I Let Two Twenty-Something Men Take Out Their Sexual Frustration On Me

I usually don’t talk to anybody when I’m relaxing at the bar, just enjoying my drink and getting over the stress from work, but one night, while I was having my relaxing moment at the bar, just talking to the lovely bartender while she prepared my drink, two young men approached the bar. They both looked so disappointed and it got me curious.

The two young men were good-looking, one of them had brown hair, his names were Carlos, and the other was blond, Brad. I heard the blond guy complaining, saying how he couldn’t believe his date set him up, and the other replied saying that at least he got a date, even if it failed. I couldn’t but giggle, it was completely involuntary which completely drew their attention to me and I felt a bit embarrassed.

Brad asked me, jokingly, if I was laughing at their misery and I told him that I was trying to decide which situation was worse, his or his friend’s. I started talking to them, they seemed surprised when I told them I was a forty-year-old woman, divorced, and that the only date I had in years was that drink at the bar every Friday night after work. As the night went on, we started opening up a lot more with each other, now Brad wasn’t complaining about his failed date, but how excited he felt that he might get laid that night and it didn’t happen, how he hadn’t had sex for so long that it was driving him crazy. His friend, Carlos, was no different, ever since he broke up with his ex, he has had problems trying to get his confidence back, so talking to girls has been complicated for him.

Jokes aside, I’ve never seen any young man this frustrated, even less two of them, and they seemed like such sweet boys that I had to do something for them, besides, I wanted to have some fun as well. So, after clearing my throat and looking for the best words, I offered them some practice with me. They both seemed surprised that I offered them my body but in the end, they both agreed, in fact, they were very happy and enthusiastic about it.

We left the bar and headed to my place, while in the cab, Brad started kissing me, touching my tits as Carlos caressed my thighs, I couldn’t help myself but touch them as well. I felt Brad’s cock growing inside his pants, but when I felt Carlos, I could say he was the biggest of the two.

Once we got home, I opened the door and invited them in, they didn’t get distracted or sidetracked as they took in the beautiful decor of my apartment, they quickly picked me up and took me to the living room, placing me down onto my soft, luxurious velvet sofa. As Carlos got rid of my dress and kissed my neck and back, I made out with Brad and unbuttoned his shirt. Then, Brad turned me around and this time I felt Carlos’ mouth on mine, reaching my tongue, his hands touching my nipples and caressing my crotch while my hands undressed him and revealed his delicious body, at the same time, I had Brad’s hands exploring my ass, his hard cock pressed against my buttocks.

I laid down and as Carlos settled between my legs, Brad reached for my tits and teased my nipples with his mouth. I felt like a queen, they both wanted to please me so much. When I felt Carlos’ tongue sliding up and down my slit, I went wild, his mouth felt so good around my pussy, and his tongue moved like an eel all over my entrance, spreading my juices around. Then he closed his mouth around my clit, gently sucking it in.

His amazing skills combined with Brad’s teasing were so much to take. I craved for their cocks so I begged them to let me suck them. I took them inside my mouth, alternating between Brad and Carlos, their cocks tasted so good, it was like having so much candy just for myself. But as I sucked them and moved my hands against their lengths, Carlos got a bit desperate, he lifted me and sank his big cock inside me, completely blowing me away.

I had Brad’s cock inside my mouth, I sucked him as Carlos fucked me hard and deep. Then I felt him filling me up with his cum, he came so quickly. Brad pulled out from my mouth and the second Carlos left my pussy, Brad took his place, he fucked me so hard and relentlessly that I knew he wouldn’t last long either. He finished inside me as well, I felt so full that I had an orgasm right when Brad pulled out.

We all remained on the couch for a bit as we all enjoyed the pleasant sensation of our recent orgasms, but not long after, Carlos was already touching me again. I took them both to my bedroom and there, I impaled myself on Carlos and started riding him slowly, but then Brad positioned himself behind me and pressed his cock against my ass, he claimed my backdoor as his. When I felt both their cocks penetrating me in perfect synch I had another orgasm, a big one, one that left my legs trembling for so long. I never had such an intense orgasm like that, it was my first time being double penetrated and it felt incredibly good.

They treated me like a goddess and then, after giving me my third orgasm they started fucking my holes fast, I was so stuffed that both of them felt very tight inside me. I couldn’t help myself and when my fourth orgasm was starting to explode, I felt Brad filling my ass with his load, and Carlos shot his cum deep inside me. I completely lost control over myself when I felt their cocks pumping their orgasms inside me, I came so hard.

I never felt so loved and appreciated before, this is by far the hottest experience I’ve ever had, it felt incredibly good to give these two men some confidence, now I changed my Friday night dates for these two lads, who please me and treat me like their queen.

Authors note: I channeled my inner cougar for this one, I wanted to create the perfect ambiance, a career-driven, hot female seducing two lonesome young men. Cigar smoke in the air, adventure on the horizon, and as I squeezed my eyes shut and let my story pour out of me, I hoped to God this would be a real story of mine one day. – Tamsin 🤞

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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