We Had A Bi-Threesome With My Ex

I’ve been married for a long time to a great guy, but then a beautiful moment came up and it was time to do something that would change our relationship forever.

He Couldn’t Last Even For A Second

Craving his cum and aching to feel that familiar masculine throb inside of her all night long, this minx changes things up and once her pussy is completely filled with cream, she asks him to fill her ass why he is at it. It’s passionate, cum-soaked and a real treat of a tale for anal and creampie lovers.

The Office Wife

She’s a pain in the ass, some would go as far as to say a bully and for this employee, she is just the worst until one day when she shows him her true colors and the real ravishing feelings she has for him going on underneath all of that cold armor. It’s promiscuous, shocking, and a real tale of allure and excitement.

I Attract Women Who Want To Dominate Me

Being made into a submissive by his latest girlfriend was the best decision he ever made. Alicia wanted to edge, tease and pleasure him in ways he had ever experienced before, and making him submit was just what he needed to experience before he accepted a big dildo in his tight and inexperienced ass.

Date A Girl Into Femdom

lady standing behind man in bedroom. She's wearing a short black skirt. Man is in jeans.

Innocent and flirty is how he perceived his new girlfriend until she showed her true bdsm colors in the bedroom and decided to blow his mind. She is a total femdom fanatic and ropes are vanilla to this budding slut. Their sex life is out of this world and we get to enjoy every moment of it.

Anal At The Library

A seemingly innocent and well-mannered librarian is surprised by her boyfriend who has dropped in to see her early, 3 days earlier than planned. His sudden arrival arouses Tessa and soon she finds herself with her legs spread and her ass stretched for him as he fucks her discreetly and sinfully in the back of the quiet library.

How I Lost My Anal Virginity

Shy and yet insanely curious about anal sex, this horny girl finds herself on all fours, with her boyfriend behind her having her ass impaled for the very first time and it is incredible. First-time anything is memorable but for this gal, it’s like opening up a whole new world of sexual possibilities.

Your Holes Belong To Me

Steve knows his way around a female body and in this story, he shows his skills in a dominating, bdsm, and rough way, making the night memorable for both participants. Pushing boundaries and limits, twisting conformity, and imprinting on one another minds and bodies.

Not Her First Time

Boy meets girl, the girl is shy and boy isn’t sure if their date is going anywhere, except on this seemingly romantic first-date, it isn’t going anywhere near where Tucker thinks it’s going because this shy and reserved girl has some incredible surprises for him when she comes out of her shell…

These 20 Something-Year-Olds

After a messy divorce, this silver fox wanted to try something new, and dating younger women was on his horizons. Blown away by their beauty and skills in their bedroom, his life is changed forever.