Showing My Best Friend How To Give Good Head

If you can give good head you can get thought to even the hardest man’s heart. I decided to show my best friend just how it is done and how she can suck his dick, good, deep, fast and soaking wet.

The Man Who Gagged Me

They say don’t meet strangers online but sometimes these strangers can turn into the best stories and for this curious female, her latest date turned out to be a bdsm-enthusiast, with a desire to please her and make her submit to him.

He Couldn’t Last Even For A Second

Craving his cum and aching to feel that familiar masculine throb inside of her all night long, this minx changes things up and once her pussy is completely filled with cream, she asks him to fill her ass why he is at it. It’s passionate, cum-soaked and a real treat of a tale for anal and creampie lovers.

Discovering What Deep Means

Whilst working the closing shift, these two are up to no good, heading to the spot where the CCTV isn’t in action so that they can rip one another’s clothes off and get down and dirty. Upon discovering her co-worker is hung like a horse, she can’t help but try him out for size and see what all the fuss is about.

Older Men And Their Cum

Taking being a horny slut in her perfect stride, Amber meets two equally as horny men in one day, both not her usual type and both eager to please her, she hasn’t had a day quite so liberating and unforgettable in a long time and she is eager to repeat it.

The Office Wife

She’s a pain in the ass, some would go as far as to say a bully and for this employee, she is just the worst until one day when she shows him her true colors and the real ravishing feelings she has for him going on underneath all of that cold armor. It’s promiscuous, shocking, and a real tale of allure and excitement.

I’m Not On The Pill

Not a big fan of the pill, this cum-loving slut just can’t help herself and knows she must use her cunning seduction style and her body to trick her latest conquest into thinking she is on the pill and not just after his fertile thick cum, because for her nothing and body can ever come between that sensation.

Being Praised Makes Me Do Wild Things

After a few incredible dates, this horny young couple takes things into the bedroom where we get to read about their experience with seduction, romance, and passion, even discovering new kinks and turn-ons about themselves that they never knew existed. These two were made for loving one another and in this erotic story, we can see why.

Eye Contact

His fantasies plague his mind, thoughts of perverted desires such as having his wife sleep with another man are all he can think about and when he finally confesses his thoughts to his wife, her reaction is not what he was expecting and soon enough his fantasy is becoming a reality, right in front of his very eyes.

I Attract Women Who Want To Dominate Me

Being made into a submissive by his latest girlfriend was the best decision he ever made. Alicia wanted to edge, tease and pleasure him in ways he had ever experienced before, and making him submit was just what he needed to experience before he accepted a big dildo in his tight and inexperienced ass.