Private Members

Want custom stories written by me for you every month? Want my real-life sex stories and hundreds of more stories that were too naughty for my public site?

I have decided to create a private club, why?

I want to be able to give more of a personal experience to anyone who reads my blog.

I don't have ads, no paid sponsors and no affiliate links. I created this site because I love writing erotica and I want to keep it as clean as possible.

So, the members is a way for me to spend all my time on this and to give the hottest erotic story experience for you.

What Do You Get Inside Tamsin's Private Membership?

  • Two new erotic stories written by me are released every day.
  • Erotic stories that are much larger in size.
  • All my erotic books (I try to write an erotic book once every few months, it goes on Amazon, but you get it free inside the membership).
  • My personal true sex stories, if I have good sex in real life I write about it in graphic detail.
  • Personal posts, If you ever wondered what I get up to, I write about my ups and downs and just about everything.
  • I create one story per month for every member, you can pick what you want it to be about (it can even have your name as the main character) - This is only for the first few sign-ups as it takes so long. - If you're still reading this, it's still active.
  • Personal pictures, I don't really like posting my face or body, but I do have a page that is filled with loads of real intimate pictures of myself, I don't update it a lot (because I don't love taking nudes for the public, makes me feel awkward and I want it to be an erotic story membership), but if you wondered what I look like this will scratch that itch.
  • Do you like audio? I have audio porn stories, all are written by me, but the audio is by myself and a few friends so mine.
  • I love to answer questions both sexual and about writing and reading erotica, the problem is it takes me ages to reply, so I am limiting question asking to members, I'll still do my best to answer you in the comments, but for juicy questions, I save them for members.

I love erotica and porn, but I perfer erotica as it keeps my brain active and I've been a member of lots of erotic and porn sites and I've done everything I can to make this membership 10x better than any membership I've used before. If you like the blog, the membership is a deeper, kinkier version with more updates and more me.

The membership is fully active and gets updated everyday part from Sunday. There are already hundreds of stories, lots of audio and enough content to keep you going for the year (depending on how quick you read.

Update: Membership Is Currently Full

I want to keep it small at least while I have the custom story option which has been so much fun. I did a small release to get people who could give me feedback and I've been letting people in who can give me feedback and help me make the perfect experience.

It looks so good right now and next month there will be no cap.

Thank you to everyone who is currently a member your feedback has helped me so much and I'll give you a special gift when we release it.


This is a list of all the things I would want to know before signing up and have been asked about the membership.

Have more questions? You can get in touch and I'll answer them asap.