Pick The Next Erotic Story I Write

As you may know, all of my stories are derived from my own kinks and fetishes and so what not write something for you? I get off on creating the stories that you request.

I do my best to create one of the winning stories from down below every week. I start from the most voted and work my way down.

All you have to do is vote for the story you would like to see or if you would like your own suggestion just add a new answer and it will add it to the list automatically.

Which Story Would You Like Me To Write Next?
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Your vote and ideas really do count and I read every single one 🧡

Once I have a good amount of the stories from the list created I'm going to create a list here so you can see all the stories that have been requested and then created.

If this keeps going well, I'll try to do more than just one of the stories from this vote per week.

Higher The Chances Of Your Idea Being Picked

I write what turns me on the most, so you can't higher the chances too much, but you can use the vote in these ways:

You can be as specific as you like in your vote. Try to limit the word count, but you can talk about the story plot you want.

You can just add a category you would like to see more of and I'll write something from that myself.

You can add a category and a story idea.

Anything that you would get turned on reading about counts.

Also, if you want a more dedicated, unique story you can...

Get Your Own Custom Erotic Story From Me

If you want your own custom erotic story written by me and it can include your name and the theme of your choice, then all you have to do is sign up to become a member and I'll write you your own custom story.

You get that plus loads of other benefits, that you can see on the sign up page.