Her Personal Foot Worshipper

Having her feet worshipped is one of her biggest kinks and when her new boyfriend couldn’t live up to her ex’s abilities, she knew she needed to get him in shape and have him bring her the pleasure she was so used to getting. He made it his challenge to make his girlfriend happier than she had been with her ex, making sure to learn everything there was to know about foot worship.

Foot Fetish Roomie

Finding out her roommate had a real foot fetish changed her life. Being able to tease him endlessly and push him to the edge whenever she felt like it was such a rush for them both. She knows how to make him do what she wants and she isn’t about to stop now.

6 Pretty Feet, One Hard Cock

Foot fetishes intrigue me so much, I love the kink and in this erotic story, we encounter three friends who use their new friend to their advantage. Using his foot fetish to complete tasks for them and giving him an incredible release in return.

My Girlfriend Begs To Suck My Toes

Explore this fantastical and highly erotic sex story that includes a horny and desperate female with a serious craving for feet and all of the pleasure they bring her. Her boyfriend can’t seem to satisfy her with anything but his feet and she adores every inch of them with her tongue and her body.

My Feet Can’t Get Dirty, Okay?

Soft soles and bendy toes, wrapped around a hard, throbbing cock, covered in lotion, that is the evening planned for this kinky couple. Although she never saw this fetish in her future, now that she has tasted the delights of a foot fetish, she will never look back.