I Pleasure Her Husband For Her

I always wanted to be in a threesome, I’ve never been in one and always been curious about it, but I didn’t find a couple that would be willing to make my fantasies come true. Anyway, last week, while searching dating apps and similar sites, I found a really attractive couple, Amy and Tom, their profile picture was quite revealing, it was them standing on the beach in their swimsuits and they were pretty hot! Good-looking blond woman, with golden skin and toned, wearing a two-piece bikini, she looked very good, but him, he looked like a Greek god! He had shorts on, and his body was well built, with strong arms, a very gorgeous smile, brown curls, and bright honey eyes, he was probably the most attractive man I’d ever seen.

Anyway, I texted them right away and we agreed on meeting that Saturday at 8 pm. I was incredibly excited, and nervous, you can imagine how I spent the rest of the week, just anxious for that moment. So, the day had come, I put on my best clothes, a black dress with a deep cleavage and some lacey lingerie, and red high heels to match my lipstick, all combined with some “fuck me” perfume. I was ready to kill it that night. I met them at the restaurant, and when I walked in, I noticed them sitting at the table waiting for me.

Amy was stunning, but Tom was something else! I had an instant crush on him, and I have to say, the pictures did no justice to the real him. I sat with them, and we shared a great meal as we talked about our lives, where I was from, what I do for a living, and them. It turns out they are a married couple, they have been married for 3 years, but they enjoy having a third someone in their bed, it keeps their marriage interesting and exciting. I was already excited. Tom was pretty charming and the more we spoke, the more I liked him, but I did notice Amy was all over Tom, she would constantly be kissing him and holding his hand, even cleaning the edges of his mouth, like claiming he was hers no matter what, and that was uncomfortable for me, especially because I had a favorite since the start.

Right there, when we finished our meals, Tom asked me if he could kiss me, I said yes, and he leaned over and laid his lips on mine, gently kissing me. Then our kiss became passionate, he placed his hands on my cheeks and tilted his head to kiss me deeply, he delved his tongue between my lips and reached for my tongue, I was delighted, I even felt my nipples hardening under my dress. When he moved back, I looked at his wife, she was serious, but then she leaned forward and kissed me as well, she was gentle and generous, and I enjoyed it in the end.

We left together, we went to a hotel room and once inside, I started kissing Tom as Amy unzipped my dress and took it off me. I felt very excited. Then they switched, Amy began kissing me as Tom finished undressing me, then I felt his hand rubbing my clit through my lacey thong, it was so hot. I stopped kissing Amy and pressed my mouth against Tom’s. I wanted him, I wanted to please him no matter what. He kept on rubbing my pussy and then, I felt Amy holding my tits, cupping them, massaging, and then pinching my nipples.

I have to say, Amy was pleasing too, but Tom was the one who had me incredibly wet. I started undressing him, I was dying to see his body, his cock, so I began undoing his shirt, and then Amy started undoing his pants. I wasn’t holding anything back, I kissed Tom and touched his body, I licked his chest and left kisses down his belly until I reached Amy’s hands. I helped her undo his pants and then Amy stood up, she kissed Tom and he started undressing her. I was focused on Tom, I pulled down his pants along with his trunks and exposed his cock. It was quite impressive, and I was completely lost in his scent. I fisted his length and started stroking him. Then I opened my mouth and took his head inside as I massage his shaft.

I focused on Tom and for a moment I thought it would annoy Amy, but it didn’t. She just kissed him as he touched her, all while I sucked his delicious cock. Suddenly, Amy lowered herself, placed her hand on my head, and started moving my head on his cock, deeper. “Yes, you have such a good mouth, suck his entire cock for me,” she said in a very lustful voice. Amy was completely turned on.

Then Amy told Tom to get on the bed and while she kissed me, she led me upon him. I straddled him and the second I impaled myself on him, I lost my mind, I started riding him fast, deep, as Amy and Tom kissed each other. While I fucked him, he told her he loved her very much, that she was everything to him, Amy was frantically moving her hands on her clit, bringing herself to the edge, then she released her orgasm with his name on his lips, it was incredible how excited she was from staring at us fucking each other. I was so close to cum when Tom gripped my hips and started moving even faster, pounding me hard and relentlessly, completely taking me beyond my orgasm.

I lost my mind, and my control, and let myself enjoy the big explosion that came from my core, I’ve never had such an intense orgasm as I did that night. Tom came inside me with a loud moan, he shot all of his orgasm inside and it felt so good. Then he pulled out and Amy started sucking him clean, as he pulled me close to his face, we kissed again, our tongues battled it out and then he said: “I love you too.”

Authors note: Threesomes are amazing when they’re done right and in this erotic story I wanted to do it properly, with some added cuckquean and jealousy themes coursing through its veins. Have you ever had a threesome like this? – Tamsin 🥰

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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