The Unboxing

Felix’s house was the closest thing to a mansion that most people would ever see. It had five bedrooms, three bathrooms, an in-ground pool and hot tub, massive rooms for entertaining guests, and a kitchen the size of an industrial restaurant.

All of the rooms were a gorgeous open-plan design, minimalist but spacious and inviting. It was an average spring afternoon when Jen walked into the main entertainment room. There were already two other girls there, both supermodel material, chatting politely on the black leather couches in front of them. Felix turned around when he heard the door open and smiled at Jen as she walked in.

“Hello! Welcome! It looks like that’s everyone,” said Felix as Jen sat on the couch with the others. He sat in a chair slightly to the left of the seated women and relaxed into a comfortable position.

“I’ve asked all of you to come because all of you seem like you’d be down for a bit of fun,” said Felix, rolling up the sleeves on his white button-down shirt as he talked.

“All of you have offered to fuck me, and I’ve taken none of you up on it, but I love beautiful women. I’d like to see each of you naked. I’ll rate your body, and, depending on how everything goes, I’ll decide if I want to fuck you, spoil you, or just admire you.”

All of the girls nodded. Jen looked at the other women who were clearly just excited about the opportunity to spend time with this rich, influential man. This game seemed like a fun, sexy competition that Jen was thrilled to participate in.

“Can I go first?” asked one of the girls, a tiny brunette with dark eyes and cropped hair that barely touched her collarbone. Felix nodded with a smile. Everyone watched as she stood up and started undressing. She was wearing a pretty white sundress with wooden bead accents and gold sandals that showed off her perfectly manicured toenails.

She pushed the straps down her shoulders, and the entire dress fell gracefully around her ankles. Her skin was perfectly tanned, a gorgeous bronze that was immaculately even but still looked natural. Underneath her dress, there was nothing save for a small patch of curly, dark hair. Jen stared in amazement as the girl smiled with her chin held high, proud of how her body looked after spending so long to perfect it. She radiated the confident, sexual energy that Jen envied.

Felix stared at her, his hand over his mouth, observing carefully. He saw how artificially round and perky her breasts were, hanging off her chest perfectly to compliment her body shape. He noticed how smoothly her skin covered her small frame. He pointed a finger downward and drew a circle with it, to which the girl turned around so he could see every angle of her. Her ass was slightly round and perky, but nothing he hadn’t seen before.

“Simply lovely, Marian,” he said. He stood slowly, approached her, and looked her in the eyes as he tilted her chin up towards him. The size difference between them was substantial, and she had to look almost straight up to make eye contact with him.

Felix ran his fingers through her soft hair, down her neck, tracing her collarbone as his hands found her breasts. He felt them, gently squishing them in his hands. He was right – they were fake, and he could feel the saline-filled pouch deep underneath the skin. He pretended to ignore it, wanting to give the appearance of a fair and unbiased judge, and gently tugged at her nipples. He let his hands trace down her waist as she shivered, clearly aroused by his touch.

Felix felt conflicted about her. She presented herself confidently, but he could sense that she had a lot of insecurities relating to sex, and she would probably be a very passive partner. He didn’t enjoy that. He wanted someone energetic and eager. When he was done exploring her with his hands, he smacked her on her ass and gestured towards her seat, which she quickly resumed with a giggle.

“Who would like to go next?” said Felix, looking at the two remaining women.

The girl who was sitting next to her stood as Marian resumed her place on the couch. Her name was Julie and her hair was also dark, but artificially so, and she wore it in a delicate pixie cut. Felix admired how her face was framed by the soft, swept hair, softening her sharp features. She was wearing athletic clothes, a gray moisture-wicking tank top, and black yoga pants. She crossed her arms and pulled her shirt over her head, flinging it to the side. Underneath she had on a lacy black bralette, elegant yet practical, and a matching black thong. She turned slightly, unhooking the bralette from the back before allowing it to fall dramatically. As she stood, she flexed her muscles involuntarily. Her build was average (if a little flat), but her muscles bulged under her vanilla skin. Jen watched her in awe, amazed at how her muscles tensed with each pose in movement.

She tugged at the straps of her thong, biting her lip as the straps laying close to her hip bones snapped onto her skin before sliding down her thighs. She stepped out impatiently, half flinging the panties across the room with the motion of her foot. Felix nodded as she rotated, noticing the lightly colored hair growing on (and between) her legs. When she lifted her arm, he saw that she kept her armpits hairy, something he didn’t mind but wasn’t particularly attracted to.

After a moment of observation, Felix stood, the contrast between his business attire and the girl’s naked body dramatic to Jen’s eyes. Felix ran a hand through the girl’s wispy hair and touched her lightly with his fingers. He could feel how tough the muscles were, and her breasts were small but natural. He paused longer than he had with Marian, clearly impressed with her commitment to building strength, but eventually nodded.

“Amazing, Julia. Jen?” he said, looking at the last clothed girl.

She moved a bit slower than the other two, clearly interested in making Felix wait for every inch of skin. She unbuttoned her overshirt and let it fall down her arms to the ground, her red push-up bra gently guiding her breasts into a perfect shape. Her skirt fell to reveal thicker thighs and a bigger ass than the other competitors. Her skin wasn’t as perfect, but her body was soft, squishy, and perfectly thick without it being too much for Felix to handle. She wasn’t fully undressed before Felix started feeling her all over, grabbing her soft body by handfuls as the rest of her clothing fell to the floor.

“Gorgeous,” said Felix, spending much longer feeling her up than he had with the others. He stared at all three girls for a moment, admiring how their bodies were uniquely beautiful, and resumed his seat.

“Hm,” said Felix after a long pause. “I think I’d like to watch the three of you do something fun.”

He folded his hand with a dominant smirk and gestured towards the naked girls, and, approaching each other with excited giggles, started feeling each other all over.

Authors note: There’s something so hot about the CMNF world and I can’t get enough of it lately. I loved writing this story and really hope you enjoyed it too. What else would you like to see in this category? Let me know! Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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