Stolen Clothes

I loved spending time with my friends. I know, it might sound unusual, but three of my best friends were male and I didn’t see anything weird in that fact until other people decided to point it out. It felt like no one believe that there could

The Unboxing

Felix’s house was the closest thing to a mansion that most people would ever see. It had five bedrooms, three bathrooms, an in-ground pool and hot tub, massive rooms for entertaining guests, and a kitchen the size of an industrial restaurant. All of the rooms were a gorgeous open-plan design,

The Naked Muse

Emma signed up for a life-drawing class to broaden her horizons, she had never done anything like it before and she wanted to meet new people. It was located off-campus in an old hall used for many different kinds of clubs and activities. As she approached the door she wondered

The Pool Party

I always liked a girl in my friend group, Lana, but I never made a move on her. She was always with someone and even when she wasn’t, she was bright and beautiful and I didn’t think I even had a chance with her. She was a hot blond with