She Wanted To Let The Light In

“Bzzzz”, the familiar noise of a needle filled with ink heading towards someone’s skin, that’s what I like to hear, that’s my happy place, Malcolm thought to himself. He is a tattoo artist, a good one at that, clients begging to be tattooed by him, artwork he has permanently etched onto thousands of people’s skin is displayed around his studio, only the best on show, even though it’s all good.

The rock music fills the studio, his two co-workers are still busy with clients as he winds down for the day, meeting his girlfriend here later for a little bit of fun, the studio makes him happy and she asked to meet him there.

Malcolm is covered in tattoos, head to toe with ink and also a few piercings to go with them, wearing black all the time and a grungey attitude to go with it all, he is the epitome of darkness and all things it represents. His girlfriend on the other hand is the polar opposite. From a strict family, Melissa doesn’t have one tattoo or piercing for that matter, she goes to a good school, she gets good grades, she goes to church and she is very prim and proper. Malcolm knows she is going through her ‘rebellious’ stage but she is fun and a great fuck so he will just wait for her to realize he won’t provide the kind of life her parents want for her.

She arrives on time, everybody else has gone home. The studio is dark and sterile, just how Malcolm likes it. They say hello and tell each other about their days before they start making out, Melissa is insatiable today, already climbing on top of Malcolm’s lap. She is wearing her twee headband again and he pulls it off, not wanting to be reminded of anything holy or proper as he is about to fuck his girl.

She is wearing a modest knee-length skirt, a white shirt, and a blue cardigan, the perfect daughter he thinks to himself. Malcolm pulls up her skirt as she straddles him and notices her white panties, comfortable and proper, just like her entire outfit, she was so predictable and so easy to tease, he laughed at her and she pushes him away laughing at him and telling him how comfy they are. He pulls them off and sniffs them as he does so, they smell sweet and like her delightful pussy. Slowly he guides his tattooed cock inside of her and she starts moaning, small moans as she always does, her eyes squeezed shut as he fucks her, pulling her cardigan off roughly and ripping her shirt to get to her round breasts which are inside of a suitable white bra, as always.

Melissa is soaked as he fucks her, she is such a dirty girl really under all of her disguises, he knows the truth. Nobody else can see it but him.

She rides him passionately and slowly he picks her up and puts her onto all fours, pounding away at her tight cunt as she moans softly, her back arched, her uninked skin soft and beautiful under his fingertips.

He pulls out of her and gets onto his knees behind her and begins licking hungrily at her perfect cunt, she moans and wriggles beneath his tongue, louder now as her pussy begins to drip, first one of his fingers glides inside of her, and then two and now three probe deep into her cunt, making her scream delightfully with glee as he brings her to orgasm, shaking and moaning and as soon as she is done, Malcolm slides his cock back inside of her, thrusting hard, her knees trembling beneath her, the tiled floor cutting into her knees as he fucks her harder and harder before spilling his seed inside of her holy cunt.

Both catch their breath, sighing and panting like animals before getting dressed when Melissa turns to Malcolm and says:

“Can we talk about you coming to my church? I think you would love it”.

He didn’t want Jesus in his life but she sure did have a great pussy and he would love to see the look on those mid-west church-going faces when he turned up with Melissa next to him.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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