My Wife Was Made To Be Bred

My wife and I didn’t know anything about breeding kinks until we had been married for around 3 years. We stumbled across it by accident watching some weird documentary and the very next day my wife opened up to me about how much it had turned her on why it might explain her fascination and love for cum.

She loves cum, she always has. She would be happy to be tied up and just have as much cum deposited on and in her as possible. It’s never enough, she has always loved to milk me dry and when she found out about breeding kinks and how much cum they can entail she knew in that instant, it was something that had been missing from her life.

As we explored the breeding kink, we realized how much we both liked the idea of it and it was something we had both been doing for years without even realizing it. I loved pretending to get my wife pregnant and she loved to be filled up with my sperm in the hopes of falling pregnant. It was all making sense to us and from that moment on we embarked on an adventure of a lifetime…

“I am ready for my baby honey”, my wife shouts down the stairs. I quickly finish what I am doing and head to our bedroom where she is laying there naked, her legs spread open for me, waiting eagerly. Her pussy is still glistening from the last load I left inside of her, my cum looks like icing drying on her perfect pussy lips and now I am about to add to that deposit.

Sliding my cock inside of my wife, I feel the familiar tightness, her dampness surrounding my cock as I thrust into her and watch her close her eyes with arousal. My cock is already ready to erupt, her pussy is too good, and knowing I am serving my purpose of filling her with my seed, is making my animal instincts impossible to ignore.

Pumping into her and pressing her legs behind her head, she moans loudly, begging for me to fill her up again. I suppress my orgasm for as long as I can, feeling my balls tightening and aching to cum, my cock throbbing inside of my wife’s pussy, searching for her womb as I slam against her, pushing my tip as far as it will go inside of her fertile slit. My orgasm is spilling out of me and I can’t hold it any longer as I begin to cum and paint the inside of my wife’s pussy with my sperm, filling her up to the brim and pumping the last few drops into her. She thanks me angelically and I pull out of her, watching as my wife pushes any drops that may have come out back inside of herself, getting off on my natural lubrication.

My wife looks like the poster girl of arousal, her breasts plump and sensitive, her pussy glistening with my cum, drips of cream visibly dripping out of her, her feminine hips encompassing her womb, where my sperm is right now, dancing with her eggs, breeding my wife.

You would think two loads in one day would be enough but not for me or my wife. She is so breedable that we do it as much as we can. A few hours after my last deposit inside of her fertile womb my wife calls me into the shower with her, her facing the wall as the hot water coats us both, moistening our skin. I stand behind her, spreading her legs with my hand and I press the tip of my cock against her slit, I can feel it’s wet already as I begin pressing my way inside, gently sliding myself inside of her and starting to thrust deep into her as she steadies herself with the wall. She moans softly as I fuck her, my cock reaching the end of her with each deep and gentle thrust. I feel her breasts, rubbing her nipples between my fingertips as my cock buries itself inside of her. The hot water feels heavenly against us as we fuck, not interrupting this moment, only enhancing how romantic and sexual it feels. Breeding my wife in the shower was going to be an easy clean-up.

A few minutes in and my wife began to beg once again for my cum inside of her and it was good timing because I was about to blow. I teased her for a little while, making her beg more for it, telling me how much she wants it, and finally, I gave in, letting my balls drain inside of her, filling her with my cream, breeding her fertile, plump pussy, and knowing how her body would be taking my seed gratefully.

She pushed any drops of cum that dribbled out of her back in and she kissed me passionately. I watched on as my wife washed her sensual and feminine body, I couldn’t help but think how breedable she was and how she was made for this kink. She is a cum dump with an extremely fertile pussy.

Authors note: Who doesn’t love a nice breeding kink? I certainly do. It’s something I want to explore more in my own life but for now, writing about it really turns me on. Fertility and animal instincts run through this erotic tale and it’s hard not to want to get filled or fill an aching and desperate womb, isn’t it? Let me know if you want more breeding stories because I sure do love writing them. Tamsin <3

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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