Postponed Love

Me and my husband Sam were madly in love with each other. I loved everything about him, starting with his amazing smile and ending with his beautiful hard cock. I enjoyed every moment together because I loved him so much. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else, we seemed to fit each other perfectly to the point where I didn’t need to tell him what I wanted, Sam already knew it.

I thought it would always be like that, just us together, without anyone interrupting our love and our life, but soon I learned that we could use some additional people that could bring something new and exciting to our life.

We resided in a small town far away from the big cities and I enjoyed our simple calm life until new neighbors came to live next to us.

Their names were Marissa and Leo, they were friendly and sweet and I loved being in their presence. Leo had a handsome face and a good body, not that I would look at a man married to another woman. Marissa was amazing too, she looked like a model and I couldn’t take my eyes away from her. When we just met I couldn’t imagine how close we would become, but soon I found out how good of a friend we could be.

We were getting to know each other, becoming closer and closer, we shared interests and even started going on double dates together. It was nice to have a couple to hang out with in our age group, who were so close by and I enjoyed it, even more, every day.

I started noticing that Marissa was looking at Sam a little longer than was appropriate, but thought it was just my imagination. I didn’t think he would want to have something with him when her husband was so handsome. Soon I found out that it wasn’t only Sam that she had her eyes on.

It was during one of the dinners we had at their house that I noticed her looking at me too. I didn’t know what to make out of it, but something inside me was telling me that it felt nice and that I wanted more of it. It felt like Leo and Marissa were flirting with me from time to time and I was allowing it. It seemed like Sam could feel it too and soon it escalated.

During one of the dinners we had, we had a little bit more to drink than usual and the atmosphere became a little more flirty than normal. I was sitting next to Marissa and, while talking, I leaned in closer and she, misunderstanding what I was trying to do, leaned in to kiss me. To my surprise I answered her, feeling her soft lips on mine and when I looked back at Sam and Leo they were looking at us with their eyes wide.

We didn’t know how to talk about the kiss after it happened, but soon Marissa had a proposition for the table. A kind that you wouldn’t expect – she proposed to exchange our partners and see if we enjoyed it.

At first, I was taken aback by that proposal, but I knew deep inside that it intrigued me, and very soon I talked to Sam about it and we agreed to give it a go. For our first time, we agreed that we would all just enjoy one another and so after ironing out some details we agreed to try out swinging with the gorgeous couple.

Marissa came to our house, looking sexy and amazing and I couldn’t wait to have her. I was dressed in sexy underwear too and I was looking forward to when she would see it. I was both nervous and excited for what was about to happen and soon we were on the couch, having drinks and flirting. I didn’t even know how we started kissing with her husband, Sam looking at us.

Marissa pulled my top off, putting her hands on my breasts and teasing them through the fabric of my new fancy bra. Sam leaned closer, kissing over the top of her boobs, teasing my skin with his tongue. I felt good pressed between them both and soon was kissing Marissa back and undressing her. We were enjoying each other, while Sam watched and soon I let him kiss Marissa too. We all got naked and I looked at both of them with desire.

I got on my back, opening my legs and letting Marissa put her face next to my pussy, as she was perking her ass up and letting Sam see her slit. She smiled at me before she got to teasing my clit with her tongue and my husband started fucking her from behind. I moaned, seeing him enjoy Marissa’s body as I did the same. I was pulling her closer by her hair, feeling her move her tongue all over my slit again and again, until I was shaking and whimpering, ready to cum. Sam seemed to enjoy sex with her too and I looked him in the eyes as he spilled inside her with a groan.

After the first round, we switched places and I was the one being fucked while I used my mouth on Marissa. She opened her legs wide letting me see her pussy wet with cum and I was licking her and sucking her clit while my husband fucked me from behind, until I finished hard between them, enjoying that a lot. After that night it was decided that we worked with each other amazingly and we could keep experimenting.

The next time we switched, it was far more traditional – I had a chance to sleep with Leo while Marissa stayed with Sam. That swap was making me more nervous because I didn’t have my husband around, but it was also exciting. I was looking forward to having this new experience with another man that wasn’t my husband while my own partner was having sex with another woman.

Leo met me with a warm smile and we didn’t have much foreplay. We instantly got to the bedroom and started kissing. I looked around and saw a bedroom that another woman had decorated and I loved the fact that I was about to sleep with her man.

Leo was more dominant than Sam ever was. He just threw me on the bed and started undressing me. I felt fire between us and I kept going, undressing him and feeling his body. I put my hand against the front of his pants, feeling his hard cock and wanting to have him inside. I enjoyed his mouth on my tits, on my nipples and as soon as we were naked, I felt him hard and hot against my slit.

I opened my legs, for the first time in a while, for a man that wasn’t my husband and it felt wrong and exciting. I was wet for him, he kept caressing my body, but soon I felt his tip against my entrance and moaned, feeling him going inside. He was thicker and bigger and my pussy was stretching out deliciously. I moaned and whimpered, having him so deep inside, arching my back as I took him. My pussy was so wet it was making sounds as he went inside and I loved it. My legs were wide open and I enjoyed it so much while thinking about what kind of fun Sam was having.

My pussy was getting tight on his cock, and I was moaning and loving it, while Leo fucked me faster and faster, going so deep I almost couldn’t take it. I screamed as I finished on his cock, feeling better than I ever did. Leo smiled looking at me, with his cum still spilling inside me. We kissed before he turned me on my stomach and returned to fucking me from my back. It was a long night, full of passion and pleasure.

We continued being good friends and even better lovers until me and Sam moved away. I still think about them sometimes, when I want to have an adventure or two. I hope I can find good friends like them again.

Authors note: Ah, the glorious world of swingers! I loved sharing this tale, amateurs and swinging veterans intertwining. It made my heart race with passion and desire as I crafted this erotic story. I really hope you liked it! Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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