She Is Free To Use

Jenna rang the doorbell outside the apartment complex and fidgeted nervously.

She combed her fingers through her short hair and listened carefully to see if anyone was coming, worried she might have the wrong apartment number. She felt out of place standing outside the door, everyone involved knowing she was only going to be there for one reason. She knew Alex and Troy from the coffee date the three of them went on the day before, and it seemed like they all wanted the same thing, but she was feeling incredibly self-conscious and unsure of herself.

Her phone buzzed. Jenna opened the message. It read:

The door’s open. Take off your dress and kneel facing the tv. Remember your posture.

Jenna felt a bit unnerved that they could see her, but she couldn’t see them. She shrugged it off. I bet that’s just how the buzzer system was set up, she thought. Most secure, upscale buildings like this have cameras all over the place.

She carefully pushed down on the handle as it clicked open into an open-plan kitchenette and living room. The lighting was low, but she could tell the island and the countertops were marble and the appliances were new. She stepped in quietly, knowing her every movement was being watched, and shut the door behind her. Her heels clicked softly across the tile to the carpeted living room, adorned only with a simple black couch, a matching chair, and an elegant tv stand with a large screen television. She removed her heels, placing them together against the wall as she tried to look at her surroundings out of the corners of her eyes. This apartment was so simply decorated, so non-descript but yet clean, big, and new. Jenna couldn’t help but feel that this wasn’t a place where people lived – this is where people were invited over.

Jenna knelt and took off her dress, folding it neatly in one swift motion. She set it aside and sat up on her knees with good posture. She felt the air of the living room shift as her doms walked behind her, prickling her skin with goosebumps. She kept her eyes on the ground. Two sets of black dress shoes stood in front of her with perfectly-tailored black suit pants to match. The room was so quiet she could hear her heart beating in her ears.

“Have any of your boundaries changed from what was discussed?” said one voice above her. She shook her head.

“Good,” replied the voice. She heard cloth rubbing against itself like sleeves were being rolled up. “We use non-verbal safewords. Three taps to slow down, five to stop.”

She paused. “I need you to tell me you understand before we start,” said the voice, a bit of impatience in his tone.

“I understand, and I’m still ok with everything we talked about,” Jenna said politely, her eyes still on the ground. A finger reached out and lifted her chin. She looked up into Alex’s eyes, immaculately framed by his dark eyebrows and close-cut beard. She admired him for a moment, but before she knew what was happening the image of his face was replaced by a stinging slap to the face. Her head turned to the right. She held it there for a moment, recovering from the unexpected sharpness of it, and turned her face again to Alex. She saw him in his entirety then – white button-up shirt rolled to the elbows, a blue suit vest, black pants. He stared down at her for a moment, then reached out and slapped her again. Although Jenna saw it coming she didn’t flinch, excited to see if this one was harder. She exhaled slightly as the blow landed much more forceful than she had anticipated. Jenna smirked to herself. She enjoyed the challenge.

Jenna felt moisture grow between her legs. Troy, who Jenna still hadn’t seen, knelt down behind her and grabbed her breasts with both hands. He started massaging them aggressively and kissing her neck from behind, unseen by her.

“Aren’t you a pretty little slut?” said Troy in her ear, his face gently moving her gorgeous gold curls. “Mmm, you look like the perfect fucktoy.” He pulled her closer against his body, running his hands all up and down her as she felt his cock grow against her lower back. Jenna didn’t resist, simply relaxing into his touch as she felt her blood rush. He undid her bra and pulled it off her in an instant, throwing it across the room and out of sight. He grabbed both her nipples and began to twist and pull them as she let out a slight whimper.

“Aww, does that hurt a little? Make you horny?” said Alex, leaning over to get his face close to hers. Her attention now on him, he smiled and lightly kissed her nose. “Let’s give you something else to do to distract you.” Alex began undoing his zipper and pulled out his cock, already hard and dripping. Jenna’s mouth opened automatically.

