Learning To Take My New Boyfriend’s Dick

Do you remember the popular toddler’s game in which the kids have to put the figure in the corresponding place? The star figurine goes in the hole that’s shaped like a star, the circle in the round hole, and you know a figure is not going to fit in a hole because of its size or shape. Well, penises go inside pussies, we all know they fit, but have you ever seen a dick so big you knew it won’t fit inside a pussy? That’s what happened to me when I met my new boyfriend CJ.

I’ve always been with men who are regular, just average-sized men, and I’ve seen penises of all shapes, and colors, pointing in different directions, some with bigger heads, some others a little more fat, but nothing too crazy. But then I met CJ in college, I have dated black guys before and they were all average in the crotch department, but it’s an understatement to say that CJ was something else. I remember when we had sex for the first time, we were both feeling horny after a classic Netflix and Chill move, I started massaging his cock over his jeans and the more I touched him the more impressed I felt, that thing looked huge and I hadn’t even seen it yet.

So, we started kissing, CJ begins touching me in the right spots, and I just started getting so horny I had to have his cock inside my mouth. I pulled down his zipper and started laying kisses on his belly as I pulled his jeans down his hips, and stared at the huge bulge in the front of his pants. Then I reached the waistband of his trunks and BANG! His big black cock bounced just inches away from my face, hard and pointing at me. His head was fat, his shaft was fat, it was all fat, not to mention the length.

My eyes went wide and my jaw dropped the second I realized his big cock would never fit inside my pussy; it was sort of a monster cock! Anyway, at least I was finally going to have a piece of it, so I gripped it and my two hands were not enough to cover his length, I held it up, and opened my mouth as big as I could. The only part I could take inside my mouth was his head, he was so big.

I did my best just like any brave girl would, I sucked, licked, and made love to his cock’s head, and I used both of my hands to jerk him off while I used my mouth to pleasure his mushroom head. I have to say, CJ’s cock tasted incredibly good. When the time to fuck me came, I spread my pussy lips wide apart for him, CJ pressed his head against my cunt, and when he started pushing it inside me, instead of pleasure I felt pain! It hurt as if I was losing my virginity all over again.

We stopped, and we started kissing, using our hands a little more but by the end of the night, we couldn’t do it, not even using lube. I felt so frustrated, I wanted to fuck CJ so bad and I wanted to please him too, so for a while, our relationship turned into a very edging one, in which we got very horny but relieved ourselves with our mouths and hands. I started using toys to stretch myself, I began with regular dildos, and then I worked myself up to bigger sizes, I even got one of those dildos that gets fatter at the bottom and a dragon dildo. I wanted to do everything I could to make our dates work.

I joined a yoga class to learn and be able to relax because whenever I saw CJ my muscles would react to it and tighten up and so little by little, I started learning how to take him and his beautiful cock. I learned how to relax while I was close to orgasm and I even achieved a squirt! It never happened to me before, but CJ ate me up so well I squirted.

We fore-played the shit out of our dates, and whenever we tried, it started feeling a lot better, but still a little painful. I kept my training, and we kept working on our relationship to understand the things we liked before having intercourse, until one day, I was dripping wet, I had just squirted all over CJ’S hands when something took over me.

I pushed CJ onto the couch, straddled him, and held his cock against my entrance. Then I slowly impaled myself and as I did, I couldn’t believe it was actually going in, without pain or discomfort. My jaw dropped in surprise and pleasure and I saw that CJ was blown away too. I started riding his cock, feeling how it stretched and adjusted my walls to his size, then I had most of his cock inside me, I felt so full, so pleased I had an orgasm right at his third thrust.

CJ kept telling me I had a tight pussy, and that it felt incredibly good, adding to my own heat. I couldn’t believe how wet he got me, to feel him after all that time was something beyond imagination, I was finally enjoying his size and it was worth all the waiting. I rode him as well as I could but CJ then took the lead, he placed me down on the couch and started fucking me.

The deeper he went the more in love I felt with him. CJ has it all, but at that moment right there, he won me over entirely. It was my first big cock and I don’t think I’ll ever want to go back, I had intense orgasms while he fucked me on the couch that night that I could never compare to previous guys I had been with, we fucked for a long time that night and when CJ finished, nothing ever felt as hot as his cock pumping his milk inside me, it sent me straight to pleasure paradise. Now, we fuck like bunnies, we just can’t stop!

Authors note: Learning to take a big dick can be tiring, it isn’t an easy goal but luckily for this guy, he has a dedicated and horny girlfriend willing to do everything that it takes to fit him inside of her. Going to extremes to squeeze himself into her tight pussy, would you go this far? – Tamsin 💋

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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