The Nude Photos For My Husband

Wanting to gift her husband some boudoir pictures for their anniversary, this cunning wife hires a photographer to make her look as good as possible and the results couldn’t be better. Whilst things start out with the best intentions this hotwife soon realizes her potential and can’t resist making these boudoir pictures even more slutty with a little help from her photographer.

Stolen Clothes

No strings attached, a naked friend and all of her best buds by her side, all making her feel better after a spilled drink soaks her and forces her out of her clothes. These are friends for life and a little hole fucking never hurt anybody, they all know that.

The Unboxing

A taboo and strange story and yet one that compels you and makes you feel as if you are in the very room with our characters. A room filled with beautiful, naked women and a man who has turned them all down, wanting to judge them and pick his favorite.

The Naked Muse

The starving artist always needs a muse and for this painter, Emma was the perfect candidate. She inspired him to draw and create like no other and her nudity was just the cherry on top of his creations.

The Pool Party

A hot summer evening, a pool party, and horny friends, what more could you want? In this story we meet Lana who shows off by jumping in the pool completely nude in front of them all and what follows is something our protagonist will never forget.