The Glory Hole

A glory hole is one of those things that have some mysticism around it, it is something you never think you will find in your life but it does exist, and my husband and I were one of the lucky couples to have found one.

We found it in a sex club near our home, the club has one of those mixed bathrooms in which everyone can walk in but the cabins are marked with the men and women symbols, which is weird for a sex club. Anyway, we went to this club to have a couple of drinks and my husband needed to pee, so he went there, I waited at our table, and after a couple of minutes, he came back, almost jogging, with an excited look on his face.

I asked him if everything was okay and then he said, “babe, the cabin I walked into to pee has a glory hole!” he said, I was surprised he said the glory hole was between the 9th and 10th cabin so I decided to check it for myself. I walked into the bathroom, counted the cabins, and entered the 9th. When I walked in, I noticed the hole hidden behind the toilet paper dispenser, you just had to slide it to the side and it would allow you to use the hole.

I went back to our table, jogging the same way he did with excitement. We thought nobody used it since it was so hidden, so that very same night, we decided to put it to good use. My husband slid his dick through the hole and I started giving him a blowjob from the other side. The thrill I felt using it was beyond imagination, it was just so fun, not seeing my husband’s reactions, not being able to tell if he would cum or was near to explosion, it was just so exciting.

When he finished, I was surprised to feel his cum in my mouth, it was just unexpected. This turned me on so much we went home for good sex. Then we went there again, and again, until it became a habit. This glory hole became such a turn-on for me that we agreed to come to this glory hole a couple of times a week, sometimes for mid-day fun during lunch hours. It was just so fun we kind of took ownership of it.

Anyway, one night my husband and I went there, and without wasting any second, we met in the bathroom to use the glory hole again. As soon as he shoved his cock through the hole, I started sucking it, giving him a blowjob when another guy walks into the bathroom, he asked if someone was using the glory hole, and I kept quiet until my husband said yes.

I was a bit shocked since this had never happened before, we really thought nobody knew about it. But the most surprising part for me was that this guy waited, which turned me on even more. To know he was out there, hearing me giving my husband head, it was just very hot.

After sucking my husband for a little longer, he finishes inside my mouth, I swallow his cum knowing this guy was still waiting outside. Then, as soon as my husband walks out, he asks him if he can have his turn with it. I listened to the whole thing while I fixed my lipstick. Then my husband said it was fine by him if it was okay by me which surprised me even more.

The idea of blowing a stranger’s cock was pretty hot, and I have to say, after sucking my husband for the last 8 years, I sort of wanted a different cock, so I said yes out loud, I heard the door next to my cabin close, and then, a big black cock appeared through the whole.

I gasped, “Holy shit,” I said the second I saw it. I never in my life had a cock that size until that night, I began jerking it and my fingers barely surrounded his shaft. I started licking his cock as well as jerking it realizing my husband was outside, completely aware of this cock in my hands and mouth. That thought alone made me so wet, I took his big cock inside my mouth and sucked his head, hearing the moans in the next cubicle was so exciting.

The fact that I had no idea who this guy was, and he had no idea who I was gave me the freedom to do everything I wanted to. I sucked his head and then started working my way deeper, taking more cock inside my mouth as I moved. Then I started gagging on him, and seeing that I couldn’t take his entire length inside was even more thrilling.

The taste of his precum was different from my husband’s, this one was a little more acidic but good in every way. The most thrilling part was realizing more people were using the bathroom, not knowing I was sucking this guy’s cock. The whole experience was so fun, that I even caught myself sliding a hand inside my jeans to circle my clit.

His cock was impressive, it was my first big black cock, I tried my best to satisfy this guy and when I started sucking his head again, he started mumbling something, and then, he shot his load in my mouth, surprising me. I tasted his cum, and sucked every drop of it and it was so good. Then he pulled his cock from the hole and I heard the door opening, he then said thank you and left. I’ll never know who that guy was, what he looked like, or his name even, he just left with a shy thank you, and that was just so thrilling.

The roulette this entire glory hole experience can be is the most exciting part, you’ll never know what kind of cock will go through that hole. I felt so slutty doing this, but I can’t deny how much fun it was. I think I’ll go back to it, with and without my husband, I truly want to experience this naughty side it awakens in me.

Authors note: I like to imagine this bar as an interesting place, filled with a mix of unsavory and nice characters where people get off and don’t say a word about it. There’s a smell of cum in the air and it does wonders for people’s marriages and sex lives, especially when they discover its best-kept secret; the glory hole. Have you ever used one? – Tamsin 💛

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.


  1. I’m male and I’ve used them many, many times. I love the uncertainty and the taboo of sucking a guy’s cock and taking his cum. I’m very submissive so I could care less if it was reciprocated.

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