I Gave Him Permission To Use My Ass Anytime

Steven ran his hands through his hair, letting out a deep breath. It wasn’t fun to be working on a Saturday. His home office usually stayed off-limits over the weekend, but sometimes, it couldn’t be avoided.

Sighing, he opened the door and walked into the hallway. He wondered where Kimberly might be. If he knew his girlfriend (and he thought he did), she was probably on the porch, reading and enjoying the afternoon sun.

“Hey,” he said, opening the patio door, where Kim was lounging in a chair, a book in her hand.
She looked up at him inquiringly. “All done?”

“Yes,” he said, coming over to her and tapping her. “Finally.”

Kim recognized that motion and the familiar gleam in his eye. Happily, she got over to her hands and knees and lifted up her skirt.

As she bent over the back of the chair, the sunlight hitting them in waves of warmth, Steven leaned over to eat Kim’s ass, getting her nice and slick before putting his cock inside of her. Kim arched her back, moaning as Steven’s thick seven inches filled her up entirely.

Their “anal free use” rule benefitted them both. Kim loved anal more than most women might. She had told Steven when they got together that he was welcome to use her ass whenever and wherever he felt like it. This meant that even if she was in the middle of a book, he could bend her over. Even if she was cooking dinner, he could take her ass.

Steven pounded away in Kim’s ass for a few minutes, feeling less stressed with each thrust. It was the perfect way to end a bad day, burying his cock inside her like this.

“I think I’ll save my cum for later,” he said, withdrawing from her, sighing blissfully.

“Aw, okay,” said Kim, disappointed but excited by the prospect of more anal to come.

She got back to her book for a few more minutes before deciding to go inside and take a shower. They had dinner plans for later, so she wanted to start getting ready.

“Babe! You almost done?” called Steven from the living room.

“Yeah!” Kim called back from the bathroom, where she was busy finishing up her lipstick. “Just a few more minutes, baby.”

Steven came down the hall and stood in the doorway. He surveyed Kim’s body, her curves held tightly by a short black dress. Her sleek dark hair was done in loose waves over her shoulders. She could tell right away what was coming.

“Fuck, you look good,” he said, biting his lip as he came up behind her and lifted up her skirt. As expected, she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

After coating his cock with plenty of spit and giving himself a few hard strokes, Steven spread Kim’s thick ass cheeks and slid his cock slowly inside of her. Kim smiled to herself in the mirror, where she continued to work on her makeup while her boyfriend had his way with her.

“We don’t wanna be late,” she said, brushing another coat of mascara through her eyelashes. “So don’t take too long.”

Steven ignored her and instead focused on the way her ass moved as his cock slid in and out from her tight hole.

“Ahh, shit!” he cried out after a few more minutes of ass fucking, his cum spurting deep and hard into Kim’s ass.

Kim sighed. “I’m gonna have to wear underwear now.”

Steven shook his head. “No, you won’t. Look what I brought from the closet.”

He pulled out one of Kim’s favorite stainless steel butt plugs and shoved it deep into her cum-filled asshole.

She spun around and smiled at him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Perfect. That cum will stay in there with no problem.”

They headed to the restaurant quickly after that. Every time Kim shifted in her seat, the butt plug did as well, causing ripples of pleasure to make their way through her body. She shivered.
Steven smirked at her from over the top of his menu. “Something wrong?”

Kim shook her head and cleared her throat. “Shut up, babe. Why do you love torturing me so much?”

He laughed. “Do not even think about acting like you don’t enjoy every second of this. Meet me in the bathroom in five minutes.”

Kim rolled her eyes, but secretly loved nights like this. She watched as Steven left the table and headed to the bathroom. The anal-free-use rule extended to public places, after all. It wasn’t just reserved for their home.

Kim walked casually to the bathroom a few minutes later, worried that someone might suspect what was going on. Of course, no one did, though, and she felt relieved when she walked through that door.

Quickly, Steven spun her around and lifted her skirt up again.

“Mmm,” Kim groaned, as she felt him pull the plug slowly from her ass. She was so horny, eager to feel his cock inside her asshole once again.

“I love how much you love this cock inside you,” Steven said quietly into her ear, as he pressed her up against the wall. “You ready to take it again?”

“Yes,” Kim said, sighing. She reached back to pull her ass open for him.

“Oh my god,” Steven moaned, his head thrown back with pleasure. “So tight and filled with my cum.”

He went hard and fast, worried that someone might come knocking on the door soon. If someone got too close to the bathroom, they would most certainly have heard the sound of skin on skin, or Kim’s cute little whimpers.

“Do you want another load of cum up inside you?” Steven asked, his hands gripping her ass even tighter now.

“Yes,” Kim whispered. “Cum in my ass, baby.”

In a matter of seconds, Steven was giving her what she wanted, another load of hot, thick cum deep in her asshole. His cock twitched inside Kim for a long time before he finally withdrew from her and immediately plugged her back up again.

An hour later, the two of them had arrived home, and Steven told Kim to go pull out her butt plug if she wanted. She did so, and found Steven on the couch, flipping through Netflix.

“Come here,” said Steven, holding up the blanket for her.

Kim crawled up against him and squealed as Steven pulled her up so that she was over his lap.
They watched the first half of a movie like this, with Steven’s hands squeezing Kim’s ass, his fingers moving in and out of her hole, where his two loads of cum sloshed around. Kim loved every moment of this and could feel herself getting more and more turned on.

“Why don’t you cum for me?” said Steven, tossing the blanket aside when he noticed that Kim was squirming more and more.

Eagerly, Kim scrambled to sit her ass down on his cock, facing away from him. As she bounced up and down, she touched her clit, rubbing it as her orgasm got closer and closer.

“Ahhh, fuuuuuck!” she cried finally, trembling all over as she lowered herself fully down onto Steven’s cock. There was nothing she enjoyed more than cumming with a cock in her ass.

“I love you,” said Kim, bending over to kiss Steven before crawling back under the blanket, sore and satisfied.

Authors note: Anal is arguably one of my favorite pastimes and the thought of giving up self-control and giving my ass to someone really appealed to me and so I wanted to write about a woman who does just that for her boyfriend. Both of these characters adore anal and I can’t help but feel insanely jealous and turned on by them. Tamsin 😉

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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