Enjoy Being Seduced On The Southbank

I hurried off the tube, aware I was running fashionably late. People around me, rushing to their own destinations, the London air never changed and every time I came here, no matter how many times, I felt that same familiar rush of excitement down my spine. There was so much to explore and so many opportunities to seize and today was all about the opportunity, I was on my way to meet a top designer who wanted to meet me and have a casual look through my fashion portfolio.

I am a designer too, yes, very unknown at the moment but I still have managed to find my way into some of the most exclusive shops in Chelsea and in other stores across the country, people up and down the UK wear my ideas and I am always shocked by that and today, meeting Lucas had the opportunity to expand my designs even further afield.

Running along the streets I finally found the place I was looking for, a quaint upmarket bar and when I arrived, flustered and sweaty under my huge fur coat, Lucas was already sitting inside, looking down at his shoes, and when he saw me, a flicker of something shot across his eyes. He waited for me to approach him, standing only when I offered him my hand and I apologized profusely for being late. He was annoyed by my tardiness, I could tell but there was nothing I could do now and so I tried to move on, asking him questions and opening up to him and slowly the anger melted away and we were like two friends just having a quiet Friday afternoon drink.

He was hot. Like, really hot. He looked like a model himself, with a chiseled jaw, pearly white teeth, messy yet somehow perfect hair, and the height of someone in charge. He glanced through my portfolio, not making a sound as he studied each page before slamming it shut and loudly proclaiming: “You’re perfect, done! now, let us enjoy the evening”.

I couldn’t believe it, was this is it? did he want me on his catwalks? this was going to blow my career to the next level, I would be a household name. I hugged him and he kissed my cheek and something about that small exchange really stupidly turned me on. We spent hours talking, not about work, about everything and I found myself looking at Lucas in another way, I was besotted by him and quite frankly, I wanted to fuck him. I felt there was some sexual energy between us but he was so hard to read that I didn’t want to have my signals wrong and so I made a move. I put my hand on his thigh as he spoke and he responded with a cheeky smile, licking his lips as he tried to continue with what he was saying.

Time passed and suddenly I was in his apartment, it was huge with giant windows that looked over the river, I had never seen anything so spectacular, London all lit up for us and as I stared at the magical city Lucas began kissing my neck from behind and I felt a flutter in my pussy. I turned around and let him undress me, slowly pulling down the straps of my dress, leaving me in just my underwear, pulling off my bra and panties before spinning me slowly back round towards the view. I stood naked and felt Lucas getting to his knees behind me and spreading my ass, I gasped and pressed my hands against the window and suddenly felt his tongue flicking against my clit, his mouth exploring my holes and he was good at it too, I was moaning, trying to focus on the city skyline but his tongue was too talented, making me tremble and gasp thrillingly.

With my hands still pressed against the window, my body completely naked, I felt him stand up behind me, towering above me as he unzipped his designer pants and pushed his way inside of me. I gasped and moaned, letting him know how good he felt and he pulled my hair as he began thrusting inside of me, slow at first before building up his speed and fucking me animalistically. I watched his reflection in the window and he looked incredible, his perfect hair falling over his face as he stared at my body as he slammed his big cock inside of me, this man had it all.

He reached around and began rubbing my clit and I leaned back allowing him to kiss at my neck too, the sensations were overwhelming, I could barely control myself. His cock slid inside of me with ease, I was soaked and then something incredible happened. As he built up speed he told me he was going to cum and at the very moment so did I and we came together, looking out at the London skyline as an orgasm erupted from me and his orgasm shot deep inside of my womb and then trickled down my legs.

It was amazing. Was this going to be my life from now on, now that I am a hotshot designer? I hoped so.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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