Foot Fetish Roomie

“Devin! I need your help!”

I knew it was wrong. My roommate was a sweet guy. He was a little bit of your typical nerd, kind of shy. We had been friends ever since college and it just happened to work out that ended up living together to save on rent. One night while I was painting my toenails on the living room couch, I caught Devin staring at me. I didn’t think anything of it until I realized that his cock was hard! After that, it was hard to resist playing with him.

“What?” he asked, standing in my doorway.

“What color do you think? Navy blue or silver?” I asked, innocently holding up two bottles of polish.

Devin got a little closer. His shaggy blonde hair was wet from just having got a shower. Poor guy – he was just cooled down and rinsed off and here I was, about to get things steamy again for him.

“Um, I think the silver. I think it would look amazing on your skin.”

“Did you want to help?” I asked. He typically always picked out my colors of nail polish but had never helped me paint them before. I figured he would probably be jumping at the chance.

And I was right.

“Yeah!” Devin said, a little too excitedly. “Here on your bed?” he asked, taking a seat on the edge. “Won’t that make a mess?”

“Not if you do a good job,” I said with a laugh, handing him the bottle. “Make them look pretty, okay?”

It was very sweet to watch him paint my toenails. He took each foot into his lap and went very carefully about it. Gently, he dragged the brush across each nail.

“Do you think I’ve got cute feet? Or do I have ugly hobbit feet?” I asked, knowing that this was hardly being coy at all.

Devin laughed. “Alexis, you’ve got the cutest feet in the world, I’d say.”

I wiggled my toes, laughing.

“Stop moving!” Devin said. “I’ve only got one toe left. . . annnnd, there. Done.”

I looked at his work. “Not too shabby. You know, you might just have become my new pedicurist. What do you say?”

I glanced briefly at Devin’s pajama shorts and noticed the faint outline of his hard cock. I couldn’t believe that he liked my feet so much, especially my feet. It was fun, knowing how much power I had with just my feet. Besides, Devin certainly seemed to be enjoying it.

The next night, I came home to find Devin just sitting on the couch watching a movie. I kicked off my shoes and flopped down next to him. I had just worked a very long and exhausting shift at the bookstore and hadn’t had a break all day.

“You look exhausted,” Devin said, looking at me sympathetically.

I sighed, a little dramatically, I’ll admit. “I am! My feet hurt so bad. I was on them all day. I was wondering – and feel free to say no if you really don’t want to – if you would rub my feet for me. Just this one time?”

I gave him my most innocent, puppy-dog eyes expression.

Devin chuckled. I could see his cheeks flush red. “Um, sure. Yeah, bring them up here.”

I put my feet in his lap and sank down into the throw pillows. Devin started with my toes, rubbing them gently, one by one. His eyes started drifting away from the TV and down to my feet. I pretended not to notice.

“That feels so good,” I moaned, as his hands started working down to the bottoms of my feet, applying pressure there. “Feeling better already.”

“Aw, good,” Devin said.

I could feel him getting hard. I don’t know if he didn’t realize it, but I definitely did. I loved it. I let him massage my feet for another half hour or so until all the tension was finally gone.

“You’re the best,” I said, getting up from the couch. “I think I’ll head to bed now. Goodnight, roomie.”

“Night, Alexis.”

After that, our foot rubs became a regular thing. I’d throw my feet onto Devin’s lap and let him go to town. He’d take each toe and give them a rub, occasionally giving them a little kiss. He did it one night almost as though it were a reflex, but I told him I didn’t mind. It was cute to see him almost worshipping my feet like that!

Then he’d do each foot individually. The process ended up taking about a whole hour or so every night, but we both loved it so much. He’d press firmly into the pressure points on the bottoms of my feet, and then work his way into the soles. I brought out coconut oil for him to massage into them as well.

“I love this stuff,” Devin said one night, applying a generous scoop of coconut oil onto my feet.

I watched as he rubbed it in, making my feet feel soft and looking so shiny.

“I think you need a fresh coat of nail polish,” he said. “This one is getting all chipped.”

“Okay. We can do that tomorrow.”

When I left the couch that evening, my feet so smooth and relaxed, I could hear an exasperated sigh from Devin. I heard him go to his room as soon as I left for mine, and I was almost positive that he was jerking off in there. I knew our foot massages were making him hornier and hornier every time.

He came to my room the next night, looking excited, as though we were about to fuck.

“What are the color choices tonight?” he asked. “Lay it on me.”

I laughed. I held up two bottles. “Okay, we’ve got emerald green, which I know is one of your favorites, and this bright red, which I just bought. What are you thinking?”

Devin contemplated the two shades for a second. “Hmm, I think I’ve got to go with my old favorite. That green looks so pretty on you. I love when you wear it.”

He was so genuine and kind, that I almost felt a little bit bad about pretending to be so oblivious to it all. I let him paint my toenails in a fresh coat of green, watching how precarious he was, so as not to spill a drop.

“My toes are so soft today, thanks to you,” I said quietly, not wanting to move too much.
Devin smiled. “Good. Oh shit, I missed.”

I watched as he took a cotton swab and cleaned up a drop of polish that had landed on my skin. When he was done, I took the bottle from him, and Devin began blowing on my toes as I wiggled them, laughing.

“Is this the new upgrade? A blow-dry?” I laughed.

When the polish had finally dried down, Devin began to rub my feet without me even asking. We had never done this on my bed before, and it felt a little more intimate. The lighting was so dim and the ambiance so calm. This was not your typical roommate relationship, that was for sure.

“Anyway, I should go to bed,” I said, finally breaking the silence.

Devin cleared his throat, almost like he was realizing where he was at and what he was doing.

He looked me in the eyes.

“Um, I. . .” he trailed off.

“What?” I asked.

He shook his head and stood up. “Nevermind. Just. . . goodnight, Alexis.”

“Goodnight. Hey, will you hit the light on your way out?”

Authors note: Sometimes I find some of the best erotica doesn’t even contain any actual sex just plenty of teasing, hinting, and sexual tension that builds throughout. In this story, I wanted to really put that across and give you a foot fetish story that perhaps many people have experienced. The inability to make a move and the tension of wanting something you know you can’t have. Do you enjoy these types of stories? – Tamsin ❤

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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