The Slutty Barman

The Saturday afternoon flight landed 15 minutes ago, Angel knows he has 45 minutes before the new wave of guests have checked in and are heading down the pool for the first taste of their vacation.

He has just said goodbye to his last girl, a pretty brunette from Europe who fucked him every night for the past week. She was a little pocket rock and he would miss her tight pussy but he was onto the next girl already spying a hot blonde getting out of the pool in one of the smallest bikinis he had ever seen.

“Good afternoon madam, any drinks?”, he asks her as she takes her place on the sun lounger. Peering over her designer sunglasses at him she asks for a surprise and he smiles, he knows exactly what to make her and he knows she is flirting with him. She comes over and sits on the wooden bar stool that so many other women have sat at as he makes her drink and like clockwork they begin talking and flirting, his Spanish accent becoming more apparent, seducing this lady just as he always does. She is only wearing her small bikini and he already can’t wait to see her out of it, he wonders when he won’t be excited to see a naked woman and hopes it’s never.

She gives him the eye and he knows it on, it’s very quiet outside and so he asks her into the stock room for a moment, checking nobody is watching, and closes the door behind them. Pinning her up against a crate of bottled soft drinks, they begin making out. Instantly Angel pulls up her small bikini top, revealing her perky breasts. “wow”, he mutters, making his new blonde playmate swoon. She reaches between his legs and squeezes his crotch, biting her lip as she feels him growing all for her. “Will you just go and leave after this?”, she asks him as he begins sucking on her perky breasts. Angel’s head shoots up, “No, no mi amor”, he says getting back hungrily to her sweet nipples.

He slowly pulls down her bikini bottoms as he sucks on her tits and runs his hand over her smooth pubic bone and down towards her waxed pussy. “You are the prettiest woman I have ever seen”, he says in between sucking on her chest. His fingers begin probing her waxed pussy and darting inside of her wet hole, Angel fingers his new friend, noting how good this is going to feel for his cock.

She gets on her knees without being asked and begins pulling his cock from his shorts, instantly licking at it and plunging it deep into her throat. Her saliva drools over his shaft. He hasn’t showered since his pocket rocket brunette fucked him roughly before she left this morning but that thought quickly leaves his mind, his new blonde friend won’t taste her on his cock, they never do.

She is good at giving head, great in fact, he can feel his balls tightening and his cock beginning to throb as she takes him down her throat, her tongue swirling around his swollen head. He must get back to the bar, he doesn’t have much time and so he pulls his new blonde friend up and spins her around, bending her over one of the crates and taking a mental image of her cute ass bent over like that. “What’s the hold-up?”, she suddenly asks playfully. “You’re just too beautiful mi amor”, Angel says, rubbing her ass with his hands and pressing his finger inside of her tight pussy. “I can’t wait to feel you”, he says and she giggles, besotted by the charming barman.

Spreading her ass cheeks, he teases the tip of his cock against his blonde friend’s cunt and begins pushing his way inside, tightness surrounds him and he struggles to fit inside but with a few short thrusts he manages and before he knows it he has managed to get his entire cock inside of her. She moans loudly as he thrusts into her, soft thrusts at first before he begins thrusting faster and harder, using her pussy like a toy as he fucks her vigorously. He holds onto her cute ass as he fucks her, his balls now slapping against her as he feels her pussy clamping and pulsating around his cock with each thrust. Reaching around he squeezes and fondles her perky breasts making his new blonde friend moan louder.

“It feels so good”, she mutters as he fucks her harder and harder, his orgasm almost spilling out of him.

Suddenly, he can’t take it any longer and he pulls out of her tremendous tight pussy and nuts all over her pretty back, coating it in his warm fluid, splatters of familiar whiteness covering her skin.

She pulls her bikini back on her body as Angel gets dressed. “I go home tomorrow, will you keep in touch”, she asks, looking at him pleadingly. “Si mi amor, now, I must get back to work”, he says, taking her phone number and forgetting all about her as the new arrivals were already sitting by the pool and a cute redhead catches his eye…

Authors note: I am not advocating for the greasy barman but even I have to admit this story was steamy and hot. I can see how it happens, the hot sun, the drinks, the charm, and the allure of a sexy hot man. Have you or would you ever fall for or be like my sexy barman? Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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