How I Met Your Mother

It was a gloomy day outside, unnatural for the time of year. Everyone was seeking shelter where they could and mine just so happened to be an old diner just off the freeway.

I parked up and headed inside, glancing at the people around me and that’s when I saw her, sitting alone, nursing a drink. Her blonde her fell over her shoulders, her eyes fixated on the cup in her hand. Her mature body was perfectly still as she perched elegantly on the stool. I guessed she was in her seventies, slightly younger than me but as we all know, you must never ask a lady her age.

I sat down next to her, feeling bold and confident. Her deep brown eyes flickered over me and she smiled and to my surprise she struck up a conversation with me, commenting on the weather and the dive of a diner we were both in, I didn’t want to tell her that I had been here a hundred times and actually quite liked the place.

We stayed and we talked for hours and it was obvious that we both had an attraction for one another and despite her elegant poise and immaculate features, she was fun and exciting, a real breath of fresh air in my mundane life. We exchanged numbers and we arranged to meet the very next day.

I expected her not to turn up, to have changed her mind about this grumpy old man but she didn’t, she got there before me and once again we had the most amazing connection. She was even more attractive than she had been the day before and my feelings for her were unignorable. She was divine and I wanted her in my life.

I told her as much, it felt stupid, like lovesick teenagers but despite our advanced years, she sent that same rush through my body and she admitted that she felt the same, her eyes telling me everything I needed to know.

That very night I took her back to my place and her poised demeanor quickly melted away as we kissed in my kitchen. She came onto me, grabbing me by the waist as I poured us a drink, her tongue pushed into my mouth, her lips dancing with mine as my old hands explored her body, I hadn’t touched a woman in so many years and her soft touch under my rough skin was a welcome sensation.

We made our way into my bedroom and I closed the door behind us with my foot, pushing her onto my bed as I began unbuttoning my shirt and loosening my tie. She lay there watching me undress, her eyes sparkling with lust.

“It’s been a while since I…”, she suddenly said, looking shy.

I nodded in agreement, it had been a while for me too.

We both nervously laughed and I got on top of her, pulling down the straps of her dress and nervously fumbling with the tight zipper on the side. Luckily it soon came down and I pulled her dress from her mature body and took her all in. She was delightful, her skin lined, faded marks on her body, and yet her body was the most beautiful I had ever seen. I kissed her skin, breathing in the scent of her expensive floral perfume. She was quiet as I kissed her body and yet as I got closer to her panties, her breathing became heavier and as I pulled them down and spread her legs, she was being tortured, aching for a man to touch her between the legs with his tongue.

I teased her for a little while longer before I kissed her womanly bush, breathing in the pheromones and feeling my cock twitch with excitement. She tried to push my head down, hurry me up and I couldn’t resist not letting her have her way, teasing her as I kissed every inch of her vagina, ignoring her most sensitive area. She moaned softly, her breathing hard and labored and slowly I gave in, kissing her clitoris and spreading her lips to get more of her vagina in my mouth.

I sucked hungrily on her swollen clitoris, she tasted so sweet and as I pressed my fingers against her opening, she let out a deep moan, I pushed one finger inside of her and continued licking her clitoris, she made little noise but her body language and labored breathing was enough to let me know that I was doing a great job.

Her thighs trembled and her hands ran through my hair and she began to cum, I hadn’t felt this in a long time, her pussy soaking my lips as her orgasm spilled out of her. I continued licking and sucking on her vagina, tasting her cum and letting her ride my mouth as she came down from her pleasure.

“Oh, my…that was amazing”, she said through labored breathing.

We both giggled nervously. “Now, it’s your turn”, she suddenly said, getting onto all fours and letting me see her two holes. I have always been a breast type of man but her ass was so cute and sliding my old cock inside of her was going to be incredible.

I hadn’t seen a naked woman on all fours in front of me for years, I took in the scene before me, kneeled behind her, and slowly teased my cock into her entrance. I hadn’t felt that warm, tight sensation in a long time. I rubbed my cock with my saliva and pushed deeper into her, her vagina tight around me, my cock inching deeper inside of her. I reached around and fondled her breasts as I got all of the ways inside of her, thrusting slowly, she liked it like that, her breathing labored once again as I made love to her.

Her pussy was tight and warm, making me shudder with pleasure with each slow thrust that I was making. Not having to worry about pregnancy because of our age was great too and I couldn’t wait to fill this mature, hot beauty with my seed.

I hadn’t had sex or intimacy in years and the sweat rolled down my back, holding onto her hips and feeling her warm body under mine was enough to make me need to cum but I held off, thrusting slowly into her, closing my eyes and trying everything I could to hold off my orgasm.

“Faster”, she suddenly said, wanting me deeper and quicker inside of her. I did as she asked, thrusting quicker and feeling her vagina tighten around my cock, I could barely breathe I was so lost in the moment and as my cock twitched one last time, I couldn’t hold off and I began to blow, filling her up with my warm cum, there wasn’t a huge load like I used to have but enough to satisfy us both.

From that day on we spent every waking moment together, wishing we had met sooner and that son is how I met your new step-mother…

Authors note: Mature sex always intrigues me, I am not there yet but one day I will be and I hope I am as kinky and as eager as I always have been. The couple in this story fascinates me and it’s always exciting to hope that sex just gets better and better. Tamsin <3

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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