Learning My Whores Limits

I have met different women throughout my life. Some were shy and tried to play modestly even when we were in bed. Others were more than open to exploring how far their sexual appetites could go, but even they had their own limits.

I couldn’t blame them, but what I really was looking for was finding a woman that loved sex and wasn’t afraid to say it or show it.

When I met Kate I thought that she was just like the others, talking a big game, but never pulling through in the end. She had just gone through a divorce and I could tell that she was bursting with raw sexual energy and desire. We met online and she started dirty talking with me almost right away, but I didn’t think much of it. You can say anything online and it’s not supposed to be your true intention.

She looked amazing though, with her fit body, perky tits, and ass, so I gave it a chance. I asked her out on a date, thinking that we would at least have one good night to share and it seemed like we both just needed that from each other.

When Kate came over I was surprised at how put together and sexy she looked. She smiled at me as she came to the table and I knew that this evening is going to be special. Her dress was short and I could see her legs. The cut on her chest gave a good view too.

We were talking about small things, almost reciting what we were talking about, but soon I felt her leg touching mine. She smiled, pulling it higher and I could feel that she was up to more fun than I thought initially.

“Acting brave I see,” I said, leaning closer to her.

“Maybe it’s just how I am,” Katy answered, her foot now in my lap.

“If you want it so badly, maybe we should go and find a quiet place so you can show me how much you want it?”

I watched her face to see if she liked what I said or was offended. Katy just smiled back.

“Let’s do it here then. I don’t have time to walk somewhere when I’m this turned on”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She just offered me to right here, in the public place and I didn’t know what to say. But I knew that if Kate was this much of a slut I needed to take my chance and try to see where was her limit, and how much she would allow me to do with her.

“Let’s go and find a quiet place for us,” I said.

We went to the closest private place that there was – a restroom. We were lucky that there was a whole small room all to ourselves and as soon as the door closed I pulled Kate closer and kissed her. She was answering me with passion as I was touching her body, squeezing her ass, and enjoying how soft and amazing she felt in my arms.

She got on her knees and I knew exactly what to do. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock for her to see. She smiled as if that was what she was waiting for the whole evening. She took my tip in right away, sucking lightly, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I grabbed the hair on the back of her head and made her stay still. She knew what to do and opened wide, allowing me to fuck her mouth.

“That feels so good,” I said with a groan, looking at the way her mouth was used by me. It was an amazing view and I loved it. “Are you going to be a good slut and let me fuck your pussy too?”

Kate couldn’t exactly answer with my cock still almost down her throat, so I pulled out while still moving the tip over her lips.

“Yes, fuck me like a slut,” she said with a plea in her voice. I just knew that she needed it, she needed her pussy to be filled and used.

“Good. Now get here”

I pulled her to her feet and pushed her to the sink. Kate whimpered but didn’t do anything as I pulled her dress up and her panties down. She pulled one of her legs up and put a knee on the sink so now she was wide open in front of me. Her pussy was wet and I wanted to take it.

I put my hand over her mouth as I started slowly pushing inside her so no one would hear us and soon I was fucking Kate’s pussy fast and rough, while she whimpered in my palm. She felt exactly like I imagined – extremely wet and tight as if her pussy wasn’t filled for a while. She moved her hips to meet me and I knew that she liked it. I fucked her even faster now while pulling her close and soon I spilled my load inside her, leaving her pussy in a mess.

Kate turned to me and smiled, showing how much she liked it.

“Let’s go to my place. That was definitely now enough,” she said, looking like she could take more and I was happy to see how much.

The drive to her apartment was a short one and as soon as the door was closed she got undressed, staying fully naked in front of me. We walked to her bedroom while I was undressing myself and soon she was on the bed. She looked at me and I knew what she needed. Katy pulled her legs to her chest, showing me her still leaking pussy and asshole.

“So you’re this kind of a slut?” I asked, getting closer. “The one that wants to get all her holes used?”

“Yes. Do it,” she said with passion and I knew what I needed to do.

I started by pinching her nipples with force, then going to slap her breasts. Katy was moaning lightly as I did it. I got on top of her, my cock pressed to her asshole, while I put my hand on her neck. She was ready for it.

It took a moment to get inside her tight asshole, but it was worth it. She felt tight and amazing around me and I loved it. She seemed to like it too.

“Worthless slut,” I said, spitting on her face. Kate just moaned at that. “I’m going to fill your ass and all your other holes. You got it?”

She nodded, closing her eyes while her ass was stretched with my cock. I was still pressing on her throat, as she moaned harder, while I was fucking her more and more roughly. She almost screamed once I started filling her insides with hot cum.

She looked happy when I looked at her even if her face was a little bit red. I moved my hand while still being balls deep in her asshole. I leaned down to place a kiss on her lip.

“I loved it,” she said under her breath, looking at me. “It was everything that I wanted”

“Good,” I said, starting to move inside her asshole again. “Because you’re going to get even more of this”

That night was memorable and I knew that after that there was no doubt that Kate would be up to anything that I ask of her. And I just couldn’t wait to try more things with her.

Authors note: Rough and hardcore sex sometimes just has to be done and whilst writing this I felt a throbbing between my legs that let me know I need to go and masturbate before I write any more smut. Do you enjoy rough sex like this? Let me know in the comments down below – Tamsin 🧡

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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