Nudist Beach Secrets

My girlfriend, Kim, was always free-spirited and open to any new experiences, but the things that turned her on the most were always outdoors. She loved to go out with me somewhere public just to end up letting me fuck her somewhere where anyone could see us. I enjoyed that and was more than encouraging her with my behavior, but soon she got a special obsession – beaches.

There was something about the water, sand, and sun that was driving her crazy. She was getting me there in the morning, in the daylight, and in the night so we could have wild sex while enjoying it all.

I still think about the nights when I had Kim laying under me on the covers, next to a fire, while listening to the waves hitting the sand, while I fucked her, felt her sexy body, and enjoyed all of what she had to offer me. That was amazing and I didn’t want to change anything until Kim wanted to move on to the next step.

She found a community of people that all love having sex on the beach and going around naked. They were all about exploring new places and trying new things, so it was only natural that Kim decided to join in and pull me with her.

I was reluctant at first. It didn’t seem like a good idea to me to start meeting all those new people and having sex with them, just because they liked doing it on the beach too, but Kim asked me to at least try and I agreed.

The first time we went to one of those meetings I was nervous and not sure what we were going to do there. Kim was calming me any way she could, saying that it would be an amazing new experience that we need to have. I trusted her, so I went along and soon we were there, in a place where people seemed to not care about all the rules and laws, just enjoying nature and each other.

All of them were naked and I tried not to stare at the array of tits, asses, and dicks. I had never seen so many naked people at once and it made me nervous, but with Kim, everything seemed to be better and more interesting.

We started to undress while I looked around. Many people there were in couples and groups and, farther away, I could see some having sex. I didn’t know how to feel about it, but I felt aroused and in my naked state, it was more than obvious.

“You look as if you like being here,” Kim laughed, looking at my half-hard cock.

“Maybe I do,” I answered her, still trying to act calmly.

We put a cover down on the sand and lay on it, looking around and trying to get used to the atmosphere there. Kim seemed to be enjoying herself and I was happy for her. I was watching too, seeing all the naked people talking, kissing, and laughing. My cock was still a little hard and it was becoming uncomfortable.

“Do you need some help?” Kim asked with a teasing smile.

I didn’t know how to react to it. I didn’t feel especially comfortable doing something like that with all the people around us, but since everyone was doing it, why couldn’t we? I looked around once again, making sure we weren’t the only horny people there and looked at Kim.

“Maybe I do,” I said, still not sure, but Kim already made her way to my groin.

She sat next to my hip, putting her hand around my cock and stroking me. I looked at her, at her perfect body and perky tits, and couldn’t help myself. She was just too sexy. I put a hand on her breast, squeezing it and she smiled. She leaned down, opened her mouth for me, and took my cock inside. I enjoyed the wet warmth of her mouth, the way she pressed around me was perfect and gave me all the amazing sensations I was looking for and it all was amplified by the fact that there were people around us, watching us and enjoying the show. I didn’t know how to feel about it, it seemed too much for me, but I was willing to forget about it all because I had Kim’s mouth on me.

She moaned, leaning even farther down, taking my whole length inside. Kim knew how to do it so I would feel better with every movement of her tongue, she was that talented and I knew I was close to cumming right inside her warm tight mouth. I pulled her closer, making her take more of my cock and it felt even better now. I was taking it all in – her mouth on me, the people around us watching, the scenery, and, overwhelmed with it all, I finished in her mouth.

Kim looked amazing at that moment, with some cum on her lips and I knew it wouldn’t be the last time we did a thing like that.

We continued experimenting and, gradually, I got into it as much as Kim did. She was searching for more and more events on the beach that we were attending until she found the biggest one – an orgy that was supposed to happen on the beach near us during the night. I felt nervous again like the first time we went there, but excited. The orgy was something new, something we didn’t try and I was willing to let Kim do it.

When we arrived there weren’t too many people there and we just waited next to the fire, fully naked. I got used to being nude in front of other people very quickly and now it was nothing to me. I was looking at Kim, seeing how excited she was.

There were more and more people coming in to have fun and I thought that it would be a good idea to start with just us two.

Kim and I started making out, I was teasing her and caressing her body. I laid on my back and she straddled me, putting my cock inside her. It was magnificent – I watched her in the firelight, as her tits bounced and her body moved, taking my cock. People were looking at us and I knew they could only think that we looked sexy and beautiful fucking like that. Soon, a woman came to us. She had a round ass and smaller tits, her skin smooth. She looked with a smile as I kept fucking Kim.

“Can I join in? You two look like a lot of fun,” she said.

“Yes, of course,” Kim nodded, smiling at me.

The woman leaned closer to Kim, kissing her on the mouth with passion. I enjoyed the view, but soon she turned to me and went to sit on my face. I didn’t mind, opening my mouth for her pussy. I started teasing her with my tongue and eating her out, as she moaned on me. Kim was moaning too, still riding my cock and I thought that it was one of the craziest experiences I had.

I kept enjoying both of them and giving them pleasure until I felt Kim move away and my cock slipped out of her. When another woman got up from my face and went to ride me, I saw Kim next to me, on the sand, being fucked by a larger black man. She was moaning while standing on her fours and taking his cock from behind. She smiled at me, as she was fucked like this and I could see that she enjoyed it.

We both fucked other people while looking at one another and it seemed like something crazy, but enjoyable at the same time. I could see Kim moaning and whimpering until the guy finished right inside her and I saw her turn to me and show me how wet her slit was glimmering. I loved seeing her like that, slutty and open to anything and it was something we both enjoyed.

The night went on being filled with passion and sex. At some point, Kim was on all fours in front of me along with two other women and I was fucking them in turns until they all were filled with my cum. I saw Kim fucking other guys too, their cocks in her mouth and asshole, making her look as slutty as she liked. We didn’t go until the sunrise, when everyone around us was tired after the hours of fucking and covered in all kinds of fluids, just like me and Kim were.

We still have the same hobby of going to different nude beach events and having fun there and I love it just like Kim does. No matter what I always knew that as soon as I go to the beach I could only think about sex with her.

Authors note: I love the idea of sexual nudist beaches and voyeurism and I poured my desires into this erotic tale. I would love to go to a beach like this in my lifetime. Have you ever done anything like this? Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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