Anal At The Library

A seemingly innocent and well-mannered librarian is surprised by her boyfriend who has dropped in to see her early, 3 days earlier than planned. His sudden arrival arouses Tessa and soon she finds herself with her legs spread and her ass stretched for him as he fucks her discreetly and sinfully in the back of the quiet library.

Japanese Woman Enjoying The Park

Feeling frisky and totally lost in the moment, this Japanese hottie finds herself seduced and doing something very risky with a total stranger in broad daylight. She has never done anything like it before in her life and since moving to the USA she has found herself at the mercy of her desires.

Learning My Whores Limits

Pushing her boundaries, testing her limits, and seeing how much of an obedient slut she really is are all coursing through the veins of this highly erotic story. This dom loves to push and tease his subs and Kate was certainly a great contender for him, eager to learn and eager to please.

Public Sex Gets Us Going

Fucking in public is not something everyone dares to do but for this couple it has become almost like a game, seeing how far they can go and how much they can get away with in public. and this story we get a glimpse of their latest conquest and which is certainly their most daring sex act in public so far.

My Neighbors

Neighbors come in all varieties; for this gentleman, his neighbors came with an extra air of exuberance. Teasing him with midday sex shows and poolside antics, it doesn’t get much better than this and he doesn’t think he will ever move unless his kinky neighbors do.

Good girls get their tits out on-command

“Show me your tits right now”, she hears through the noise of the city. Her boyfriend Roman is adamant that she must obey his commands and he wants to see her big, juicy breasts. Conflicted and highly aroused, Zoey obliges and ventures into the heart-racing world of public indecency.