My Girlfriends Hung Ex

Troy picked up his girlfriend Gia’s phone, he was looking for a cute picture of them both to get printed and framed professionally. It was going to be a surprise for her birthday that was coming up and he knew the picture he wanted, he scrolled through months and months of pictures, knowing it was taken two years ago at their favorite restaurant.

Troy scrolled quickly, he didn’t want Gia to catch him, ruining his surprise. He accidentally exited the photos app and found himself in chronologically sorted folders of photos, finding one that was labeled from two years ago and he opened it, hoping it would contain their favorite picture together but, he was very wrong.

Inside the folder were pictures of Gia with another man, her ex. He was fucking her in the photos and the one thing Troy couldn’t get over was how hung he was and how sexy Gia looked with his big cock in her pussy. She had never told him about his ex’s cock and for good reason. He couldn’t stop looking at the photos, Gia’s toned body being caressed by another man, her pussy soaked in one of the pictures with a load of cum dribbling out of it. A picture of her gaping pussy and another of his huge cock down her throat made her neck bulge visibly as she swallowed him. All he could do was stare and when he heard Gia coming he threw down the phone but it was too late, she had caught him.

“Why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost?”, she asks smiling, picking up her phone. As she unlocks it, the photos are still open on the screen, the color drains from her face.

“Troy…I…I didn’t even know I still had these”, she said, trying to soothe the situation.

“It was a long time ago, it…I….”, Gia stuttered, sitting down next to Troy on their bed.

Troy didn’t say anything for a few moments until he said: “He was so hung”, turning to Gia.

She nodded, he was, she thought to herself and the sex was amazing.

“Do you like big cock”, Troy asks her, feeling his own small cock stirring in his pants.

Gia looks at Troy, “I like…I like your cock Troy”, she says, rubbing her hand over his thigh.

“Do you like your pussy being stretched?”, he asks, turned on by the thought of a big cock pleasing his lady.

She glanced down at his crotch and noticed his small bulge, his small cock was hard and she realized that he was getting off on her enjoyment of hung cock.

She played carefully right into his fantasy. “Yeah, I love being stretched open by a big, hung cock, I can actually feel everything”, she says teasingly.

Troy groans and she reaches down and grabs his cock, gently jerking his small cock off inside of his pants. “I can barely feel anything unless it’s a big juicy piece of manhood”, she says, feeling his cock twitching in her hands.

Unzipping his pants, she pulls out Troy’s small cock. “My ex used to make me scream the house down with his cock, his huge load would fill me up, and then he would push himself down my throat, making me gag and splutter on his huge length”, she said, getting turned on at the memories.

Gia is jerking Troy off, she doesn’t think she has ever since his cock so hard and veiny before. “Do you like the thought of my tight pussy getting all stretched and used-up? Whimpering as I take each by inch of a throbbing big hard cock?”.

Troy nods as Gia’s hand tightens around his cock, jerking him faster as she relays to him just how good a big cock feels for her. She leans over and straddles him, pulling her pants and panties down as she rubs his small cock over her opening. “It’s so small compared to what I like”, she says, rubbing the tip against her hole, teasing it inside of her. She begins riding Troy, sighing dramatically. “I just can’t feel anything”, she says as she bounces on his small cock. He doesn’t look upset, he looks horny and she continues with her bit of roleplay.

She squeezes her breasts as she bounces on his cock and tells him just how much she used to enjoy her ex’s hung member. “He would press hard into my womb, leaving me filled with his cum whenever I asked. We could barely do anal he was so big!”, she recalled breathlessly as she got off on her boyfriend’s small cock.

The pair had never done anything like this before, Gia had no idea why Troy was so turned on by her humiliating him but she liked it.

“My pussy was never the same after I fucked him, well, you saw the photos, I was in a cock coma, he was just so big”, she said, riding him faster and faster, her hips bucking back and forth in his hands as he enjoyed her using him to get off.

“Did you….you…ache afterward?”, he asked her, breathlessly.

Giggling she said, “Oh yeah! I would ache all day long after he fucked me with that thing!”.

Troy let out a groan and suddenly he was cumming, depositing his seed inside of his girlfriend who was soaked through.

“Oh, you came? I didn’t even feel it”, she said as she climbed off him and looked at his small cock twitching against his body. She pushed two fingers inside of herself and felt his cum, using it as lube as she got herself off, Troy watched her as she fingered herself to orgasm, her eyes closed as she muttered her exes name and furiously fucked herself with her fingers. She came hard, much to Troy’s approval before nestling down next to him and falling asleep.

A few hours later Gia asked Troy if she had hurt his feelings and Troy laughed. “Honey, that was the hottest sex we have ever had, I want you to tell me all about how much you love big cocks whenever and wherever we are”.

Authors note: As some of you may know I am a lover of smaller dick, however, I wanted to divulge something that may have happened to me in my personal life when an ex saw some pretty racy pictures and responded in a way I really didn’t even anticipate. I hope you enjoy this one, if you do, please let me know what kind of small dick stories you would like next! Tamsin ❤

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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