Japanese Woman Enjoying The Park

When it happened I had just been in America for a few weeks. I felt lonely after leaving my home in Japan, but I knew that it was what needed to be done. Still, it was hard to get used to a new environment and my new job, so I

Learning My Whores Limits

I have met different women throughout my life. Some were shy and tried to play modestly even when we were in bed. Others were more than open to exploring how far their sexual appetites could go, but even they had their own limits. I couldn’t blame them, but what I

Public Sex Gets Us Going

It started one night last year when Abby and I were camping. It’s one of our favorite things to do as a couple, but we usually pick popular campsites full of people. Sex never seemed like it could happen on those trips. One night, though, Abby was feeling adventurous, and

My Neighbors

There they are again, middapy, balcony door open, curtains mostly open as they make out on their kingsize bed. I am a simple man, I am sitting at my desk, trying to work but in my eye line is an attractive couple, getting it on in the middle of the

Good girls get their tits out on-command

“Get them out, right now”, Roman says calmly to his girlfriend Zoey as they sit al fresco in a coffee shop. The couple is on vacation in Europe, on a cobbled street, they sit outside enjoying the morning birds tweeting and the lazy start to their day. “What? no, no,