Foot Fetish Roomie

“Devin! I need your help!” I knew it was wrong. My roommate was a sweet guy. He was a little bit of your typical nerd, kind of shy. We had been friends ever since college and it just happened to work out that ended up living together to save on

6 Pretty Feet, One Hard Cock

Me and my friends always wanted to have a guy in our friendship group. It seemed like so much fun and my roommates, Tessa and Mary agreed with me. They thought that it could be so much fun to tease someone who’s always around. All three of us are very

My Girlfriend Begs To Suck My Toes

“Please honey, just let me carry on for a little while longer”, she whined. You see, my girlfriend loves feet. She has a serious foot fetish, she loves to suck and play with my feet, she massages them, picks my socks, smells them, gets off on them and her fetish

My Feet Can’t Get Dirty, Okay?

I didn’t know how sensual feet could be, not until I met my boyfriend. You see, I have a rule for my boyfriend, my feet can’t get dirty, one crumb, one spec of dust, I must get rid of it immediately. My feet are too precious and too pretty to