He told me his dick was big, I asked him to prove it

You know what it’s like when flirting starts fun and silly and eventually turns hot and heavy. When stupid comments turn into something much more exciting and that’s exactly what happened between me and Dominik.

He was visiting our state from somewhere in Eastern Europe, somehow he had found himself at the party we were at and me and him really hit it off.

I liked his European sense of humor, his cute accent, and of course, the way he flirted with me. Dominik was strong and tall, his eyes were dark and mysterious and he had a charm about him that boys and girls fell for. He was liked by everyone but I selfishly wanted Dominik all to myself.

As the night went on, I found myself desperate for Dominik, I wanted to impress him and show him a good time but I was shy and useless at making a move and I knew it was useless unless he made a move first and so I sat silently hoping he would ask me upstairs to enjoy some privacy when after lots of flirting he suddenly leaned down towards my ear and said,

“I have a big dick”, he smiled at me as he pulled away from my ear, his hot breath making my hairs stand on end with arousal.

“What was that?”, I said giggling, unsure if I had heard him right.

Dominik leaned in again, “I have a big dick miss American girl”, he said, smiling at me once again. The American tease, the sheer confidence of it, and the fact that I was severely attracted to him made me flutter with excitement.

This time I knew I had definitely heard him right and I played right into his sticky trap, I said:

“Prove it”.

He took my hand and led me upstairs to one of the empty rooms, it was much quieter up there and we sat down on the bed, excited at what we both knew was about to happen.

My liquid confidence poured out of me, “So, you say that you have a big dick? I don’t believe you”, I said teasingly.

Dominik smiled, his white teeth shining against the dim light. “Reach inside of my pants”, he said, looking me dead in the eyes. He had such a way about him that no part of your body would ever want to say no to him, he was hypnotizing and extremely seductive. I wondered if he had such a way with girls back in his home country too.

I didn’t actually believe that he was going to be hung, I had heard it all before, guys telling me that they had big dicks only to be disappointed but as I reached into Dominik’s pants, I felt a thick snake. I looked at him puzzled, there’s no way he could have been that big but as I felt him harden in my hand, the snake resembled a cock and I realized that he wasn’t lying that he was actually impressively hung, like seriously hung and girthy and the temptation to fuck the hell out of him was just too much.

I jumped on top of him, feeling his growing snake against my crotch as we kissed and I couldn’t take it any longer, I reached into his pants and pulled his huge snake out. I began jerking him off as he kissed my neck and pulled off my shirt, sucking on my round breasts hungrily. I moaned and ached for this European man I had just met and pulled up my skirt, pressing him against my wet opening. I didn’t know if I was even able to take him, he began pushing his huge snake inside of me and I moaned loudly, feeling him stretching me open and probing inside of me. Inch by inch he managed to squeeze in and slowly but surely I managed to take him, landing on his pubic bone as the last few inches of him reached into the depths of my pussy, where no man had ever been before.

I screamed with delight as his cock probed deep inside of me, I couldn’t believe I had managed to take such a big cock. I ached but I didn’t care as I began to ride him, gently bouncing on his cock, trembling as I felt his cock pushing against my g-spot. It felt heavenly, he gripped onto my exposed feminine hips as I rode him, he moaned too, loving how enthralled I was by his big cock and when I was tired he would thrust into me, his balls slapping hard against my bare ass. I was so close to cumming, I was on the brink of total euphoria as Dominik fucked me with that big snake and suddenly I began to blow, trembling and moaning as my body shuddered, an orgasm spilling out of me and consuming my body.

Dominik breathed loudly as he watched me cumming and without any warning he thrust faster and harder into me, making me moan louder again. I wanted his cum in me so much, I wanted to see the big mess he would make with that impressive cock.

He held hard onto my hips and suddenly he too began to erupt, his big, thick cock filling my tight pussy with a huge load of semen, I felt it spilling inside of me and his shaft throbbing as he emptied his balls into me. It felt so good, I never wanted it to end. I thanked him endlessly as he pulled out of me and I watched my creamy pussy leak with his cum.

“I told you it was big”, he said breathlessly as we lay on the bed together.

All I could do was giggle, he certainly couldn’t ever be called a liar.

Authors note: I loved writing this erotic story, despite big cock not being my usual preference, something about making this cheeky European so hung and confident really got me going! If you enjoy my big dick content please do let me know so that I can write more. Tamsin ❤

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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