My Dads Best Friend

My dad’s best friend has been subtly glancing at me for months now, I first noticed it when he kept glancing at my cleavage in a summer dress I was wearing, and ever since then, I have been trying to make him do something more to me, something he won’t regret.

Today I am meeting with him and our family for lunch at the country club and I know I will have a seat opposite him waiting for me. I hop out of my car with a spring in my step, my freshly shaved pussy is fluttering at the thought of how naughty this is and I head inside the country club.

I knew what I was doing, wearing a tight white top without a bra underneath and a mini skirt. I knew how sexy I looked and I knew how turned on I was turning up. He sees me first and his eyes head straight to my tits, my nipples are hard and obvious through the thin material and his excitement is written all over his face. I sit down in front of him and we engage in some small talk yet I can’t help but notice how rigid he is and I turn up the heat, I make innuendos that nobody else can hear, I flirt with him and I make sure he sees my braless tits the entire time.

He tries to play it off, behaving like the responsible best friend to my dad that he is but I know the truth, he is pent up with sexual desire for me and I am going to get it out of him in one way or another. I gently rub my foot over his calf, he doesn’t respond, his eyes flicker towards me and I smile sweetly, rubbing my foot further and further up his calf, reaching his thigh, wiggling my toes and all he does is stare at me as I make conversation with my mom, he was trying so hard not to alert anyone at that table at what is going on underneath it. I didn’t care though, I wanted him badly, he might be my dad’s best friend but I know he wants me too.

A little while later he comes back to the table and says; “Ah fuck, I just went out for a smoke and I think you might have a flat tire”, looking directly at me. My tire was fine on the way here I think to myself. “Oh no! Daddy, what do I do?”, I ask my dad panicked.

“I have to be back at work…I…”, my dad says, glancing around the table.

“Look I am free, I’ll take care of it”, he says to my dad, patting his back and telling him not to worry, he is such a good friend. We finish our meal and we say our goodbyes, leaving me and my dad’s best friend alone in the parking lot with my very obvious flat tire.

“Wow, I must have hit something big”, I say, looking up at him.

“Sure did now hop into my car whilst we wait for the recovery truck, it’s cold and you’re wearing next to nothing”, he says nonchalantly.

The doors lock automatically and he swings his car round to a more discreet parking space, one that nobody can see us from. “Let’s just sit tight”. he says smiling at me. For a second I wonder if I have gotten my signals all wrong, maybe this man is innocent and doesn’t want to fuck his dad’s best friend’s daughter but then he turns up the AC. I smile, knowing exactly what he is doing. “Thought you said it was cold?”, I ask, flirtatiously. He nods and stares at my chest, watching my nipples grow hard. “You’re a naughty girl, aren’t you?”, he says, reaching for my thigh and squeezing it softly.

I bite my lip, I have daydreamed about this moment for a long time. I let his hand ride up my leg and under my miniskirt, stopping right before he touches my panties. “You have been teasing me too much, haven’t you?”, he asks me, knowing how much I want him to touch me between the legs. I nod again, my eyes wide and doe-like, anything to make him give in. “Say yes daddy”, he says.

“Yes, I have been so naughty daddy”, I say, looking him in the eyes and slowly his fingers push further up, against the lining of my thong, and begin rubbing against my shaved cunt. Through the cotton it feels tremendous, my mind is racing with arousal. I let out a little moan, wishing for my dad’s best friend to go further. He does what I am thinking, pulling the fabric of my thong to one side and rubbing his fingers across my wet slit, looking at me with fire in his eyes as his fingers rub against me softly. I gently buck against his hand, aching for him to be inside of me and silently my prayers are answered as one of his fingers glides inside of my pussy, making me let out a louder moan. “That feels so good daddy”, I say, biting my lip as his finger probes me. He doesn’t say a word as he fingers me.

“Lift up your shirt”, he says sternly and I do as he says, slowly lifting my tight white shirt up and showing my braless tits to my dad’s best friend. His eyes focus on them, he breathes heavily. “You will ruin my life, won’t you?”, he says, his finger still deep inside of me. I nod, giggling. “Fuck it”, he says suddenly leaning over and planting a kiss on my breasts, kissing and sucking them hungrily, lapping at them with his tongue, his finger pumping inside of me and his thumb rubbing against my clit. I moaned excitedly, this felt better than I could have even imagined.

Gently he pulled me on top of him, unbuckling his pants as I straddled him, pushing his seat back to give us more room. He sucked on my breasts as he got his cock out and as soon as it was out I almost squealed in excitement, I couldn’t wait to feel my dad’s best friend inside of me. He rubbed his tip against my opening, groaning as he did. “I have thought about doing this so many times”, he said, looking at me. “Mmmm me too”, I groaned sweetly. As he held his tip against my soaked slit I began slowly taking him, slowly and gently sliding down his pole, he groaned and I gasped as he filled me. “Fuck you’re so tight!”, he said through gritted teeth. I rubbed at my breasts as I slid down him before getting him all of the ways inside and riding him slowly.

“Oh God this feels so good daddy”, I said, riding him slowly. He had ahold of my hips, his eyes squeezed shut as I bucked on him. I moaned loudly, getting off on my own sweet noises. Suddenly he took control, grabbing my hips hard as he thrust into me with everything he had, hard and fast, his cock slammed against my pink pussy and I screamed with ecstasy, I felt my orgasm building with each thrust, my naked breasts right in front of his face. I tried to suppress my moans but it just wasn’t happening. “Daddy! Oh, fuck! Daddy, I’m going to cum”, I said as he fucked me and suddenly I did, letting my orgasm ripple through me, making me shudder and moan hoarsely as his cock explored me.

“Thank you, thank you daddy”, I said as I came down from my orgasm, feeling like I had died and gone to heaven. My dad’s best friend continued thrusting into me, letting out all of his pent-up sexual desire for me, he used my body and touched every inch of it with his wandering hands.

“Where do you want my cum?”, he asked me, slowing down. I told him I wasn’t on the pill and asked him to please use my mouth as his cum dump. Getting back to my seat, I got on my knees and began blowing him, tasting myself on his glistening shaft, he put his hands on my head and ran his fingers through my hair. I felt the base of his cock around my lips and I lapped and sucked on his manhood desperately, swallowing every inch of him without hesitation. He groaned and suddenly told me he was going to cum, his body tensed and I think he expected me to pull his cock out of my mouth, but I didn’t, I let him finish inside of my mouth, a huge thick load trickled down my throat. I saved as much of it as I could in my mouth and as I pulled him out, I opened my mouth and showed him what a good girl I had been, swallowing it and licking my lips for him. “Delicious, thank you daddy”, I said and he smiled, letting out a breathless sigh at the same time.

Suddenly we heard a horn-tooting, the recovery truck was here. He quickly pulled his pants up and I left my wet thong in his passenger seat, something to remember me by.

Before I got out of the car, he grabbed my arm and said: “Let’s hope you don’t get another flat tire next time I see you” before winking at me and opening his door. That told me everything I needed to know and that ladies and gentlemen was the start of my affair with my dad’s best friend…

Authors note: I wanted to try something new with this story and I really enjoyed it. Sure, it’s one of my more taboo categories but I like to let my imagination run wild sometimes and I am really proud of this piece of erotica. It really turned me on and I hope it did the same for you. Let me know what you thought of this story and if you came to it, I may have! 😉 Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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