The Office Wife

She’s a pain in the ass, some would go as far as to say a bully and for this employee, she is just the worst until one day when she shows him her true colors and the real ravishing feelings she has for him going on underneath all of that cold armor. It’s promiscuous, shocking, and a real tale of allure and excitement.

Us Teachers Need A Break Too

Stressed, anxious, and impending doom is how these three teachers feel about the upcoming term one of them suggests getting laid to blow off some steam, but none of them can resist. Seducing one another and making memories before going back to work and these teachers know how to get down and dirty…

The Big Bonus

image of the back of four women in hot outfits

With a big deal on the line and a boss to impress, Richard enters the dinner party nervous and anxious. He knows he has people to schmooze and gets the shock of his life when he realizes just how relaxed and less uptight everyone is as they all participate in a huge office orgy, seemingly used to the chaos and sure of their positions in the company.

He Made Work More Fun

Training the newbies is her new favorite thing to do at work since she met Jack. He wasn’t like any of the others and he left an imprint on this horny and frustrated hard worker. Her office life changed forever and once you read this erotic tale, your fantasies in the workplace will become a whole lot more intense.

The Business Trip

Banished on a business trip together, Iris and Michael start off as strangers and end as lovers as the sea-air and vacation get them in the mood, and with nothing better to do for the entire day, why not get to know one another much more intimately?

Caught Inside

Being caught masturbating by your boss isn’t ideal but for this kinky lady, it is the best thing toe ver happy. Pent up and riddled with sexual frustration, she can’t help but touch herself whilst at work, only to find she isn’t alone and her boss has some plans for her.

The Male Receptionist

A successful female boss hires an eager and easily led-male secretary. At first, she wants to show him the ropes in her office but slowly things take a turn and she is showing him the ropes of her body and how he must please his new boss.

I’m his work wife

Bradley’s favorite employee is also his work wife, getting treated to only the finest things and also enjoying his hard cock dipping inside of her whenever they get the chance. Kinky sex, cheating, and plenty of cum await in this captivating erotic story.

The Toxic Boss

The tension is high, her boss is in a bad mood and she knows what he expects of her as he calls her into his office. Face down, ass up, and submissive to his harsh commands of her body. Her pussy glimmers with arousal, she can’t help but love her boss being in a bad mood.