The Clean-up

My wife, Jenny, has always been the one for me, I knew it ever since we first met. She was amazing in every sense of the word – beautiful, intelligent, loyal. She was every guy’s dream – a hot blond with an amazing body that could also carry any conversation.

He Fit Inside Her Like A Glove

Opening up their relationship to others came with a whole new host of possibilities for this couple. At first, it went like any other wife-sharing scenario but soon enough this couple found themselves with a permanent fixture, a man who knows how to treat another man’s wife and become a lifelong partner too.

Dirty Talking Hotwife

Sitting down next to his wife and letting out a big sigh, Chris lets the stressors of the day melt out of his body. “Tough day?”, his wife Sandy asks, nestling under his arm as she so often did. She fit in that space like a jigsaw piece, made for

When You’re Out Of The Picture

Ethan can’t believe his luck when his wife comes home and starts fucking her hot date right in front of him. He doesn’t get mad, instead, her becomes incensed with arousal, totally besotted by the scene before him. His cuckold kink coming to life and pulsating through his veins.

Justin’s Perverted Plan

Throbbing to see his girlfriend fuck someone else, Justin concocts a plan to make her sleep with his new friend. It’s brilliant, articulate, and extremely arousing and who knows, maybe you find your new kink as you read all about Justins sordid little details?