Me And Mrs. Roberts

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Colin saw Mr. Roberts’s truck leaving the flower-lined driveway at 9 am sharp, he was leaving again for business across the country and he had a plane to catch. Colin watched his neighbor’s house for a few moments and noted how Mrs. Roberts opened all of the curtains wearing just a small robe and she glanced over at Colin’s window.

She had a habit of doing this, appearing at the window wearing next to nothing, teasing Colin when her husband wasn’t there, even sometimes when he was and Colin was always as hard as a rock when he saw her. She was twice his age and Colin had to admit he had the hots for her, her hair was a beautiful sun-kissed shade, her waist slim and her hips curvy, her breasts full, and an ass that looked good in anything. He masturbated about Mrs. Roberts a lot and one day one of his fantasies came to life.

Colin’s mom told Colin to ask Mrs. Roberts if she had any eggs and so jumping at the chance he pulled on his jeans and ran across the road, eager to see the woman who made him behave like a puppy.

“Hi cutie”, she said in her southern drawl, swinging the door open.

“Er, hi Mrs. Roberts. My mom wants to know if you have any eggs?”, Colin beamed, twiddling his hands nervously.

Smiling, Mrs. Roberts tuned to her kitchen and went to grab some, wiggling her ass and walking with utter seduction. Handing them to Colin she brushed his hands with her fingers, telling him to come by tomorrow as she needed some help with something in the basement.

The day couldn’t come quick enough, it was all Colin could think about. Showering and putting on his favorite aftershave he headed over to the big white house and knocked nervously on the door. Mrs. Roberts answered wearing tight jeans and a tight blue blouse, her hair styled and a glimmer in her eye. She took Colin down into the basement and asked him to fix her dryer, his mom had told her that he was a whizz at repairing electronics.

Sometime later and Colin found Mrs. Roberts back in the family room, sipping on a hot drink and reading a magazine.

“All done Mrs. R”, Colin said, smiling. Dust all over his clothes.

“Why thank you handsome!”, Mrs. Roberts said in her addictive southern drawl.

Colin turned to leave and Mrs. Roberts stopped him.

“Why don’t you come and sit down for a while and I’ll fix you some tea?”, she asked.

Colin wasn’t going to refuse that, taking her up on her offer, he sat down on her plump couch and took in his surroundings. Her home was beautiful, a reflection of her and Colin felt his boner growing even just being in this mature woman’s presence.

Sitting back down Mrs. Roberts smiled at Colin, thanking him for fixing her dryer. “You see, I was running out of clean clothes”, she said, evoking the thought of her naked in Colin’s mind. Now he was struggling to conceal his boner in his pants, crossing his legs to try and minimize the obvious bulge forming in the material.

“Does that turn you on Colin?”, Mrs. Roberts suddenly said, snapping Colin out of his trance.

He wasn’t expecting this. He nodded shyly, not wanting to give off the wrong message to the woman he had lusted over for so long.

“I like that it turns you on. I want to show you things Colin because…you turn me on too”, she said, smiling.

Colin wasn’t sure if he was dreaming but the aching throb in his cock told him that he was definitely not.

That is where it all began. Mrs. Roberts came closer to Colin and put her hand on his thigh, slowly moving it up to his cock and teasing Colin. He breathed quickly, afraid it would go off as soon as she touched it, and as she unbuttoned his pants and reached inside, it happened, his cock began to dribble with cum, Mrs. Robert’s hand soaked with his ejaculate. She smiled at him as he trembled and tried hard not to groan, trying to apologize.

“We are going to work on this sweetie, that’s what I’m here for. When my husband is away I want you here, learning how to please and treat a woman, ok?”, she said.

Colin agreed, excited, nervous, and severely embarrassed about his premature ejaculation but something told him that she liked it, she wanted to mold him and turn him into something perfect and he was ready for this new journey, so long as her husband was away, he would do anything to please this amazing woman.

“Now, let’s get you cleaned up”, she said, getting to her knees and taking Colin’s soft cock in her mouth, tasting his ejaculate and swirling her tongue around his fresh meat. Colin moaned and his cock came back to life, hardening in her mouth as she cleaned him up, making his cock wet and sticky. He didn’t know what to do with himself, his hand on the back of her head, his eyes focused straight ahead of him, afraid he would be met with the same fate as before.

She was incredible with her tongue, she knew how to make him moan, he had never had a blowjob before and he somehow knew he would never ever find a woman who could blow him as Mrs. Roberts could. She treated his cock as if it was the tastiest and biggest in the world, lapping it up and moaning, her full lips tight around his inexperienced meat. He knew he was going to blow again, he couldn’t make it stop, he warned her and she pulled away from him and let his cum shoot onto her pretty face, he watched as it pooled on her cheek and dripped down on her face. She wiped it away and smiled at him, letting him know he did a good job.

He caught his breath and stared at the incredible woman now plumping her cushions. “Now, come back tomorrow, you have so much to learn”, she said, kissing Colin on the cheek and heading into the kitchen. “Oh and ask your mom if she has any sugar I can borrow!”, she shouted from another room.

Colin hurried home and pinched himself, unsure if this was all a dream or not. It turns out, it wasn’t.

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Authors note: I loved writing this one! It really turned me on, a boy meets a girl except a boy is a young horny man and a girl is a mature older milf eager to imprint herself on the memory of this virgin. I made it into a part two-story as I wanted you to be as excited and eager as I was to write it and I have a feeling the next half is even better than the first. Let me know what you think, have you ever met a Mrs. Roberts? – Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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