The Naked Muse

Emma signed up for a life-drawing class to broaden her horizons, she had never done anything like it before and she wanted to meet new people. It was located off-campus in an old hall used for many different kinds of clubs and activities. As she approached the door she wondered if she should just turn around and not bother, painting had never been her thing and what if it was filled with pretentious a-holes, she thought to herself.

In the middle of the room was a circle of easels, chairs, and a comfy-looking chaise lounge in the middle, where she guessed the person being painted was going to be sat.

Emma introduced herself to the coordinator, a middle-aged, handsome man called Luca. He took a shine to Emma straightaway, noting her petite figure and feminine hips, skin milky white, and eyes a dark green that made her the ideal captivating candidate to be painted. Emma was one of those women who had no idea just how pretty she was, wearing no makeup and loose jeans, she was the perfect girl next door and his cock was aching for her.

He watched as she took her seat and began playing anxiously with her paintbrush, tucking her loose auburn hair behind her ears. The life model came out from behind a curtain, wearing just a dark red robe before sitting down on the chaise lounge. He was a serious type, the painting was important to him, and being a nude model was an honor for him. Luca glanced at Emma as the nude model pulled off his robe and posed for the painters before him, totally naked. Her eyes widened and flashed to his cock, he noted but she was composed as she began to paint the serious man and when the time was up he marveled at her work, pronouncing her as a painting prodigy.

He held Emma back after the lesson and congratulated her again on her talents and he noted how flushed she got from the compliments. She denied any skill and told Luca it was all just beginner’s luck. The pair talked for some time and Emma intrigued him more and more with each moment that passed. She was smitten by him and he wasn’t to know that when she got back to her place that very night she masturbated for an hour straight thinking about what Luca would do to her body given the chance.

Luca and Emma met for a drink to discuss painting a few days later and the sexual energy between them could have been cut with a knife. Luca was undressing Emma in his mind and Emma was thinking about all of the dirty things Luca would do to her if she let him. It was there that she agreed to be the next nude model for a smaller, more intermediate group of painters. Luca had to present a project to his peers soon and after showering her in compliments, Luca knew that Emma would be his muse because he had already undressed her in his mind and he knew her body would make him produce the best piece of artwork they had ever seen.

Emma waited in the backroom for some time, she could hear people filling the seats in the room outside and she was nervous, her stomach was in knots. She was wearing the dark red robe the previous nude model had been wearing and looking at herself in the mirror she flashed it open, marveling at her body., She was slim, with small breasts and perky pink nipples, with feminine hips, her body slender and petite. Her auburn hair cascaded over her shoulders and the small red bush on her pubic bone looked cute against her milky white skin.

Suddenly she heard Luca knocking on the door.

“Are you read Emma?”, he said.

“Yeah, I guess!”, she responded, opening the door and looking into his bright alluring eyes. He led her into the middle of the room and onto the chaise lounge. Introducing her to the painters who seemed older and wiser than the class she had been in. Luca took a seat this time too and she began to take off her robe, looking him in the eyes as she did so. The red robe fell to the floor as she leaned on her elbow, her legs crossed over each other femininely, her hair trickling down her back. She looked around, all her eyes were on her as the painters began to sketch and pour their paint, and Lucas’s eyes were mysterious, lost in thought and she was turned on by his demeanor.

Emma felt so free as she lay there, her tight body on show to everyone there, their eyes discovering new parts of her and absorbing every inch of her skin.

She stared at Lucas and she realized her pussy was moistening, she could feel the wetness pooling between her legs, and as time went by and she took in Luca’s ravishing features she gulped and on a whim decided to gently part her legs, only half of the class, including Lucas, could see between her soft legs and as his eyes glided over her pink, plump wet pussy she saw an erection visibly growing in his pants.

Emma felt like a million dollars, time went by fast and soon the class was over and she stayed where she was, letting the painters thank her and leave, except one person remained still -Lucas.

As the last person closed the door Lucas approached Emma, with a sensual smile across his lips. “You were amazing”, he said, stroking Emma’s auburn hair and planting his eyes on her small chest. She smiled up at him and without saying a word lay back and spread her legs, showing him just how wet she was and how she rubbed her pussy, she watched his reaction as she began playing with herself, squeezing one of her breasts as her hand played with her swollen clit. Lucas stared in awe, Emma was the most beautiful creature to ever live and he had just gotten an idea for his next painting…

Authors note: This was something very different for me but I loved writing it. The sensual muse, the lovestruck painter, and the sexual chemistry that goes with it. After writing this I quite like the idea of being someone’s muse and having them paint me for some inspiration. Any takers? Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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