Learning To Take My New Boyfriend’s Dick

My new boyfriend CJ is different, he is bigger than anyone I’ve ever been with before and since we started dating I’ve had to learn my limits and how to go far past them. This is my journey to fitting his big cock inside my little hole.

The Man Who Gagged Me

They say don’t meet strangers online but sometimes these strangers can turn into the best stories and for this curious female, her latest date turned out to be a bdsm-enthusiast, with a desire to please her and make her submit to him.

He Couldn’t Last Even For A Second

Craving his cum and aching to feel that familiar masculine throb inside of her all night long, this minx changes things up and once her pussy is completely filled with cream, she asks him to fill her ass why he is at it. It’s passionate, cum-soaked and a real treat of a tale for anal and creampie lovers.

Discovering What Deep Means

Whilst working the closing shift, these two are up to no good, heading to the spot where the CCTV isn’t in action so that they can rip one another’s clothes off and get down and dirty. Upon discovering her co-worker is hung like a horse, she can’t help but try him out for size and see what all the fuss is about.

She Told Them About My Cock!

A proud wife shares details and photos of her husband’s hung appendage with her closest friends and he finds himself at the peril of this horny woman. Unsure of where this night will take him, he decides to relax and let these ladies have their way with him.

The Business Trip

Banished on a business trip together, Iris and Michael start off as strangers and end as lovers as the sea-air and vacation get them in the mood, and with nothing better to do for the entire day, why not get to know one another much more intimately?

Too Big For Her Tight Backdoor

Anal can be tricky and for this couple, experimenting with anal sex for the first time definitely wasn’t as easy as they imagined. Highly arousing, erotic and a really steamy and realistic piece, this story will take you on a journey of first-time anal discoveries and romantic sex between a loving couple.


Our protagonist just can’t get this one man out of her head, after experiencing his hung cock and having great sex, she falls out of touch with him, until years later when they meet again and she finds herself at his mercy all over again and this time its even better.

I Am In Love With His Big Cock, Not Him

Chad is hung like a horse but unfortunately for Chad, he is a massive douchebag and his likeability is at an all-time low. However, this doesn’t put this big cock lover off, she can just ignore him and focus on his appendage as she rides him and gets off on such a big member.

He Told Me Big Dick Will Get Me Pregnant

Naive, desperate to be pregnant, and losing hope, this horny wannabe milf falls for the oldest trick in the book and finds herself, spread open and fucking her barista who claims that his big cock will impregnate her, after all, he is only helping out a friend in need. Isn’t he?