My husband’s sad friend

The door to their home closes abruptly and Cheryl’s husband Ian shouts up the stairs: “Honey, we’re home!”.

‘We’re’, Cheryl thinks to herself, who is her husband with?

She hurries down the stairs in her robe and smiles down at the two men, her handsome husband Ian and their good friend Mark who tries to smile back weakly but his sadness is etched all over his face.

“Oh honey”, Cheryl says, coming closer to him and embracing the man, “She never deserved you”. Cheryl guessed that Mark’s sadness was down to his latest girlfriend running off, he has a habit of picking bad women, and Cheryl tries to cheer him up after her husband’s efforts have failed all evening.

They all sit down on the large L-shaped couch and reminisce about the old times, before Cheryl and Mark were married and when the three of them used to have crazy nights out together. Before long Ian was smiling, a genuine smile as he thought about the past and Ian gives Cheryl’s leg a little knowing squeeze, she had been with him for 10 minutes and already made Mark a little happier than he had been all night with Ian.

“How are you two getting on anyway?”, Mark asks the pair, finally coming round after his latest breakup.

“We’re okay Mark, still trying for baby number two”, Cheryl smiles up at her husband. They hadn’t been successful for a while now and the couple is becoming slightly demotivated in their efforts of having a second child. Ian smiled sympathetically at the couple, he had always been extremely fertile. He felt a pang of sadness for them and suddenly he was back in the room with his girlfriend breaking up with him.

Cheryl notes how Mark’s sadness was back and suddenly gets an idea. It wouldn’t be the first time she had suggested something like this and she knew how much it used to cheer Mark up. She glanced at her husband who was obviously thinking the same thing and she proceeded to say:

“Hey, Um…Ian! Why don’t you join us and you two can try and breed me together, just like old times, huh?”, she said playing with a loose thread on her robe.

Mark looked from Cheryl to Ian and without any hesitation agreed to it.

Cheryl moved next to Mark and Ian followed, the two men sat side by side of the horny woman, and without missing a beat, Ian began kissing his wife, cupping her chin with his fingers, and tasting her sweet lips. Mark watched for a few moments before he began kissing his old friend’s neck, slowly untieing her robe and pulling it apart, she was naked under there, he kissed her full breasts, sucking intently on her rosebud nipples and squeezing them with his hands. Cheryl moaned softly and began parting her legs where the two men’s hands began to wander.

She felt her husband’s familiar fingers rubbing over her slit and Mark’s slimmer fingers pressing her clit, slowly circling around it and making her moan. Her husband pushed a finger inside of her as Mark continued stroking her clit, both men working on her like this were making her tremble, she never wanted it to end.

Cheryl slowly moved her head into her husband’s lap, reaching inside of his pants for his cock and beginning to suck on it, making it harden inside of her mouth. Her bottom half was being firmly worked on by Mark, he had full reign of her fresh pussy and he wasn’t going to waste a second. He moved his head between her legs and began sucking on her pussy, delicately at first before becoming more animalistic and letting his instincts do what felt right. Cheryl moaned and sucked on her husband’s cock faster, taking it deep down her throat as Mark explored her pussy and made her want his cock even more than she had before.

Suddenly she felt her legs being opened wider and her buttocks lifted and without any warning Mark was pressing his cock into her, making her shudder with delight, he had a nice one and it felt even better without protection covering it. He slid inside of her tight pussy and began pressing away, thrusting slowly, feeling every centimeter of her lined, tight walls.

Cheryl gasped as she felt his cock filling her up, her husband’s cock throbbed in her mouth as their friend fucked her pussy. Mark knew how to please a woman, it was a wonder how he always lost his girlfriends Cheryl thought briefly to herself.

The two men switched places, Ian was now fucking his wife’s pussy and Mark was firmly in her throat, feeling her tonsils with his cock and pushing as far down as he could go. Ian enjoyed how wet his wife was, noting how much situations like this seemed to turn her on. The two men fucked her holes, making her moan and gasp loudly, her body was on fire with arousal and as Mark brushed her nipples with his fingertips, she let out a little whimper, letting the two men know how ready she was for her orgasm.

Mark had always loved Cheryl’s orgasm, she lost all control of her body and it seemed to make her pussy even wetter and more accommodating than it had been before. Both men continued what they were doing and suddenly Cheryl began to scream, her body erupting in an orgasm so intense that both men had to compose themselves and try not to cum too. She was a star and Ian knew how lucky he was as his wife’s body trembled and seeped with her feminine juices.

Both men made eye contact as Cheryl’s pussy pulsated around her husband’s cock as she came down from her orgasm and they both knew what was next, they were going to breed her together, they always made such a good team.

Ian went first, staying where he was and slamming his cock roughly into his wife Cheryl, she screamed with joy as his cock penetrated her viciously, her body alive with sensations, his cock making her tremble more than she already was. He gripped her neck and suddenly began to cum, filling his wife with his seed, creampieing her sweet hole, and watching it dribble out of her as he pulled out slowly and caught his breath.

Next up it was Mark, he had been so sad and breeding Cheryl was going to change all of that. He slid his cock into her cummy pussy and began pounding away, Cheryl moaned loudly as her husband sucked on her full breasts and Mark fucked her with the same speed and vigor as Ian had. He pinned down her legs, getting as deep inside of her tight pussy as he could before suddenly erupting with cum, filling her pussy again with a load of semen, his sperm fighting with Ians for the pride of place in her womb. Mark collapsed on top of Cheryl who ran her fingernails over his back, making his post-orgasm bliss feel even more heavenly.

A few weeks later and Cheryl and Ian are holding hands waiting for the result of the pregnancy test she has just taken…

Authors note: Open relationships intrigue me, I have been in one myself and had a great experience, and whilst this story isn’t necessarily about an open relationship it has to be said that Cheryl and Ian are certainly not conventional when it comes to their bedroom habits. Sperm wars and breeding make me horny and I hope they made you horny too, let me know! Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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