From Stag To Caged Chastity-Wearing Cuckold

It seems like long ago when I used to share my wife in threesomes and swinger parties, and I would fuck other people’s wives as well, you know, get my slice of the cake. Now, whenever I look down at my lower vertex all I can see is metal chastity caging my precious cock, and the key? On my wife’s neck, temptingly hanging between her juicy tits.

When I met Christine, she was this innocent lovely girl, wearing jersey sweaters and carrying books all over the college campus, I loved that she had this little kinky side to her, but she never truly showed it until we got married. When I made her my wife, our sex sessions were amazing, she would become this dominant lady in the room and I just loved it, but we never invited anyone else into our bed, it was just us, being monogamous, I remember being scared of telling her about my fantasies of seeing her being fucked by someone else

She never caged me or anything, but we did play a lot with the idea of domination, she was fantastic at it. One day, a friend of ours, Joseph, invited us to his house, I always considered Julia, his wife, a very attractive woman, Joseph knew this, and he also confessed to me he liked Christine, we confessed to one another that we were both afraid of telling our wives of our desire for each other’s wives, until that night. Between the drinks and the food, Joseph plucked up the courage and asked Christine if she had ever fantasized about someone else, to my surprise, she said yes.

“With Julia’s permission, I have to say you are very hot Joseph,” she said, and it just turned me on so badly. Her hand was on my leg and she noticed my hard-on when she said that. Julia giggled, “That’s funny, I think your husband is hot too,” she said right away. I remember looking at Joseph surprised and getting the same expression from him, it didn’t take long until I found myself making out with Julia as I watched Joseph kissing and sliding his hand beneath Christine’s skirt.

I don’t remember a moment in which I felt so hard as I was that night. Julia sucked my cock as I stared at Joseph penetrating Christine, and her moaning so loudly, crying for more, it just blew my mind. Then, of course, I fucked Julia, it was hot, for sure, but seeing my wife being fucked by someone else was even hotter. Ever since that night, we’ve been exploring swinging, and threesomes and the best part has always been seeing her get fucked.

Anyway, Christine, being dominant in bed, started doing things differently while having sex with me. Sometimes she would jerk me off and edge me, stopping completely, meaningfully, and laughing at my frustration. She would stop me from cumming inside her, letting me enter her less and less each time, adding to my own frustration. I became this 24/7 masturbator in the bathroom at work, at home at night, and early in the morning.

One day she caught me doing this, and she punished me harshly forcing me to wear my underwear spilled with cum inside to work. I was so ashamed when I walked into the office, hoping that nobody could notice the smell of dry cum. That night, I arrived home and she was sitting in the living room, very Godfather-like, waiting for me.

“I want you to wear a chastity cage,” she said. I complained like a little kid and she threatened me with no sex for an entire month, so in the end, I complied. “I cannot control you if you’re behaving like a teenage kid in the bathroom all the time, you could never be a good husband to me like that, I’m going to own your orgasms, whether you like it or not.”

And that was it, the next day thanks to the service of Amazon Prime, my wife happily unboxed a beautifully polished metal chastity cage, and without giving me a moment to prepare myself and give my cock a proper goodbye, she pulled down my pants, slid the metal chastity cage over my cock and caged me, locked it, and placed the key on a nice silver necklace around her neck, way out of my reach.

At first, I hated it, it felt so uncomfortable going to pee, in the mornings, it just fucking ruined my life but then, when I noticed how much Christine loved that I wasn’t masturbating, only when she wanted to play, I started seeing the good side of this. I started enjoying our sessions so much more, not just getting more excited when she wanted to play.

Sharing her has turned into pleasant torture. Seeing other men enjoy her precious pussy is just so exciting, considering that I barely get to taste it. I started getting used to my cock being pressed against the metal when I’m turned on, it gets painful sometimes. One time Christine played with me so rough that I painfully came with a soft penis. She laughed at me and I loved it.

Thanks to this I’ve been able to explore this side of me, to dig deeper into my cuckold side, I’ve seen her enjoy her femininity with countless men and it makes me not just envious but hungry for it, so when she dedicates her precious time to me, is just out of this world. When she masturbates me and lets me cum is so good, but when she allows me inside her pussy, I can barely hold myself. I can properly say that my life is so much better and more exciting.

At first, I knew Christine would be an incredible wife, and I have to say, there hasn’t been a day in which I’m not impressed by her skills, she truly knows how to reward me after seeing her being fucked, and the more I’m open to it, the more I get to cum, pleasure has reached a whole new level and I fucking love it.

Authors note: If you read my blog, you will know just how much love in my heart I have for cucks and their lifestyles and I wanted to explore something new, the idea of chastity and restraint, plagued by arousal and forbidden desires. Would you ever wear a cock cage? – Tamsin ❣

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.


  1. Perfect life would be your cuckold chastity slave husband… The only way you can be single is because you choose to be…
    I know its a impossible dream…. I live in Denmark but for my dream hotwife i would move any where to be by her side..

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