“Good girl,” said Alex as he slid his cock into her warm mouth. She moved her head up and down on him, using her tongue to get every inch of it wet. Troy, still aggressively feeling her breasts, grabbed one with his left hand and slapped it a few times. Jenna winced again, and she felt Alex’s hand appear on the back of her head, holding it in place. Troy held her against him with one arm and reached into her panties with the other, immediately inserting a finger into her.

“Oh, you’re soaking wet. Alex, come feel her cunt. Should we put a cock in there?” Troy asked, a hint of sadism in his voice. Alex pulled himself out of her mouth and knelt down, reaching in her panties as Troy pulled his hand out. Jenna gasped slightly. Everything was sensitive, and every movement made her ache even more.

“You’re right. She is soaking wet. So, does our little slut want some cock?” said Alex as he looked into her eyes. Jenna nodded, her eyes growing distant.

“Oh, but I want to hear you beg for it,” said Troy, nearly ripping her panties while pulling off the last of her clothes. “Tell me how much you want it.”

“Please, Sir,” said Jenna, looking into Troy’s eyes. “I need to feel you inside me. I need to you use my dirty whore cunt.”

“Good girl,” said Alex. She turned from his blonde-haired friend to him to wait for the next command, willing to obey anything they said. It didn’t occur to her until later that Alex must be the one that had the most experience. Everything about him, from the way he orchestrated everything to the things he said, commanded a respect and obedience from her in a way she’d never even fantasized about.

Alex walked over to the black chair and sat in it, rubbing his cock with one hand as his posture invited her. “Come over and suck this for me,” said Alex as he watched her naked body. “You had better be good. Don’t make a mess on my nice clothes.” Jenna crawled a few steps on her hands and knees to Alex. She grabbed his cock in one hand, gently pushing aside the zipper and fabric at the base, and started sucking his cock again, trying to position herself to be as easily used as possible. Troy came up behind her, having pulled out his cock while she was distracted, and started running his hands along her body again. She felt his hands grab her ass, pulling her closer to him by the hips.

Troy slid inside her without any difficulty. Jenna moaned deeply when she felt how big he was inside her, her throat still full of Alex’s cock, pleasure spreading through her like a wave. She continued to do her best to move her head and tongue on her own as Troy fucked her, but it didn’t take long for Troy’s thrusting to make it impossible for her to do anything but hold her head still. Alex started thrusting into her mouth, using her for his own pleasure, and laced his fingers through her hair. Jenna relaxed and let the two of them completely control her. She was enjoying every moment of being manhandled by them, relieved by knowing that as long as she obeyed she was doing everything right. Never had she felt so free to turn off her brain, stop thinking, and enjoy herself. She let her body be jerked back and forth, hearing grunts of pleasure from the boys as they shoved and pulled in whatever way they wanted.

Alex suddenly pushed her head down on his cock and held it there, his breathing getting fast and heavy. She instinctively swallowed as he pumped her throat full of his warm cum, trying to move her tongue to get every drop. Alex let her continue to pleasure him long after he finished orgasming, enjoying it for as long as he wanted. Just as Alex pulled out his flaccid cock from her mouth she felt Troy’s breathing change behind her. “Move her. I want to cum on her face.” Alex pulled her head up as Troy stood behind her. Jenna turned around on her knees, ready to accept another load. She watched Troy stroke himself faster and faster until she felt warm liquid on her face, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue automatically. She watched Troy’s eyes grow distant while he stared at her, desperate to swallow anything he gave her until he put his cock away into his pants. Jenna paused, her face still messy.

“Oh no, you’re not done,” said Alex with a breathless laugh at her expression. “You’re not leaving here until we’ve made you cum so many times you can’t walk and you’re begging us to stop. Maybe we’ll both use you again before the night’s over, depending on how generous I’m feeling. Put your hands above your head.”

Jenna’s smile was impossible to hide from Alex.

“Yes, Sir.”

Authors note: I had to keep composing myself writing this piece of erotica, it was too steamy and had me getting way too damp between the legs to concentrate on anything. I am enjoying writing bdsm-themed sex, it’s exciting for me and has me aching for it in my own life! Let me know your thoughts on this one. Tamsin <3

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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