Not Her First Time

When Tucker came across Bailey’s Tinder profile, he immediately paused. She was striking, a beautiful dark-haired woman with bright blue eyes. She seemed a little reserved from what he could gather on her bio, and when he struck up a conversation with her, his suspicions were confirmed. Bailey was timid

These 20 Something-Year-Olds

I never knew why men my age preferred dating younger girls. Yes, they had nice bodies and the sex must’ve been fire, but they were just too different, I didn’t know what they could have in common. But those were my thoughts while I was still happily married, but soon

Wife Never Wanted To Try Anal, Until Now

When we first got married, a long time ago, anal wasn’t a trend. Nobody did it and nobody wanted to try it, there was just one hole that we used and that was just fine. The world began to change though and I realized lots of people were trying out

I Gave Him Permission To Use My Ass Anytime

Steven ran his hands through his hair, letting out a deep breath. It wasn’t fun to be working on a Saturday. His home office usually stayed off-limits over the weekend, but sometimes, it couldn’t be avoided. Sighing, he opened the door and walked into the hallway. He wondered where Kimberly

I’m His Anal Slut

“Come here”, he says, beckoning Misty over to him. She’s too irresistible in that short skirt she’s wearing. She does as he asks, biting her lip as she stops what she is doing and joins him on his bed where he was watching TV. “You’re my…”, he says, letting her

I gave some virgin guy a chance to fuck my ass

Virgins aren’t my usual choice but on this steamy night, everything changed. It was almost midnight, I was fed up and just wanted to be fucked, I wanted out of these tight clothes and yet despite my efforts, I was yet to find the right guy. You see, me and

Saving Myself For Marriage

I am a good girl, I swear! I have done everything the Lord has asked of me, I go to church every Sunday, I’m a good citizen, I’m a great neighbor, I don’t steal or commit crimes, I bake cookies, I help out the needy and I have saved myself

The Toxic Boss

“Uh Oh”, I thought to myself as I hear my boss slamming the phone down and pacing around his office. “Secretary, here NOW!”, he bellows, not even calling me by my real name. Commanding me to his office, I stand up clutching my notepad, and hurry inside, my heels clicking