Comparing His Cock To His Fathers

When I met Kyle I thought that we would be happy together. We were a perfect match – I was smart and beautiful and he was rich and successful.

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The Humiliation Of My Husbands Small Cock

I always knew that I was meant to be in charge. I was a leader in my school, in college and now at work. It was as I was born to make people listen to me and make all my wishes come true. I didn’t know how powerful that talent

I Really Love Small Cock

Sophie spots a hunk across the room, the club is dimly lit but she just about makes out his features, standing a foot smaller than most of his friends. He looks confident and knows he will answer her burning question. “Hey”, she says flirtatiously into his ear. He greets her

My Girlfriends Hung Ex

Troy picked up his girlfriend Gia’s phone, he was looking for a cute picture of them both to get printed and framed professionally. It was going to be a surprise for her birthday that was coming up and he knew the picture he wanted, he scrolled through months and months

She made fun of her boyfriend’s small cock, so I stole him

My ex-friend sat on my couch with another two of our friends and she showed us all pictures of her boyfriend’s small dick and it was the biggest mistake she could have ever made… We were having a monthly girly catch-up, fancy drinks and nibbles laid out on the patio,