Watching My Boyfriend Fuck His Dream Girl

Today I wanted to post something that I have been thinking about sharing for a while now, I keep coming back to this moment recently whenever I masturbate and although I was a bit shy to put this online, I have decided that I want to share it with my wonderful readers, something that happened to me that turned me on and left me questioning everything. Let me know if you have had anything like this happen to you! – Tamsin.

For this story to take place, we have to go back in time a few years to when I was with my now ex-boyfriend. We had a typical whirlwind romance, smitten by one another, never out of the bedroom, and hanging on to each other’s every word. It was great, we were both head over heels for one another, taking mini-breaks away to romantic resorts and going out to new places all of the time.

It’s safe to say that the sex we had together was also tremendous, he could eat pussy like a professional and he loved my body, making me feel like a million bucks whenever I walked into a room, even if I was just wearing my sweats.

We were good together but the cracks began to show at around 3 months in, I had a feeling the relationship wasn’t going to last the test of time but intrigue got the better of me, and wanting a partner to actually last for once made me do things I had never even considered before and that’s how I ended up, butt naked, watching my ex fucking a near supermodel right in front of me.

It was him that brought it up, one day we were sitting out on the balcony, my feet were in his lap, his fingers rubbing the soles of my feet as the sun penetrated my skin. My eyes were closed and as he spoke, it jolted me out of a daydream, bringing me back to reality.

“I’ve been thinking about something…”, he said, rubbing my feet, avoiding my eyes.

I encouraged him to open up, I never wanted a partner who couldn’t be honest with me and finally, he came out with it.

“Would you be open to watching me fuck another woman?”, he said, using his thumbs to knead the knots from my feet.

My mouth fell open, I had never done anything like that before, nor had I ever considered it. I am bisexual and my ex knew that but he didn’t even want me involved, he just wanted me to watch, to see if I liked it.

I took a few hours to think about it but finally, I decided that we weren’t going to last forever anyway and I might as well experience something new with this hot guy I am glad that it happened because now I get to write about it for my lovely readers.

I realize now it was all a set-up, he already had the woman he wanted to fuck, this wasn’t some innocent cuckquean experience, nonetheless, I was excited and when she arrived my mouth hung open for the second time in so many days. She was drop-dead gorgeous, imagine the air of a supermodel, the face of an angel, and the body of someone who just got off the catwalk. She was tall, and slim, with round perky breasts, long perfect hair, and eyelashes that made her look doe-eyed and innocent.

“Wow, you’re perfect! nice to meet you”, I said, beaming as I shook this model’s hand. She smiled coyly at me and we hit it off, much to my ex-boyfriend’s disapproval. We chatted for a while, all three of us like old friends but it was obvious that my ex wanted to take his date straight upstairs and so I followed, watching her ass as she took each step with her toned long limbs.

I knew my boyfriend had a type and it was her, every man’s type was this woman, you couldn’t take your eyes off of her if you tried and I was like a love-struck puppy as I followed her into the bedroom and sat down on the chair, as instructed by my ex-boyfriend.

I was excited to do something so new and so out of the ordinary, this woman had done this before, she enjoyed being the third person in a relationship and she was good at it. She pushed my ex down onto the bed and instructed me to undress slowly, which I did, willingly.

I sat there naked, watching her on top of my then-boyfriend, grinding on him and kissing his neck as she eyed my aroused naked body.

I felt alive and turned on, excited at her watching me and elated at the whole scenario, it felt like an out-of-body experience. My ex began pulling at her shirt and she slapped his hand away playfully and began pulling it off herself, pulling her top over her head and revealing her small perky bra-less tits, I gaped at their perfection and eyed my own, small and perky too as I began pulling at my nipples and feeling a bolt of adrenaline rush through me.

My ex groped her small breasts and she ran her hand down his torso and squeezed his bulging crotch. She began unzipping his pants and reached for his cock, pulling it out and slowly jerking him off as he kissed her. I couldn’t believe my eyes, my boyfriend was with another woman and it was the hottest thing I had ever seen.

She pulled off her tiny shorts and then her panties, getting comfy on top of my boyfriend, her toned naked body admired by us both. Her pussy was cute and hairless, as she opened her legs against his crotch, I noticed her wetness and her pink lips glistening in the dim light.

I brushed my fingers against my own pussy and noted how wet I was, it was like watching my own real-life porno. She glanced at me as I rubbed myself softly and she smiled encouragingly, pressing my boyfriend’s cock against her opening and slowly sliding down it, inserting himself inside of her. He groaned and breathed loudly as she took him in and slowly she began riding him, leaning back and holding his ankles as she let her small hips do the work.

She watched me and I began rubbing myself with more eagerness, putting one leg up and letting her see my pussy fully. She liked that, she moaned louder as she watched me playing with my clit and as I pushed a finger inside of myself she began riding my boyfriend faster and faster.

He held her toned thighs as she bucked and rocked on his cock, her small breasts bouncing with her. My boyfriend glanced at me and watched as I fingered myself to the whole situation, getting off hard as I watched my boyfriend fucking a 10/10 woman.

They changed positions, and she got onto all fours, wiggling her cute ass as my boyfriend spread her legs wider and began pushing himself inside of her. She moaned loudly as he entered her, her face buried in the sheets as his cock thrust hard into her cute pink pussy. The sounds of his cock slapping against her wet pussy and my fingers soaked inside of myself filled the air. I was so close to cumming that I had to slow down, my fingers creamy and the chair beneath me soaked with how much I was dripping with wetness.

“My ass…fuck my tight ass”, she suddenly said and my boyfriend didn’t hesitate, pulling out of her cute pink pussy and gliding inside of her tight ass, she moaned hoarsely as he began fucking her tight asshole, and he gritted his teeth and breathed heavily as his cock thrust deep inside of her, his balls slapping against her cute wet cunt.

I pinched at my nipples and slipped another finger inside of myself as I watched him fucking her asshole. She watched me, biting her lip as I used two fingers inside of myself, my legs wide, my hips rolling with my rhythm. I moaned softly as I watched them and she began rubbing her pussy as she watched me, her asshole being fucked by my boyfriend.

“I’m… I’m going to cum..”, I whispered softly, she moaned sweetly and suddenly I began to explode, my orgasm shooting out of me and trickling onto the chair, soaking my fingers and any piece of the chair that wasn’t already soaked. I trembled and moaned as my entire body erupted with pleasure. She didn’t take her eyes off of me and suddenly;y she began to make high-pitched moans and I noticed how her pussy was now leaking with wetness too, her cum dripping down onto the bed, she had squirted as she came, just as I had and the sight was glorious.

My boyfriend gripped onto her small hips hard, his eyes shut as she slammed his cock into her tight asshole and suddenly she began to beg for it, aching for his cum, wanting it deep inside of her and he didn’t disappoint in just a few thrusts he too began to cum, filling her with his sperm and soaking her internal walls with his seed. She moaned as he filled her up, watching only me as I rubbed my pussy with my own squirt.

It was the most amazing experience and whilst I have never done it with another partner since we did have some amazing times like this and although I am not a cuckquean I absolutely loved these experiences and am so glad I finally get to share them. – Tamsin 🧡

Authors note: Thank you for reading my story! I love sharing my real-life experiences and whilst I post most of them inside of my membership I like to keep some things public too and this story really gets me going. The memory of it makes me so horny and I really hope you enjoyed it too, let me know your thoughts! Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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