed it myself, but when we both peered down at my trousers, my painfully-hard cock made it clear that I was enjoying the story just as much as she was…

With a mischievous smile on her face, Sarah began unzipping my flip, shimmying herself closer to me as she continued recounting each steamy detail.

“When I felt their hands teasing my pussy, I couldn’t help but start begging these men to take me, to bend me over, use me, and fuck me senseless!”

As I imagined her sinking into the depraved act of submitting to a group of strangers, I felt her fingers clasp around my cock, stroking me gently as she spoke. I felt a tenseness in my dick as if I had been edging for hours, her strokes only making it more difficult to deny the pleasure I felt from her words.

“Some of them were kind enough to give me what I craved, a thick cock to make me cum over and over again, something you can’t give me!”

As she continued, her stroking became somewhat painful, as if she was trying to squeeze the cum out of me. She didn’t have to try very hard, her next words eliciting a whimper from my lips as she leaned in closer.

“I came instantly when the first guy filled me with his load”

I felt my body tense up, shivering in her grasp as my cock erupted between her fingers, spraying my pent-up load across the bed sheets as Sarah giggled at the sight. As soon as I began visibly cumming, she let go, leaving me to helplessly hump the air in desperation as my pleasure overflew, surging from my tip with thoughts of random men pounding her still lingering in my mind.

“I can’t believe you actually came from that! You little perv!”

Sarah’s words were harsh, stinging my ego as the remainder of my pride dribbled from my dick, staining the sheets. Just as I felt my body recovering from the sudden assault of pleasure, I heard other footsteps coming closer to the bedroom, causing me to panic. When I saw unfamiliar faces peer around the corner, I felt a cold rush of anxiety, only to be quelled when Sarah greeted them eagerly.

“I told you to wait!… Well, I guess it’s okay after what just happened…”

She stood from the bed, turning back toward me as the men approached her, stripping themselves down while Sarah did the same. There, I was left to watch as my wife was openly groped and bent over in front of me, her face inches from mine while a stranger bends her over. Sarah didn’t even speak to me, only moans escaping her lips as the first man began thrusting inside of her, leaving me in a haze of arousal, unable to stop myself from stroking my painfully-hard cock, listening to her moans become more desperate with each thrust…

Authors note: I became lost in the idea of a naughty, horny wife fulfilling her husband’s wishes and desires. Who knew it could be so thrilling? My mind was racing as I typed out each word, I would love for something like this to happen to me! – Tamsin ❣

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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