He Made Work More Fun

I never liked to train new people at my work. They slowed me down and I hated repeating the same thing time and time again, so my boss never bothered to even ask me to do it. He knew that I would act like a bitch with the new hire

Caught Inside

All my life I was called overly horny and I knew that it was true. Yes, I couldn’t go even a few days without fucking someone and I didn’t feel ashamed about it. It was in my nature and it was demanding me to be fucked as often as I

The Male Receptionist

I was used to being in charge. My whole life that was all that I did wherever I went. I was never tired of that role, I was doing it successfully for years and over time I earned a place as the head of a financial firm. I kept being

I’m his work wife

‘Ring Ring’, the familiar harsh jingle of the receptionist’s phone fills the quiet waiting room. Diana picks up the handset and stares at the person in the waiting area, she’s a slim leggy blonde, a pretty face and a great rack and Diana wants her to feel as uncomfortable as

The Toxic Boss

“Uh Oh”, I thought to myself as I hear my boss slamming the phone down and pacing around his office. “Secretary, here NOW!”, he bellows, not even calling me by my real name. Commanding me to his office, I stand up clutching my notepad, and hurry inside, my heels clicking